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Resume Writer in Disk form (Interesting).
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Resume Writer in Disk form (Interesting).
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Contents of the READ.ME file

This program was put together in the hopes that it
would assist you in the preparation of resume to
submit to potential employers.
It is written to run on an IBM pc or compatible.
Assemble all the files using WordStar in a non
document mode, install it on a floppy and mail
it attention the personnel director.
Few busy executives have the time to read through
all the resumes submitted to them,but this approach
is innovative enough to give your resume a higher
probability of being read.
If you feel this program is of any benefit to you
please reward my efforts by mailing $15.00 to
Bill Reid
PO Box 4544
Santa Clara Ca.
Custom com file resumes are available.
Simply send the format you wish to the
above address include all information
you wish and I will get back to you with
a quote.

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