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A Bowling League Secretary System. Easy to setup and use.
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A Bowling League Secretary System. Easy to setup and use.
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Contents of the BOWL101E.DOC file

BOWL101e by Randy L. Stowe
Copyright (C) 1988-90 All Rights Reserved

No part of this document may be copied or reproduced in any
form without the prior written consent of Randy L. Stowe.

Although I have done my best to make this program as easy to
use and error free as possible. I, Randy L. Stowe make no
claims or implied warranties with respect to this program
(BOWL101E.EXE Ver. 2.0), utilities included with the program or

Information in this document is subject to change without
notice and Randy L. Stowe assumes no responsibility for errors
that may appear in this document.

BOWL101e was written in part with Prowindows, written by

Daniel P. Stasinski.


Starting BOWL101e and Tutorial.............3

Main Menu..................................9
Load.......................................6, 8, 9, 15
Save.......................................6, 8, 9, 10
Change Directory...........................3, 9, 10
Quit.......................................9, 11
Weekly Scores..............................4, 7-11, 14
Startup Data...............................4, 9, 11
Teams......................................9, 11
Subs.......................................9, 12
High Games.................................9, 12
Startup....................................9, 12
Swap Sub/Bowler............................9, 12
Standing Sheet......(Screen or printer)...9, 12
Recap Sheeteet......(Screen or printer)....9, 12
Change Main Color..........................3, 4, 9, 12
Change Help Color..........................3, 9, 12
FormFeed Printout..........................9, 13
Convert To Proper Case.....................9, 13
Convert To Upper Case......................9, 13
Leave Text As Typed........................9, 13
Add Mild Sound.............................9, 13
Toggle Help Screen.........................9. 13
Tips.......................................13 - 14
Adding Or Removing Teams/Bowlers/Subs......14
Adding Or Removing Bowlers.................14
BRUN45.EXE.................................3, 4, 15
One Disk Systems...........................15
Auto Lane Assingments......................7, 15, 16
Questions And Answers......................17, 18
How and why register BOWL101e...............19
What utilities come with the registration...19


* IBM compatible computer. *
* Any printer. *
* One or more disk drives. *
* Any monitor, color, mono, Ega, Vga. *
* and 384k of free ram. *

How to run BOWL101e.

Make a backup disk of the original and place the backup in drive A.
If you have a hard disk, you can make a directory for BOWL101e.
Hard disk:
MD TUEPM This is where the data will be stored, you may use
any directory name here. This one represents
Tuesdy P.M. You may have more than one directory.
copy a:*.*

You may enter a path name following BOWL101e if you want to store data on
another directory and change the default background color. Example:
All program files are on the C:\BOWL directory and you are logged to that
directory and have created two directories called THUPM and TUEAM to run the
program and place the computer on TUEPM directory and set the background
color to red type in the following command...

Where 4 is the background color. 0=black 1=blue(default) 2=Green 3=cyan 4=red.
The computer will now run BOWL101e and change to \BOWL\TUEAM and set the
background color to red.

Another example..
BOWL101E B:\ This will load and save data on the B drive.

You may also just run BOWL101e from the BOWL directory and use the
Change Directory and change to the TUEPM directory from within BOWL101e.
(You must be in the directory or drive that BOWL101e is in to start.)
There are several files that BOWL101e needs to run. They are:

Bowlhelp.hlp All of the help screens.
Brun45.exe Overlay file for Quick Basic routines.
Bowl.mnu Menu for BOWL101e.
*lanes.txt Lane assignment data files
Util.exe Utilities

If you try to run BOWL101E from another directory, i.e. A:\BOWL101e, you will
get an error: "Input run-time module path".

The program is looking for BRUN45.EXE and can't find it.

If you are logged onto the A drive and still get this message type


This is true with the Tandy 1000 HX or EX computers.

Now the program will load and run.

The first thing you will see is a screen that says No files, Select Startup
or change directory. Press ENTER.

If you see the menu, but can't tell where the cursor is, press for Options.
Now press and select change main colors. If you have a monochrome
monitor, select an appropriate shade for the menu with F3, F4 and F5.

Now highlight the selector letter the same way and press

Now the cursor is over the files, asking for the shade of the cursor. Press
and until the text at the bottom window is highlighted. Now press
to accept it. A little practice and you will get the colors or shade
that suit you and the cursor shows up as a highlighted bar.

