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All the forms necessary to Incorporate a small business in the state of Maryland.
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All the forms necessary to Incorporate a small business in the state of Maryland.
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Contents of the README.1ST file


There are 5 files in this .ZIP; they are:

Readme.1st - This file
Articles.wp5 - Articles of Incorporation in WordPerfect format
Articles.dos - Articles of Incorporation in ASCII text
Consent.wp5 - Consent of the Board of Directors in WordPerfect
Consent.dos - Consent of the Board of Directors in ASCII

Forming a corporation in the State of Maryland is easy, quick,
and inexpensive. You may, of course, choose to hire a Lawyer and
you should expect to pay him/her about $700 for this simple task.
If you wish to be ultra safe, this is the route to go. However,
these documents are offered free of charge to anyone who wishes
to use them.

To proceed, you must first choose a name for your corporation
which is not already in use. The Division of Corporations and
Taxation can assist you in checking to see if the name you have
chosen is already in use. Obviously, if you choose a name like
IBM, you'll find it's already in use.

Next, you'll need to CAREFULLY read the Articles and Consent
documents and fill in the correct information in the correct
places. To make this easier, I've put ( ) with an explanation of
what needs to be typed in for most situations. Again, READ
CAREFULLY !!! What I've indicated may not be right for your

Please note that these documents are for a "subchapter S"
corporation for IRS purposes. Check with your accountant to see
if this is right for you. There is an excellent publication
called "Starting and Operating a Businesses in Maryland"
available at most bookstores, which may be helpful.

Note also that one person can hold more than one office. For
example, I'm President and Treasurer and my wife is Secretary and
Vice President of my corporation.

Next, you must get your signature notarized. Take the Articles
of Incorporation to:

Phone (301) 225-1340

The Organization and Capitalization fee is $ 20.00 and the
Recording fee is another $ 20.00 so you'll need at least $ 40.00
with you. For an additional $ 30.00 you can get expedited
service and you'll be incorporated on the spot. Otherwise, it
may take up to 30 days. While you are there, you'll be waiting
in line with the $ 10.00/hour paralegals that the $ 700 lawyers
hire to do the $ 10 worth of work that incorporating really

Make sure to call ahead of time, since the bureaucrats have wierd
hours for expedited service. Good Luck.
In any case, it isn't as difficult as it seems. Good Luck.

Vincent A. Lamoureux
May 12, 1990

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