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PPS v1.0 - People, Places, and Sounds rolodex type database.
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PPS v1.0 – People, Places, and Sounds rolodex type database.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AAPLAY.DOC 29104 7389 deflated
AAPLAY.EXE 81904 44031 deflated
ANCHORS.ROL 4303 790 deflated
BEAR.PCX 54122 34525 deflated
BIRTHDAY.NOT 359 187 deflated
DIGITIZ.DOC 2069 800 deflated
EMER.DAT 288 88 deflated
LI.EXE 23488 12817 deflated
MARY.NOT 406 210 deflated
OCTAVES.NOT 712 161 deflated
PPS.CFG 481 70 deflated
PPS.DAT 8738 996 deflated
PPS.DOC 17881 6236 deflated
PPS.EXE 129072 51455 deflated
PPS.NTE 1508 694 deflated
PPS.PTR 8424 881 deflated
PRINTSET.EXE 53552 21760 deflated
README.DOC 2364 992 deflated
SDNOTE.EXE 24768 12393 deflated
SDPCX.EXE 26640 13291 deflated
SDPRINT.CFG 68 50 deflated
SDROL.EXE 15384 9169 deflated
SENATOR.DAT 54998 4052 deflated
SENATOR.NTE 1508 166 deflated
SPANGLED.NOT 1087 541 deflated
STANDARD.BNK 10780 3997 deflated
TEMP.FIL 3206 579 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

People Pictures and Sounds (c)
A Phone database Program by
SANDD Software Systems
PO Box 3587 Reston, VA 22090

Q) How much does this program cost?
A) Only $25.00 + 4.00 Shipping

Q) How do I start the program?
A) To run the program type "PPS" from the dos prompt

Q) I have a portable and colors are hard to read?
A) From the setup area select monochrome.

Q) Can I have more than one file?
A) YES, PPS can track up to 10 files

Q) I don't have a sound board, can I play songs?
A) YES you can play songs make for the PC speaker
but to play ROL files you need a Sound board.

Q) How do I get my photo's in PPS?
A) Send your photo's to SANDD for low cost digitization.

Q) Do I have to save every time I run the program?
A) No, Changes are saved automatically when exiting or
loading another file.

Q) Can I undo a mistake?
A) YES, Press to undo the current line.

Q) I lost my password, can I get to my data?
A) In most cases SANDD can retrieve your data.

Q) I can't load my datafile?
A) Delete the file PPS.CFG, run the program and re-enter your
datafile name and path.

The following files should be include with this program.
SENATOR DAT Sample data file
SDROL EXE Rol Player
SDNOTE EXE PC Speaker player
PRINTSET EXE Printer Setup
LI EXE File viewer
DIGITIZ DOC Documentation on Digitizing
SHR-WARE DOC Documentation on Shareware
PPS EXE Main Program
PPS DOC Documentation on PPS
AAPLAY DOC AAPLAY Documentation file
MARY NOT PC speaker song
OCTAVES NOT PC speaker song
SPANGLED NOT PC speaker song
BIRTHDAY NOT PC speaker song
STANDARD BNK Rol instrument file
PPS CFG PPS configuration file
PPS DAT PPS Data file
SDPRINT CFG PPS Printer Selection file
PPS PTR PPS Printer Configuration file
TEMP FIL Temp file
EMER DAT PPS Emergency numbers file

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