The menu that is distributed, is set for mono or color. If you get to the
point where you can't tell where you are as far as the colors, just copy the
file from the original disk called BOWL.MNU to your working disk or directory.

Some options are not available right now so the cursor won't land on them
anyway. These are under FILES, Save... You don't have anything to save yet

You have to have data loaded in first. That will come shortly. EDIT and PRINT
won't work now either. All options will work once you load some data in, or
enter the startup data.

Let's enter STARTUP data now.

Place the cursor over INPUT and press
Now select STARTUP Data and press

If you have any problems or need help along the way, just press the
Function Key, and you will get a help screen relating to the option you are
working on. Enter the data it calls for, League Name etc, until you get down to
Handicap, now press .

If you have a handicap league and the handicap is 80 % of 180 then enter .80

Next enter 180

Enter the number of points you get for each game won here: it has to be at
least one point. Press ENTER.


If you allow 1 point for game and 2 for series, then you will have a
possible 5 wins, one for each game and two for series. 1+1+1+2.

Enter the points per series here, you may enter 0 or more here. If you
receive a win for series points, enter 1 here. You may enter more than 1
point for each of these functions and the computer will calculate the wins
or losses accordingly.

If you elected Match points this will work out to 1 times number of bowlers
plus 2 for series, so if you have a 5 man team you have a possible 17
points, 1 point per game times number of games times bowlers + series

If the handicap doesn't apply to you, your league uses a strange handicap,
Example: Takeing one's team handicap and subtract it from the other team's
and calculate the handicap based on this formula, I have left you an option
to manually enter the handicap just before entering the scores, so select Y
here or N if you want the computer to calculate the handicaps for you.

Maximum handicap, this will limit the handicap any male bowler can receive,
anything over this will end up at this amount.

Same thing for female bowlers.

Maximum game. This will probably be 300. if you exceed this number the computer
will beep and make you re-enter the score. This option is for nine pin bowling.

Remember Pressing F1 will explain each function a little better.

Enter the number of teams and bowlers next. If you must keep the average
for a certain number of weeks, then the next option will allow you to keep
the average for up to 99 games. If you keep the average, you keep the
handicap also.

Enter 0 if you wish the computer to calculate the averages from the start.

Enter Week Number, this will load the proper lane assignment schedule.

Position rounds to date. Enter 0 here if you don't use or haven't bowled a
position round yet. This option adjusts the auto lane assignment by
subtracting the number entered here from the week number to return the
proper lane assignment.

Now, press . Do you wish to start in mid season? That is so you
won't have to enter all the scores up to this point, just enter the total
pins and number of games and you are ready to start.

Next you will be asked for the team names. If you elected mid season then
after you enter each team, you will be asked for some scores. Just follow
the computer's lead. Press if you need help.

Do you wish to start in mid season?

That is so you won't have to enter all the scores up to this point, just enter
the total pins and number of games and you are ready to start.

If you selected mid season, after you enter each team, you will be asked for
some scores. Just follow the computer's lead. Press if you need more help.

Now you will be asked for the bowlers name and scores. Remember if you elected
to keep the averages for a number of games you will have to answer "1" to
calculate average and "2" if you wish to keep this bowlers average.

If you don't have a bowler just enter Blind for his name, this way the program
will keep using the score you entered for him the first week.

The computer will automatically change this 2 to a 1 as soon as the bowler
bowled the number of games you told it to keep the average and start
calculating the average after this.

If you started in mid season, you will be asked for the high team games, hi
team series and the individual bowlers high game and series.

You only have to answer the questions for the scores that apply to your
scoring system. If you have a scratch league, you won't have to fill in the
scores for the handicap bowlers and teams. The same applies if you are not a
mixed league, just enter the scores for for the male bowlers even if it is an
all female team.

When you are all done, you will be asked if you wish to save as START.BWL.

Answer Yes here and all the names and scores will be saved to disk.

If you want to take a little break now, we can come back at another time.

You may shut down the machine if you wish; all data will be on the disk waiting
your return.

Okay, you are back. Good.

