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TapeMaker is a unique program that helps you choose songs to record on a tape, and then will print a tape label.
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TapeMaker is a unique program that helps you choose songs to record on a tape, and then will print a tape label.
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T A P E M A K E R 1 . 4
A Shareware Product

Copyright 1990 by Robert E. Alexander
82 Miller Rd.
Newton, MA 02159
Compuserve: 71621,3073 Internet: 7[email protected]

TapeMaker is a unique program that helps you choose songs to record on
a tape. Many other tape programs are little more than glorified
typewriters: you type in the song titles and the program prints out a
cassette insert for you. TapeMaker's approach is that if you're going
to do all that typing, you should get some extra benefit from it.
TapeMaker lets you know how many songs can fit on the tape, finds the
best order to record them in so that you have the minimum amount of
blank tape left, and acts as a database for your album collection.

TapeMaker 1.4 fixes bugs in previous revisions.

Using TapeMaker:
To run TapeMaker, enter the command:
If you have a monochrome display which is driven by a CGA, EGA or VGA
card, or if you get blinking characters on the screen when you run
TapeMaker, use the command:

TapeMaker creates two files, TAPEMKR.CFG and TAPEMKR.MUS. The first
file holds configuration information for TapeMaker, the second holds the
database of your album collection. TAPEMKR.CFG is created in the
directory from which you run TapeMaker. TAPEMKR.MUS is, by default,
created in the same directory. However, you may change the directory or
file name of TAPEMKR.MUS.

To make a tape with TapeMaker, follow these steps:

1) Run TapeMaker

2) Load your album database into memory.

3) If you want to record songs that are not already in your
database, enter the song titles, playing times, and album
information for them. It is recommended that you enter all
the songs on the album, even if you are not going to use them
on a tape. This way, you can gradually build up a database
of your album collection and, next time you want to make a
tape, the songs you want may already be in your database.

4) Select the songs you want on the tape. TapeMaker lets you
find songs by album, by artist, by song title, or by playing
time. TapeMaker also shows you a running total of the playing
time for all the songs you've selected. You'll know how much
space you have left on the tape.

5) Tell TapeMaker to arrange the songs in optimum order. Very
often, TapeMaker will find an arrangement that leaves no blank
tape. To increase the odds of finding this "perfect
arrangement," select a few extra songs. For example, if in step 4
you select 110 minutes of music for a 90 minute tape, TapeMaker
will generally find an order of songs that perfectly fills the

6) Print out a cassette insert.

TapeMaker offers great flexibility by allowing you to change the

1) As mentioned before, you can change the path or filename
of the album database file. This means that friends can use
TapeMaker on your computer and keep their album collection
separate from yours.

2) The length of the tape can be changed. The default is 90

3) The space between the songs on your tape can be set to anywhere
between 0 and 9 seconds. TapeMaker takes the blank space
between songs into account when it figures out the best order
for them.

4) Any printer can be supported. TapeMaker lets you change the
control codes that are sent to your printer to put it in
compressed print mode. Also, TapeMaker lets you specify how
many characters per inch are printed in compressed mode. The
default configuration is for Epson-compatible printers. But
Hewlett-Packard printers and printers with non-standard
character sizes will work once you change the configuration.

TapeMaker has thorough built-in help that can be seen at any time by
hitting the F1 key. Also, at the bottom of each screen, there is a
summary of useful keystrokes.

Plans for TapeMaker 2.0:
TapeMaker 2.0 will include more database-like features such as user
definable fields and report generation. It will allow more songs per
album. Many other database functions have been suggested by registered
users and may be added. All registered users will get a free copy of
TapeMaker 2.0 as soon as it is ready.

Registering TapeMaker:
TapeMaker is not in the public domain; it is not free. TapeMaker is
shareware. Shareware is a low-cost way of selling software. Instead of
making fancy and expensive packaging, advertising in expensive magazines,
and selling through retail stores that add a markup, shareware is
distributed primarily on computer bulletin boards. This provides important
advantages to you.

First, you are able to try out software before you buy it. You needn't
worry about paying a hundred dollars for software that doesn't meet your
needs. Second, since distribution is so inexpensive, you can get quality
software for much less money.

There is a problem, though. Many people who use shareware never pay for it.
They violate the honor system by which this software is distributed. In the
long run, they hurt everyone, because if too many people violate the honor
system, the honor system will collapse. That means no more 'try before you
buy' software, and it means there will less software available and it will
cost more.

So if you find TapeMaker useful, please register it. You will receive
a manual and your name and address will be entered into my database.
When I release the next enhancement to TapeMaker, I will send you a
copy free. Also, please send me any ideas you have for enhancements.

Feel free to give copies of TapeMaker to any friends who may find it useful.
Sharing quality software with others is an important part of making
Shareware work.

Thank you for registering and supporting the shareware concept.

To register TapeMaker 1.4, print this file, fill out the form (below),
and send $20 to:
Robert E. Alexander
82 Miller Road
Newton, MA 02159

Please print legibly:

Name: _______________________________________________________________

Street: _____________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: ___________________________________________________

Type of floppy disk (circle one): 5 1/4 inch 3 1/2 inch

TapeMaker is Copyright 1989 and 1990 by Robert E. Alexander. Permission is
granted to make copies of TapeMaker and distribute them to others so
long as the files TAPEMKR.EXE and TAPEMKR.DOC are distributed together
and unmodified. No fee, other than a disk duplicating fee less than or
equal to $6.00, may be charged for TapeMaker.

TapeMaker is provided on an "as is" basis without warranty of any kind,
expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied
warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The
entire risk as to quality an performance of this program is with you.
In no event will Robert Alexander be liable to you for any damages,
including any lost profits, lost savings, or other incidental or
consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use this
program, even if Robert Alexander has been advised of the possibility of
such damages. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you
may have other rights which vary from state to state. Some states do
not allow the exclusion of implied warranties or exclusion of liability
for incidental or consequential damages so the above may not apply to

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