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Checking And Bank Account Management Program.
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Checking And Bank Account Management Program.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ACCOUNTS.DAT 2895 834 deflated
ACCOUNTS.K01 3584 732 deflated
ACCOUNTS.K02 1024 214 deflated
ADJUST.DAT 272 142 deflated
ADJUST.K01 1024 22 deflated
BEG_BAL.DAT 189 99 deflated
BEG_BAL.K01 1024 22 deflated
BEG_BAL.K02 1024 22 deflated
CHECKS.DAT 430 207 deflated
CHECKS.K01 1024 22 deflated
CHECKS.K02 1024 22 deflated
CHECKS.K03 1024 22 deflated
DEPOSITS.DAT 582 247 deflated
DEPOSITS.K01 1024 29 deflated
DEPOSITS.K02 1024 22 deflated
EF.DOC 1142 594 deflated
EF.EXE 348898 134716 deflated
EXPENSES.DAT 270 141 deflated
EXPENSES.K01 1024 22 deflated
EXPENSES.K02 1024 22 deflated
PAYEES.DAT 425 177 deflated
PAYEES.K01 1024 22 deflated
PAYEES.K02 1024 22 deflated
S_DATE.DAT 137 71 deflated
S_DATE.K01 1024 22 deflated

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Contents of the EF.DOC file


Easy Finance is a copyrighted program with all rights reserved.
It is being distributed as Shareware and thus you may make copies
and distribute for non-commerical purposes as you please. Any
commerical use of this program or parts thereof is strictly
prohibited without the written permission of the author.

The program requires 640K of RAM and a hard disk with at least
350 of disk space available.

Before using the program it will be necessary to change your
congig.sys file:

Files = 35

A color monitor or better is recommended to get full enjoyment
from the program. Many new features are planned for the program
if enough interest is shown. If you like the program and would
like to receive future updates send $29.95 to:

Philip L. Berretta
137 Gerald Dr.
Danville, CA 94526

P.S. Register users will be given information to order customized
checks ready to run with this program.

At the DOS prompt type to start the program:


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