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Statistics from the Census Bureau. Master data for U.S. as a whole, and data for the state of California.
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Statistics from the Census Bureau. Master data for U.S. as a whole, and data for the state of California.
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CACC4.DAT 61952 55094 deflated
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CACC6.DAT 72704 27015 deflated
CC.EXE 141488 57300 deflated
PL94-171.DOC 1423 726 deflated
README.1ST 4540 1963 deflated
REFERENC.DOC 30251 9884 deflated
SMCC1.DAT 267427 82016 deflated
SMCC2.DAT 48128 42349 deflated
STATS.DOC 19682 4011 deflated
TUTORIAL.DOC 24594 8119 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file


To start StatMaster, type the two-letter state code for the state you
unzipped, then press the Enter key.

StatMaster requires an IBM PC-compatible computer with a hard drive and
640K of RAM. A mouse is optional.

StatMaster is a fast, dense, and easy-to-use database for demographic, econo-
mic, and geographic statistics. This data comes from the latest "County and
City Data Book" which is published by the Bureau of the Census every five
years. Registration brings you the latest available 1990 Census Data from
P.L. 94-171. Each state version provides an average of 18,000 statistics.
Versions for each state and a 50-state version (StatMaster Professional) is
available. CyberSoft distributes all 50 individual state versions as share-

The Bureau of the Census version of this data is available on CD-ROM with NO
DATABASE MANAGER. StatMaster Professional contains more data than the CD-ROM
version, it requires only 2.7 Mbytes of hard disk space, and it provides the
full-featured StatMaster database manager.

P.L. 94-171 Census Data will be available in this format by late 1991.

StatMaster is intuitive. You probably won't need to read any documentation
to use StatMaster competently. If you find yourself having difficulties,
try stepping through the brief tutorial. To discover all the features of
StatMaster, peruse the Alphabetical Reference Guide. Here are the doc files
you should be aware of:

* PL94-171.DOC ..... Information regarding the 1990 Census of Population and
Housing: P.L. 94-171 Data. This product contains decen-
nial census data down to the Census Block Level.

* REFERENC.DOC ..... An Alphabetical Reference Guide for StatMaster users.
Useful for answering quick questions about StatMaster.

* STATS.DOC ........ A listing of the statistics contained in StatMaster.
This list contains 352 different statistics that Stat-
Master provides for 14,000 U.S. locations.

* TUTORIAL.DOC ..... A Tutorial for using the major capabilities of Stat-

There are 50 BBS state versions of StatMaster. Each BBS state version of
StatMaster is stored as a ZIP file. The name of each file is "SM-xx.ZIP",
with "xx" representing the two-letter postal state code for the state that
is represented.

To keep descriptions across BBS's as consistent as possible, you may wish to
use a file description similar to:

SM-xx.ZIP 289,324 08-08-91 StatMaster Desktop Demographics: statename

To install this program: 1) create a directory, 2) log onto this directory,
3) unZIP the SM-xx.ZIP file into this directory.

After the files have been extracted, type the two-letter state code for the
state you unzipped, then press any key to get to StatMaster's Main Menu. The
tough part is now behind you.

Registration brings you the ability to save target areas, the latest 1990
Population and Housing data (taken from P.L. 94-171), and the ability to ex-
port all data and text to word processors, spreadsheets, databases, graphics
presentation programs (like Harvard Graphics or Lotus Freelance), and mapping
software (like Harvard GeoGraphics).

Registration and ordering information is listed under the "Information" head-
ing in StatMaster's Main Menu.

Cybersoft will publish the 1990 Census of Population and Housing: P.L. 94-171
Data, complete with data down to the block level, in late 1991. This data
will include all the data contained in the ten CD-ROM's available from the
Bureau of the Census. Single-state versions of this data will be available
on floppy disks. CyberSoft will publish this data on a single CD-ROM, com-
plete with the StatMaster database manager. (The Bureau of the Census pro-
vides a data viewer that allows users to look at data for one location at a
time, but provides no capability for ranking data, for displaying data from
more than one area at a time, or for conducting Boolean AND searches.)

Call CyberSoft at (602)491-0022 for additional information or to get on the
announcement list. This data will not be available as shareware.

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