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The PDS*QUOTE Quotation System is designed to allow you to quickly and accurately prepare quotations for various projects.
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The PDS*QUOTE Quotation System is designed to allow you to quickly and accurately prepare quotations for various projects.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

PDS*QUOTE README.DOC Version 3.14 - Page 1

There is not room on the PDS*QUOTE disk to install DOS. It will
be necessary to make a working copy of the program disk as

1. Format a fresh disk without DOS to be used as your Working
Program disk. Insert your DOS master in drive A (left) and
the new disk in drive B (right). Enter the command:

FORMAT B: (not room for DOS on the Working copy)

Format several other disks to contain the quote data files.

2. Replace the DOS master in drive A with the PDS*QUOTE disk.
With you working program disk in drive B, enter the
following commands:

COPY *.H?? B:

To save time, instead enter the command "SETUP B:" to run
the SETUP.BAT batch file that contains the above commands.

IF YOU HAVE DOS 2.X (2.1, 2.11, etc.) SEE NOTE 4.

3. The PDS*QUOTE system often has at least 6 files open at one
time. Normally, DOS only allows for 3 files open at one
time. To solve this problem, it is necessary to have a
CONFIG.SYS file on your boot-up disk (probably your DOS

To create the CONFIG.SYS file, type the following:

other commands as necessary
depress F6
depress RETURN

If you have a hard disk system, the CONFIG.SYS file MUST be
in the root directory. If you boot-up with a disk in drive
'A', you MUST have this file on ALL possible boot-up disks.


Enter the COPY commands as above in Note 2.

After you read this section, you may go out and buy a copy
of DOS 3.X. DOS 2.1, DOS 2.11, etc. present several
problems for the PDS*QUOTE system.

PDS*QUOTE README.DOC Version 3.14 - Page 2

4. IF YOU HAVE DOS 2.X (continued)

First of all, you will find that when you have installed the
above programs and files, and you have created the blank
data base files (Section 4 of the manual), there may be only
about 1,000 bytes remaining free on your disk. There may not
be room to copy COMMAND.COM to the working program disk.

If you have DOS 3.1, 3.2, etc. you don't need COMMAND.COM on
the program disk. The PDS*QUOTE programs have been compiled
such that they do not overlay COMMAND.COM in memory.

DOS 2.X is a different story. When you run either of the
programs, portions of the COMMAND processor are overlaid by
the program. Thus, when the program ends, DOS needs to
reload the COMMAND processor to be able to continue.

You are probably saying "So What?" Both programs have a
menu option to run the other program. This is very handy. If
both the QUOTE.EXE and DBMANAGE.EXE programs are on the
working program disk, this feature may not work under DOS

There is a work around that isn't all that bad. All you need
to do is to copy the DBMANAGE.EXE file to each of the quote
file DATA DISKS that you will place in drive B. Place the
working program disk in drive A, the data disk in drive B
and enter:


After copying the DBMANAGE.EXE program to each of your data
disks, delete the DBMANAGE.EXE program from the working
program disk in drive A with the command:


Now, you have plenty of room on the working program disk for
COMMAND.COM. With your working program disk still in drive
A, insert your DOS master disk in drive B and enter:


HOW IT WORKS - When you are running the QUOTE program and
wish to run the DBMANAGE program, select QUOTE Main Menu
option 6. The QUOTE program checks to see if the
DBMANAGE.EXE file is on the disk in drive A. If it is not
found, it does not just issue the RUN DBMANAGE command from
within the program as is done under DOS 3.X.

The characters B:DBMANAGE are stuffed into the keyboard
buffer and the program ends. After DOS reloads the COMMAND
processor, it looks for keyboard characters. What it sees is
the command to run DBMANAGE from the B drive. WALA!!!

PDS*QUOTE README.DOC Version 3.14 - Page 3

You now have a working copy of the system. The QUOTE.DOC file
can be left on the original disk or copied to another work disk.
Don't copy the QUOTE.DOC file to your work disk that contains
programs QUOTE.EXE, DBMANAGE.EXE and data file QUOTBASE.DEF. If
you do, there won't be room for the random access files.

To create the blank random access files, insert the PDS*QUOTE
working program disk in drive A and enter the command:


This will run the DBMANAGE program. Select option "4" to create
the blank data base. Data file QUOTBASE.DEF must be on the work
PDS*QUOTE disk for option "4" to function. It is the definition
file that defines the random files.

Next, run option "3" of the DBMANAGE program to print the
instruction manual. You can place the original PDS*QUOTE disk
containing the file QUOTE.DOC in drive B. The DBMANAGE program
will prompt you for the drive letter for the QUOTE.DOC file.
Enter "B" and turn on your printer.

If you find that this software is useful to you, please note
that a donation of $35 is requested as your appreciation for
this user supported software. (We really appreciate these
donations). The first page of the manual is the page to "User
Support" register your copy of this user supported software.

This software is copyrighted by PRO DEV Software. Do not modify
the programs and files on the disk. Do give copies of the
original PDS*QUOTE disk to others. Encourage them to donate and
"User Support" register their copy if they feel that it is


Section 10.3 of the manual covers the mathematical calculations
used by the QUOTE.EXE program. If YOU don't understand how the
system defaults entered by you with option 7 of the QUOTE
program affect the quote, YOU will be liable for any damage
caused by understated or overstated quotations.

If you wish inspect the source code to check the mathematics,
write to PRO DEV Software and we will send you an Exclusive
License Agreement. After you return signed copies of the
agreement and $150, the source code disk will be sent to you. If
you wish to make modifications for your use only, you will also
need to purchase Microsoft's "QuickBASIC" compiler and
MicroHelp's "Mach 2" machine language sub-routines. QuickBASIC
can be obtained from many PC software dealers. "Mach 2" can be
obtained from MicroHelp whose address is 2220 Carlyle Drive,
Marietta, Georgia 30062.

PDS*QUOTE README.DOC Version 3.14 - Page 4

After you have built the random access data base files with the
DBMANAGE program, please be sure to make at least one back-up
copy of your working program disk.

With your DOS master in drive A, enter the command:


When prompted, insert your most up-to-date working program disk
in drive A, your back-up disk in drive B and strike any key.

If you already have a back-up copy, you can save time by using
the COPY command. Insert the most up-to-date copy in drive A,
the back-up copy in drive B and enter:


Please note the term "most up-to-date" as used above. ONLY
update the random access data base files on ONE version of the
working program disk. If some updates are on one disk and other
updates are on another version of the working program disk,
there is NO way to merge the updates together.


I am sure that you will enjoy using the PDS*QUOTE system. It
should save you time in making professional quotations.

If you wish to contact the author, call 616-788-2243,
evenings or weekends. If you have NOT sent in the
registration fee, please limit your calls to questions about
preceived bugs or where to obtain the latest version if you
have a faulty copy. If you reach my answering machine, I
hope that you will give permission to return the call
collect. Normally, ONLY registered users receive written or
telephone support.

PRO DEV Software
545 Grover Road
Muskegon, Michigan 49442

Thank you,

George Abbott

Member - Association of
Shareware Professoinals

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