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Home Inventory Organizer System v1.01 helps track/log personal items.
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Home Inventory Organizer System v1.01 helps track/log personal items.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Readme.doc Inventory Organizer System Ver 1.01

Thanks for taking the time to review the Inventory Organizer System (IOS).
IOS is completely menu driven and extremely easy to use. IOS will allow you
to organize and group your possessions by Category, Location, and VCR Tape Id/
Counter. The Categories and Locations are user established. There is no
limit to the number of Categories or Locations you may establish. In
addition to Categories and Locations, each item has the ability to be grouped
by VCR Tape Id/VCR Counter if you so desire. The inventory file can contain
an unlimited number of items. Extensive browses and searches are included to
assist in ease of maintenance and rapid recall of all items that match a
certain criteria. Reporting is completely user determined from a simple List
manager to an extensive Report Writer. Labels which can contain any fields
from the inventory file can also be produced. A Forms Letter option allows
for writing a letter or letters and merging of inventory data in the letter.
All reports can be sent to the screen, printer, or disk text file.

The screen apperance can be completely tailored to your preferences. A list
of 12 Predefined Color Combinations are also included with names such as Candy
Apple Red, Sea Foam, and California Cool. The Users Guide can also be viewed
on the screen. The ability to view any text file or disk text file that may
be created by IOS is also included. A pop-up Calendar and Calculator is also
available by menu option.

When Editing or Adding a new Item the system provides you with a pop-up
window for Valid Categories or Loacations. A help line is provided for each
field in the inventory file.

A convienent pop-up window will display the file sizes of all major system
files and total number of records each contains. This information can assist
in backing up your files.

A TUTORIAL for the REPORT WRITER is provided. This tutorial will allow you
to create a "Category List" of all your possessions, with category totals, and
Grand Totals. This should give you a complete overview of the power of the
Report Writer.

The "Users Guide" contains all the necessary information on how to get
started, in a step by step manner.

Diskette Packing List:

IOS.EXE Inventory Organizer Executable Program
IOS.DOC Users Guide - System Documentation
README.DOC This Document


Before installing IOS please make a backup copy of the IOS program
disk. Remember, If anything can go wrong it will! So having a
backup copy of the IOS disk will ensure that you can re-install the
software if something does go wrong. If you are not sure of how to
make a backup copy either look in the DOS book or call a friend.

Installation Steps:

1. IOS will only run from the hard disk! So we need to
create a sub-directory from the root. How do we do that?
Just type the following DOS command:

MD\IOS (Press Enter or the Return Key)

(explanation -- we just made a sub-directory
on the hard disk called IOS.)

2. Next we need to position ourselves so that we are inside
of the new sub-directory (IOS) we just created. So here is
how we do that. Type the following DOS command:

CD\IOS (Press Enter or the Return Key)

(Explanation -- "CD" means "Change Directory",
so we told the computer we
wanted to position ourselves
into the directory "IOS".

3. Now we are inside of the IOS directory. Insert the backup
copy of IOS into diskette drive "A:" or "B:" and type the
following DOS command to copy the IOS software to the new
sub-directory "IOS".

COPY A:*.* (Press Enter or the Return Key)

(Explanation -- We are now copying the
IOS software into the
"IOS" sub-directory.

4. To "Run" or Execute IOS type the following command:

IOS (Press Enter or the Return key)

(Explanation -- "IOS" is the name of the
program that executes. If this
is the 1st time IOS is executed
it will create all Files that
are needed.)

5. The "Main Menu" should appear, at this point all files are
present and the system is ready for you to begin working.

Printing "Users Guide":

To print the "Users Guide" on your printer type the following
DOS Command: (approximately 40 pages)


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