If you are using a hard disk.
CD\BOWL c:\bowl\tuepm
if not then just enter
BOWL101E or BOWL101E [path] .
You are on Files.
You are on Load.
There is one file called 00START.BWL and the cursor is on it. If not,
just use the arrow keys to move over it and press . Now the
data is loaded and you are ready to start.

Press the right arrow key and Highlight INPUT and WEEKLY SCORES.

A little calander pops up to help you with the date.

Enter the date they bowled. You can use any format for the date, it is just for
display on your printouts. Next is the week number. This will start at 1 and
continue unless this is not the first week.

Starting lane:

If you start on lane 1, then press . If you start on another set of
lanes, enter the lowest lane you bowl on.

Now, depending on several variables here is what will happen.

If you have the data files on the disk called lanes.dat with the number of
teams on preceding the filename such as 6LANES.DAT and you are within the 36
weeks, the auto lane assignment routine will automatically engage and you will
be asked to check that the teams are paired properly then press .
If this is a postion round, press P and enter the lanes each team bowled on.

If this is not the case, you will be asked to pair the teams by entering the
lanes each team bowled on manually.

Now you will receive a list of the bowlers for the first team and the computer
wants to know how many subs. If you don't have any for that team (no sub
bowled), then press to accept the default of 0 subs.

If you did have a sub or two, then enter the number of subs here. You are
allowed up to 10 in this Shareware version.

Several things may happen here. You may be asked for the sub's name if you
don't have any subs in the computer yet, or you will receive a list of subs the
computer is keeping for you.

The list may be larger than the window, and if so, just move the cursor down
and the window will scoll up. Highlight the sub's name and press .

If the sub isn't on the list, then highlight New Sub and press . This
will prompt you to enter the name of the sub and add him or her to the list. It
may ask you if it is a male or female and whether you calculate of keep the

If it asks you 1=Calculate 2=Keep, then enter 1 if you wish to have the
computer calculate the average or 2 if you wish to keep the average until the
number of games you entered in Number of games to keep average has been

If you entered "2" then you will be asked for the bowlers average.

If you entered Y for Match or Peterson points, then you will move the
position of bowlers to match the position they bowled in.

Select bowlers and subs in the order they bowl by using the up down arrow
keys to highlight the first bowler and press ENTER. Highlight the second, etc.

Select only the number of bowlers bowling. Press ESC after the last bowler.
You only have to do this if you are using one or more subs.

Next you will be taken to the input screen. Here you enter the handicap if any
and scores for the 3 games. You will only be asked for the handicap if the
computer doesn't know it yet.

Enter the bowlers scores next. If a bowler didn't bowl or just bowled one or
two games, enter the scores that they bowled. If they didn't bowl, then give
them a zero or a blind score.

The computer can figure things out if a bowler bowled one game and a sub bowled
two. Just enter the scores as they are on the sheet.

If you have to use a blind score, just enter it as a negative number. That is
for a bowler with a 165 average and you drop it ten pins for his or her blind
score, simply enter -155 -155 -155. Now the computer will know that this is a
blind score and give the team the proper scores and leave the bowlers scores

You may back up with the UP ARROW, you may press ESC wherever you are in the
data entry field and the computer will drop to the bottom and calculate all
scores for you or you may press Page Up and enter the number of subs again.

If you made a mistake and need to ask for subs or the team handicap again, just
press PAGE UP and the computer will ask for the number of subs and team
handicap again.

Now do the same for the rest of the teams and bowlers.
When the last team and bowler are entered, you will be taken back to the MAIN
MENU again.

Select FILES again and SAVE DATA. This time choose a filename that reflects the
date. If the date is September 4th, then enter SEP04 and the computer will
supply the .BWL extention.

The computer will add the filename to the week number and make it 01SEP04.BWL.
This is used to print the individual stat sheets.

Now that everything is safe on the disk, move over to the PRINT function and
print the standing sheet and the recap sheet. Make two copies of the standing
sheet if you wish and you will have one for your records and one for the
bowling alley.

You have room for 5 lines of comments at the end of the printouts.

Pressing with no text will terminate this function.

If you see a problem with any score. you may edit any team, bowler, subs name,
or score with the edit option. If you find an error with an individual game
bowled, it may be better to re-enter the scores again. This will keep the high
games correct. Just load in the previous weeks data and enter the data again.

