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Epi-Info 5.01b. Epidemiology programs. Part 3 of 4.
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Epi-Info 5.01b. Epidemiology programs. Part 3 of 4.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
501B3.DOC 657 375 deflated
ATT.BGI 6269 4333 deflated
CDISK4.BAT 275 175 deflated
CDISK5.BAT 255 168 deflated
CGA.BGI 6253 4305 deflated
DISK4.BAT 272 197 deflated
DISK5.BAT 260 186 deflated
EGAVGA.BGI 5363 3878 deflated
FILES4.EXE 164479 163071 deflated
FILES5.EXE 60585 59784 deflated
HERC.BGI 6125 4292 deflated
IBM8514.BGI 6665 3434 deflated
PC3270.BGI 6029 4205 deflated

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Contents of the 501B3.DOC file

Epi Info 5.01B as distributed by the Centers for Disease Control.

This is file 3 of 4. (An on-line manual is located in file 5,

Place all contents of files EPI501B1.ZIP through EPI501B4.ZIP within
a single directory or place them on separate diskettes. If placed on
separate diskettes, insure that all files within a particular .ZIP
remain together on their diskette.

Run INSTALL.EXE from EPI501B1.ZIP to create an executable set of
Epi Info files or to create a copy of the distribution set (but not
in .ZIP format). Use of INSTALL.EXE insures that Epi Info's files
are grouped appropriately on the target disk(ettes).

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