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Two sample book proposals. Useful for novice writers.
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Two sample book proposals. Useful for novice writers.
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P.O. Box 1731
Wheaton, MD 20902
(301) 649-2499

September 17, 1987

The two files included here, BUS-WRTR.PRP and DM-WRKBK.PRP, are copies of
actual proposals, with deletion of certain items that I cannot circulate
publicly without the permission of others. They were both successful pro-
posals--each resulted in a contract and a published book--and so are legiti-
mate examples obviously. And they are typical of all my book proposals.

I should in all fairness include this caveat: These proposals are in direct
contradiction to principles laid down by others who profess wisdom and author-
ity in this matter, in that they are about one fifth the size those others in-
sist is appropriate and necessary. I acknowledge that what works for me is
perhaps not what will work for you; it is possible that you will have to
expand the model. The model is, however, a legitimate one, one that has
resulted in about 35 book contracts over the past eight years.

Herman Holtz

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