While editing a bowler or sub, you may page forward and back with PG UP and PG
DN to edit more than one bowler. This keeps you from having to go back to the
menu if you have more than one score to edit.

You will notice you don't have any option for the handicap. This is because it
is calculated for you when you edit scores. Just change games bowled or number
of games and the handicap will re-calculate for you. Note: If you change the
average and the option calculate keep = 1 then the computer will recalculate
the average. If keep = 2 and the number of games bowled is smaller than the
number games to keep the average. Then it will keep the average you enter.

I would like to make this program do everything, but we know that this is
impossible. I wrote it so it will easy to use and easy to expand. I know it
won't do everyting now, but I plan to keep adding to it with your help.

If you want something added, drop me a line, please be thorough in your
explanation. Include copies of printouts or anything else you think may
help me.

Menu Options

Files Input Edit Print Options

Load Weekly scores Team Standing sheet Main colors
Save Startup data Bowlers Recap Sheet Help colors
Change dir Utilities Subs Documentation Formfeed
Quit High Game Registration Pcase
Startup Ucase
Swap Sub/Bowler Leave
Help Screen

This is the main menu. Here is a brief description of each selection.

Pressing the F1 key anywhere in the program will bring up a help
screen related to the menu option or the input field you are on.

Use the arrow keys to get around in the menu, LEFT/RIGHT moves along
the top of the menu, down arrow or opens up the highlighted
menu selection to show more options. UP/DOWN arrow changes selections.
Press to select an option or press selector letter and ENTER.


Loads previous week into memory, new data is added to this each week by
selecting INPUT and then WEEKLY SCORES.

Place the cursor over last weeks filename and press

This will load previous week into memory.

New data is added to this each week by selecting INPUT and then WEEKLY

You may load in any week's score to print data for that week.

All data is saved making it possible to print standing sheets or final
average sheet for any week that has been saved.

Selecting this option also opens up the menu selections that were


This option saves the data in memory to disk to be loaded in next week
and added to.

If you fail to save data and try to exit, the computer will issue a
warning reminding you to save your data.

Use a filename to help you remember the date such as JUL07 for July 7.
Don't use spaces in the filename.

The computer will place the week number in front of this filename and
add the extention .BWL to make it 01JUL07.BWL

You must load this data in next week and then use INPUT WEEKLY SCORES.
This will load in all names and scores from last week and now you will
add to these scores.


Lets you change drive or directory to load or save data to another
drive or directory.

Place the cursor on this option and press .

You will now be asked for a new directory or drive.

To change to a new drive, just enter the drive letter such as B: or A:

A one drive computer, you may insert the data disk before pressing
ENTER. You will be prompted to return the program disk when data is
loaded or saved.

Just follow the prompts with your program disk and data disk.



This option is the only way out of the program.

QUIT lets you end the program, and checks to see that you have saved
your data. If not, it will issue a warning to that effect.


This is where you enter each week's data. Startup or Load data must be
used before this option.

If you have made some changes prior to entering the data, the computer
will issue a warning that your data has not been saved.

It is not necessary to save the data unless you plan to quit. It is
just a warning letting you know that you have been in the edit mode.

All data will be carried over to the INPUT scores routine, you may save
them when you are done.

This will be the first option you will use to enter the team names and
other data for the league.
You may use this option at any time to step through all of the teams,
bowlers and subs to make changes, such as increase the number of


This option will let you edit any team score.
Just pick the team you wish to edit and change the scores needed.


Select the team the bowler is on and then select the bowler.
The handicap is calculated for you after changing the number of games
or the average.

The option 1=Calculate 2=Keep is if you have chosen more than 0 weeks
to keep the averages in Startup.
If you entered more than 0 then you must tell the computer if the
bowlers average will be calculated or kept to the number of games

If you choose to keep this bowlers average, then enter 2 here
if not, enter 1 and the computer will calculate the averages from
now on.


This is is almost identical to the editing the bowlers.


This is where you may edit HIGH GAMES.
All HIGH GAMES may be edited here, team or bowlers.


Sometimes you need to edit the number of teams or bowlers
or things like that, you can edit those here.


If a bowler quits and is replaced with a sub, you can use this option
to drop the bowler down to a sub and move the sub up into his or her
This routine can be used to trade bowlers from one team to another by
borrowing a sub to make the change.


