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Billboard #1 Hits Database. A Menu driven Database filled with #1 Pop Hits from 1955 to 1990. Excellent.
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Billboard #1 Hits Database. A Menu driven Database filled with #1 Pop Hits from 1955 to 1990. Excellent.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
POPALBUM.RS 6049 1969 deflated
POPHITS.BAS 11284 2520 deflated
POPHITS.DBF 169194 25244 deflated
POPHITS.DEL 54407 20127 deflated
POPHITS.EXE 59881 41100 deflated
POPSINGL.RS 11666 3901 deflated
READ.ME 2478 1172 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Patrick Spreng January 23, 1990
2324 Montclair Circle
Carrollton, Texas

What you now have are databases of every single to reach Number 1 on Bill-
board's Hot 100 Pop Singles chart (or its earlier equivalents) and every album
to reach Number 1 on Billboard's Pop Album charts from January 1, 1955 through
January 20, 1990. Each entry includes the title of each song, the artist, the
date the record first reached #1, and the total number of weeks the record
stayed at number 1. I intend to keep this data fully up to date with quarterly
updates. At this point, I am restricting these databases to the pop charts and
have no intention of expanding into Billboard's R&B, Country, Gospel, CD,
Videocassette, or other charts.

This Archive contains seven files:

POPHITS BAS A sample QuickBasic demo program to query the data
base (assumes the POPHITS.DEL file to be in the
current directory).
POPHITS DBF The complete data base in dBASE format
POPHITS DEL The complete data base in comma delimited format
POPHITS EXE The compiled QuickBasic query program
POPSINGL RS A text file of the Top 100 singles since 1963, as
ranked by Rolling Stone, 9/8/88 (Issue #534)
POPALBUM RS A text file of the Top 100 albums since 1963, as
ranked by Rolling Stone
READ ME This file.

The .EXE and .DEL files are the only ones needed to use the query program.
The .DBF file is compatible with PC-File:dB, PC-File 5.0 and PC-Tools Deluxe.
The .DBF may also be used in other applications via file conversions, for
example, the Lotus 1-2-3 Translate utility will convert it to a worksheet.

The information in this database came from these sources:
1. Billboard Magazine
2. The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits, 3rd Edition, by Joel Whitburn
3. The Billboard Book of Number One Hits, by Fred Bronson

Any comments or suggestions may be sent to me at the above address, left as
messages in the InterLink Media or Music conferences, or left as messages
on one of the following electronic bulletin boards:

The Blue Flame 1 214 573 3649
DataWarp Premium BBS 1 918 455 5544
Channel One 1 617 354 6155
The Forbin Project 1 319 233 6157

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