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Meal Master cool summertime recipes.
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Meal Master cool summertime recipes.
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Well, as of today summer is here and I though that I would post some
light and lively recipes using lemon juice in all of them. These recipes come
from the "Real Lemon Recipe Collection" which was put out by Real Lemon Juice.

I am calling this file "Cool" as most of the recipes are to be served
cold. But when I get to the main dishes, it may be unavoidable that some
cooking must be done. I will try to keep it to a minimum tho.

Again, these recipes are exported from the Meal Master 5.54 version
and can be imported with the use of the import feature on the program.

I hope that you enjoy these recipes and if you pass them on to a BBS,
please include this note so that credit is give to the people that developed

Rich Harper
Sysop 104/419

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