All of the print functions may now be directed to the screen or
the printer. This will allow you to preview the printouts.


Print standing sheets with this option. Print two, one for your


RECAP SHEET. Shows all scores for bowlers and subs that bowled that


This will let you change the color of the main menu and input screens
in the program.


This will change the colors of the help screens within the program, not
the ones called up with the F1 key.


Some older color monitors flicker when the screen updates.
If you see snow or the screen flickers, try using this option.
Just press on this option, it will toggle the snow on or off.


Places a chr$(12) at the end of the printouts and ejects the paper
after each printout.


This converts the text you type in to PROPER CASE.

When the text is entered and you press the text will be
converted. If you press then the text will remain as
you typed it in.


Converts all text entered to UPPER CASE.


Leaves the text as typed, no conversions are made


Toggles a small SOUND on and off.


This will remove the HELP SCREEN from the main menu.


F1...........Will always bring up a help screen, unless you are printing data.
F2...........Brings up a calculator when you can see the cursor.

UP ARROW.....Takes you up in a menu selection or back on an input field.
Using the UP or DOWN arrow will let you keep the text as you
typed it into a field and you have selected UCASE to convert
text to UPPER case, Pressing after entering McDonnald
will convert it to MCDONNALD, pressing UP or DN ARROW will keep
it as McDonnald.
DOWN ARROW...Moves you down as the up arrow moves you back.

PAGE UP......Scrolls to previous team, bowler, or sub while editing.
For example...
You are editing a team and need to edit another. Instead of
returning to the menu and selecting that team, just press Page Up
to scroll to the previous team.
The computer will beep if you try to go below team 1.
PAGE DOWN....Same as scroll up but moves to next team, bowler, or sub.
It will not allow you to go beyond the last team, bowler, or sub.

ESC..........The ESCAPE key will always return you from a function such as
editing or any function where you don't want to be, or all done
with. It will not let you escape from the Input scores routine but
will exit from the Input routine and caluclate the scores, then
return you to the "Is this correct Y/N" prompt at the bottom of
the screen.

In the data entry screen, pressing ESC will total scores for you.
If you had to go back and edit any score. Press ENTER on the last
score you changed then hit ESC, this will take the cursor through
the rest of the scores and total them much faster than stepping
over them with the enter key.

CTRL U.......This key will restore a field as long as you remain on that field.
If you accidentally erase a field, press Ctl U and it will restore
it for you. Hold down the CTRL key and press U.

CTRL Y.......This deletes the data in the field. Pressing any alphanumeric key
at the start of a new field will also erase the contents of the
field. The arrow keys will let you scoll in the field if you wish
to edit just one character. Hold down the CTRL key and press Y.

Adding a team or number of bowlers.

You may add teams or delete teams if you wish. Just edit the startup and
routine and enter the number of teams or bowlers.

If you enter less than the number of teams now in memory, you will lose
the last two teams.

Entering additional teams will open up new team spaces and allow for new
teams. You may enter the startup and step over the teams that are valid and
enter the new team names when you reach the proper team number. Pressing
Page Dn on the team name will bypass the input score routines if you don't
need to change the scores. You may press escape at any time and be returned
to the main menu.

The program will let you do an amazing number of things, you just have
to be creative.

I didn't allow for swapping two bowlers on different teams, but my wife
borrowed a sub and used this sub to swap the bowlers. Kind of like chess.

Bowler 1 on team 3 to sub 5. ** Sub 5 (was bowler 1) to bowler 2 on
team 6. ** Bowler 1 on team 3, to sub 5. We have just borrowed sub 5 to
help swap Bowler 1 on team 3 with bowler 2 on team 6.


This is a runtime module and must be on the same drive or directory as
BOWL101E. If the computer says "Can't find runtime module BRUN45.EXE, enter
run-time module path. Then if you are on the A drive, just enter
A:\BRUN45.EXE or just A:\ and the computer will find it. One computer was
logged onto the A drive and still couldn't find the Brun45.exe until she
entered the path A:\brun45.exe. This is strange, but worked. Another
solution is to set path=a:\ The command is as follows:

PATH = A:\

This can be done in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file. Consult your Dos manual. This was
noticed on a Tandy 1000 TX or HX.

