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Busplan is a program by the National Business Association that creates a detailed business plan. From the SBA BBS in Washington.
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Busplan is a program by the National Business Association that creates a detailed business plan. From the SBA BBS in Washington.
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The Off-Freeway-Diner, Inc.Texaswill be a delicatessen type restaurant patterned after New York delicatessens which serve Jewish ethnic style foods. The delicatessen will offer counter, table and take-out service.The delicatessen will be located at Anywhere USA Interstate I-95 exit and will be open seven days a week from 10:30am to 11pm, serving luncheons and dinner. A breakfast menu will be added three months after opening at which time the deli will be open from 6am to 11pm. Prices will be moderate compared to New York deli's but somewhat higher than other Anywheres restaurants.the great majority of customers will be people traveling on Interstate I-95. Accordingly, heavy use of billboards and some radio advertising will attract customers. A Grand Opening will take place with local officials and celebrities in attendance. Cash prizes will be given away as door prizes. There will be eating contests. Balloons will be given to children that are with adults. Ongoing advertising will consist of billboards and newspaper ads.The entire menu has been patterned after a typical New York style delicatessen. Most of the items are unavailable at all other Anywhere restaurants with the exception of the daily hot meals and future breakfast menu. The menu will be very unique to Anywhere and the surrounding community.quite large but selective. It consists of travelers on Interstate I-95 going in both north and south directions. These travelers are primarily vacationers and those driving long distances. Their primary vehicle is the Automobile. It is expected that the average number of passengers per vehicle will be two. There will be some seasonality to the business in view of the much heavier traffic that is expected on the interstate during the winter follows: Approximately 100 customers will be served daily. Weekend traffic should be 25 to 30 percent higher than activity from Monday to Friday noon. Traffic count studies by the state show the following averages: North to south 23,000 vehicles and south to north 24,200 vehicles. During the period November 15 through April this increases by about 4,000 vehicles. In addition to this, U.S.Highway 301 has some 5,000 vehicles and N.C. State Highway 20 has some 3,000 vehicles in daily traffic flow. All of these figures show a large potential market. It is expected the business will grow by about $500 per month or a monthly increase of 166 customers.The town of Anywhere has several eating establishments. With the exception of Mario's, all of them are located away from the interstate. None are easy to get to from the interstate. T. J.'s Barbeque ios a dirty throwback from the 40's. 50 to 100 regular customers per day. Prices are moderate. Hardees is a fast food place which serves 200 to 300 per day. 60% are tourists. Prices are moderate. Mario's serve 300 to 450 per day. Prices are moderate to high. Their menu is plain with no specialties. They will will help draw business to us because they are on the way to our place.Harold SmithPresident & President50Donald C. AubryVice Presidentce Pres.25Robert A. KlineVice President.P.25 to operate the business with a small profit in the fourth quarter of the first year and subsequent profits thereafter. The principals will pay themselves a minimum salary so as not to imperil the cashflow of the business. Hired employees will be kept to a bare minimum with the principals performing most of the day-to-day functions themselves. 6,892 41,773 57,715Investors100,000SBA Guaranteed Bank Loan300,000 400,000The deli will be located in a building immediately adjacent to the I-95 Exit. This facility was a former restaurant. It has a current seating of 60 and can be expanded to accommodate 90 persons at a moderate cost.Hobart Cook Stove w/Ovens;FColgate Dishwasher+EGE Commercial RefrigeratorFChief Cook & PresidentHead Waiter & Vice Pres.Dishwasher & Vice Pres. AccountingJame JonesCPAJames & Asso.EngineeringRichard W. MannVice PresidentTimes Trust, Inc.s, Inc.Marketingn ServicesJerry T. LeedSales ManagerGold Auto Sales Defraudarketingorterry T. Leedales Managerold Auto Sales Defrauddvertisingoger Wiseguyice Presidenthowit, Sellit and Dontdoit, Inc.dvertisingoger Wiseguyice Presidenthowit, Sellit and Dontdoit, Inc.yynyyyyyyn

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