One drive computers

You may swap a data disk for the program disk if you only have one drive. The
only problem you will have is that you will need the program disk in the drive
too. The menu and help files are needed while the program runs but you can
select SAVE or LOAD data and before pressing enter, replace your program disk
with your data disk. Now press .

Your data will be saved and when the program tries to load the menu again it
won't find it on the data disk and ask you to place your program disk back in
the drive.

Just replace the program disk back in the drive and press . Easier done
than said.

You may even trick the computer into thinking you have two drives, depending on
which Dos version you have. Tell the computer to change to drive B: If it does
what I think it will do, it will prompt you to insert your data disk in drive
B. and prompt you again to put the program in drive A:.

This may mess up the display. I don't have one drive to test this theory on but
I would be interested in hearing your response on this.
You may restore the display by selecting a print function and the aborting it.
This will chain to the util program and upon returning, will restore the

Auto Lane Assingnemts

This program now supports auto lane assingments.

It even allows for position rounds.
Position rounds will be entered manually, just answer P to is this correct
when the teams are paired.

Now you will be asked for the lanes bowled for each team.

This will also adjust the lane assignment by subtracting the number of
position rounds from the week number to give you the proper lane

Files on the disk with the number of teams and the LANES.TXT are the
files the computer uses to assign the lanes.
If you are bowling with a 12 team league then the only file you will
need is the file 12LANES.TXT.

If for some reason of another your lane assignment is different than
this one, you may edit the file to match your needs or delete the file
and the computer will have you manually enter the lanes the teams bowl
on when you enter Weekly Scores.

You have 36 weeks of data for the auto lane assignments.

If you need more, just add the lane assignment to the data with any
word processor that can handle straight ascii, that is no control codes
or printer codes embedded.

You may also build a datafile for lanes more than 16 lanes using the
same format for each file. Number of teams first followed by the lanes
for each week on a seperate line three spaces for each lane. everything
must line up properly.

Example of what the data file 12LANES.DAT looks like.

12 <-------- Number of teams
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 <-------- Week number 1
4 5 6 2 12 3 9 11 1 7 10 8 <-------- Week number 2
9 3 1 10 11 4 5 12 8 2 6 7 <-------- Week number 3
7 12 5 8 9 2 10 4 11 6 1 3 continues
11 8 9 7 1 5 6 3 10 12 2 4 .
10 6 11 1 3 8 12 2 7 4 9 5 .
5 7 4 12 2 10 1 9 6 8 3 11 .
12 9 10 5 7 11 4 6 2 3 8 1 .
6 1 2 11 8 12 3 5 4 9 7 10
3 10 8 9 4 1 2 7 5 11 12 6 Allow 3 places for each lane.
8 4 7 3 6 9 11 10 12 1 5 2
6 5 2 1 12 11 4 3 8 7 10 9
3 12 5 4 8 10 2 6 11 9 7 1 This is like a grid, the
4 11 3 9 7 6 10 1 12 5 2 8 row of numbers are the lanes
2 9 12 7 3 1 8 5 4 10 6 11 the columns are the weeks.
5 1 8 11 4 2 7 9 3 6 12 10 So the first row of numbers
8 3 6 10 5 9 1 11 2 12 4 7 are week 1 and lanes 1 2 3 etc.
10 2 7 5 11 3 12 4 9 1 8 6


Total wins and losses don't compute properly.
You have not set the number of points per game and series properly
Edit startup and enter the proper number of points for each game and
series. If you enter 1 point per game and 1 for series, you will have a
possible 4 wins, 1 for each game and 1 for series.
In the second week, I found an error in a bowlers score that wasn't
caught when entering the data for week 1. How do I fix this.
You can edit the scores but you will have to be careful and watch the
high games. Another way which is sometimes faster is to load in the
week prior to the error and enter the scores again, this may be faster
then having to check the high scores. Be careful when entering data,
check the sheet against the score sheet. Enter Y only if they match.
If you find you have major problems it may be easier to zero all scores
and start with week 1 again. Zero scores will zero all scores and leave
the bowlers and team names. Save data after each week.
My subs are not receiving recognition for high games bowled.
If your subs are eligible for high games and series, you must place
them on the team as a member of the team. If you have a 5 man team, and
allow 2 subs for each team, enter 7 for number of bowlers.
If they do not qualify for high games then place them on the sub list.
I discovered an error after pressing ENTER while entering scores.
Easy, just press up arrow to back up. Press PG up if you want to change
the sub information or manually reenter team handicaps.
If you found the error after you left that team and are on the next
team, you can't back up you must start again.
Press ESC at the first bowlers scores and ESC when it asks is this
correct. You may abort this function, but the program will re-run
itself to clear out any stray scores.
Load in last weeks data again and reenter the scores. I found it quicker
than trying to edit mistakes.
Lane assingments are not correct the teams don't match up.
You may be using a different lane assignment that
is in the LANES.DAT File. You have two options. 1. Load the LANES.DAT
you are using into a word processor, if you have 12 lanes then the data
file will be 12LANES.DAT and edit the lanes bowled on. Across are the
lanes bowled on and down is the week bowled. Be sure to keep the spaces
as they are. Allow 3 places for each lane. The second way is to delete
the file from the disk. If the file does not exist then the program will
ask for the lane each team bowled on.
Not much disk space, what files do I have to have to run BOWL101e
The files you have to have on the disk are BOWL101e.EXE, UTIL.EXE,
BOWL.MNU BOWLHELP.HLP, BRUN45.EXE and if you have 12 teams 12LANES.DAT.
You should not save your data on the program disk, use an additional
disk for the data.
It didn't ask for the average for a bowler I told the computer to
calculate, but did for the ones I told to keep.
Right, the computer needs to know the average of the bowlers you wish
to keep the average for. It will calculate the average for the others.
It will ask you for the handicap for the bowlers that don't keep their
average only for the first game, after this the computer knows the
average and can calculate the handicaps for you.
All subs are eligible for high games and series but they are also
allowed to bowl on other teams, they are on the team roster, how can
they bowl for another team
For this you need to move this bowler to that team before entering the
Use the swap sub/ bowler option to move the bowler to the sub roster
and then up to the other team. See docs for a better description.
I have several blank positions on the teams, is there any way to keep
from having to give them the same scores each week?
Yes, just list these bowlers as Blind.
When the program zeros out the scores before entering this weeks scores
it will look for every bowler called BLIND.
If such a bowler is found, it will keep the score you gave it the last
I have some names that are not handled properly when I have proper case
When the text is entered and you press the text will be
converted to proper case or upper case which ever you have selected. If
you press then the text will remain as you typed it in.


Why Register...
Registering a program is important, not only does the author receive
compensation for his efforts, you will receive additional utilities
that have been written since the release of the Shareware version.
With this trial version, I have made it as complete and error free as

This will allow you to evaluate the program and see if it will suit
your needs before spending your hard earned money.
I know you have probably purchased a program or two and only then find
out it doesn't suit your needs.

With Shareware, this shouldn't happen, as you have a chance to try it
at your leisure and on your computer.

If the program does satisfy your needs, then by all means register the

This can be done by selecting PRINT and then select Registration form.
This will print out the registration form for you to fill out and send
me. It will allow for comments and things you would like to see in
future releases.

You will be kept informed of new releases and updates automatically
when you register.

Don't register.
If the program doesn't fit your needs, then send the registration form
in anyway and omit the payment, but let me know what is needed to make
the program do what is required by your league.

Every effort will be made to make the program suit your needs and I
will notify you as soon as these modifications have been completed.

What utilities comes with the registered version?
A money program to help you with the end of year pin or prize fund.
All sorts of sorts. Team sorts, bowler sorts, average series etc.
Individual recap sheets. Sorts all bowlers and teams and prints them.
Open screens will be removed, just a copyright notice will remain.
An option to delete unwanted files from the directory.
Add or remove a sub, Split season, print score sheets, ability to abort
entering bowlers scores,. split season, final average sheet.
Print to file all of the printouts for editing with a word processor.

What utilities are in the works?
Prebowl / makeup games, more sort routines, number of 200, 250, 300
games, delimited final average file, custom printouts, printed manual.
Hide inactive subs, different handicaps, such as difference between
team handicaps, Candlepin / Duckpin, Nine pin bowling.
I am dedicated to improving this program and always willing to help.

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