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OnTime! The Professional Reminder Program.
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OnTime! The Professional Reminder Program.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Thank you for downloading OnTime! The Professional Reminder System.

Welcome to OnTime! version 1.00

O n T i m e !

"The Professional Reminder System"

Version 1.00 (April 1988)


Computer Intelligence, Inc.
5209 Ripple Creek Drive
Tampa, Florida 33625

Copyright (c) 1988 Computer Intelligence, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

OnTime! software copyright (C) 1988 by Computer Intelligence, Inc.
All rights reserved.

This document copyright (C) 1988 Computer Intelligence, Inc.
All rights reserved.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Most of the hardware and software names in this manual are trademarks
or trade names of specific manufactures.


This version of OnTime! is NOT public domain or free software, but
is being distributed as "shareware".

OnTime! is copyright (C) 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988 by Computer
Intelligence, Inc.

Non-registered users of this software are granted a limited
license to make an evaluation copy for trial use on a private,
non-commercial basis, for the express purpose of determining
whether OnTime! is suitable for their needs. At the end of this
trial period, you should either register your copy or
discontinue using OnTime!.

What does all this really mean? If you regularly use this
program - i.e., once a week or more - then you should pay for
your copy. That way I'll be able to provide you support,
updates and stay in business.

A OnTime! registration entitles you to use the program on any and
all computers available to you, with the following restriction:
If other people have access to this program or may use it, then
you should purchase a site license. See the following section
for information about site licensing or quantity discounts.

All users are granted a limited license to copy OnTime! only for
the trial use of others and subject to the above limitations.
This license does NOT include distribution or copying of this
software package:

1. In connection with any other product or service.
2. For general use within a company or institution.
3. For any consideration.
4. Distribution in modified form.

Operators of electronic bulletin board systems (Sysops) are
encouraged to post OnTime! for down loading by their users, as
long as the above conditions are met.

If you are the distributor of a public domain or user-supported
software library, then you may be eligible to distribute copies
of OnTime!. You must meet all of the above conditions and acquire
written permission from Computer Intelligence, Inc. before doing so,
however. Please write for details.


Use of this program acknowledges this disclaimer of warranty:
"This program is supplied as-is. Computer Intelligence, Inc.
disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including, without
limitation, the warranties of merchantability and of fitness of this
program for any purpose. Computer Intelligence, Inc. assumes no
liability for damages direct or consequential, which may result from
the use of this program."


A OnTime! registration licenses you to use the product on a regular
basis. Registration includes a copy of the latest full use version of
the software and a professionally typeset copy of the manual.

The registration fee is $39 US.

All corporate, business, government or other commercial users of
OnTime! must be registered. We offer quantity discounts starting
at the 2nd copy. Corporate or site licensing is also available.

Please write for quantity discount pricing.

Corporate site licensing agreements allow duplication and
distribution of specific numbers of copies within the licensed
institution. Duplication of multiple copies is not allowed
except through execution of a licensing agreement. Site license
fees are base upon estimated number of users.

Please write for site licensing pricing.

Discounts are not cumulative; they apply to single orders of
like products only. Unit prices are the same as for individual


Sorry, no C.O.D. orders will be accepted.

Please send the registration fee of $39 along with the serial number
(its shown on the copyright notice each time you start OnTime!) to:

Computer Intelligence, Inc.
5209 Ripple Creek Drive
Tampa, Florida 33625

In order to reduce downloading costs to a minimum, and to encourage
you to purchase the full use system, this manual only contain the
information needed to get OnTime! up and working on your computer.

This is the shareware version of OnTime!. The shareware version
will let you see almost all of the features of OnTime! so that you
can decide whether you want to purchase the full use version.

There are certain restriction in the shareware version that are not
in the full use version:

- Only 10 appointments are allowed per day
- The data base can only contain 30 days worth of
- There is no utility for printing your appointment
- The Purge Data Base utility is not included

All of these restrictions are lifted when you purchase the full
use version of OnTime!.


Welcome to the Professional Reminder System, OnTime!. You have
purchased a state-of-the-art system for managing the multitude of
appointments you must attend daily. OnTime! monitors your daily
schedule alerting you ahead of time of an upcoming appointment. You
will never miss another important meeting.

The following are features of OnTime!:

Everything you need to manage your appointment calendar is in this
one integrated package

OnTime! allows you to easily enter new appointments, check your
calendar for free time or move appointments to a new date and time.
There is no limit as to how far in advance you can set an
appointment. The number of appointments you keep is only limited by
the disk space and memory on your computer.

OnTime! is easy to use

OnTime! has an intuitive user interface that is very easy to use
and understand. Pop-up windows guide you every step of the way. If
you need additional help, just press a key for instant context
sensitive assistance. Over 30 help panels are available.

OnTime! is just a keystroke away

You don't have to exit that spreadsheet or word processing document
to enter an appointment. Just press a special hot key and OnTime!
pops on the screen, saving the work in progress. When you are
finished using OnTime!, everything is put back just like before.

OnTime! can be changed to suit your preferences

If you don't like the screen colors, just change them. If your work
day normally runs from 7 in the morning to 6 at night, OnTime!
allows you to set that easily. Over 30 features can be user

Never be late for an appointment again

You don't have to remember your daily schedule; OnTime!
continuously monitors your schedule. If its time for an
appointment, OnTime! interrupts what ever you are doing to display
a reminder message.

Changing your schedule has never been so easy

OnTime! contains many powerful features for moving and copying
appointments. A days appointments can be moved with just a few
keystrokes. A regularly scheduled meeting is entered only once; a
few keystrokes will copy it to future dates.

OnTime! alerts you to important events

You can tell OnTime! to remind you of important upcoming events.
For example: OnTime! can remind you to call a customer next Friday
at 3:00 pm, or submit the weekly report to your boss on Thursday
morning, or that your wife's birthday is on June 10th. Any event
can be entered into OnTime!'s reminder screen.

Your secretary can help maintain your personal schedule

If you desire, your secretary can enter appointments or reminders
into your personal appointment schedule.

System Requirements

OnTime! requires the following minimum configuration:

An IBM Personal Computer or strict "compatible" running the MS-DOS
or PC-DOS operating system Version 2.1 or later

One floppy disk drive or a hard disk drive (a hard disk is

OnTime! is a memory resident program. It is loaded when the
computer is first turned on and remains in memory while other
programs are running. OnTime! takes approximately 67,000 characters
of memory. Your computer must have enough memory for the operating
system, OnTime! and any other memory resident programs you wish to
use. In addition to that, sufficient free memory is needed to run
applications. At least 256,000 characters of total memory is

If you want to allow your secretary or other persons to change your
personal appointment schedule, a Local Area Network is required. A
Local Area Network allows files to be shared among network users.
Both you and your secretary must be connected to the local area
network and both be granted access to the OnTime! data base file.

IMPORTANT NOTE !!! - OnTime!'s alarm system can interrupt whatever
is running on your computer to display appointment information and
update the data base. You must not run any programs that reorganize
your disk like COMPRESS or VOPT while the alarm clock is turned on.
Your disk can become unusable if OnTime! interrupts a program that
reorganize your disk (sort directories, remove fragmentation, etc.)
to display an alarm. It is safe to run these programs when the
alarm clock has been turned off. You can turn off the alarm clock
by pressing the F3 key while in OnTime!.

Installing OnTime!

The sections that follow will assist you in installing the OnTime!
program so that it is loaded into memory each time you start your

The installation uses the SETUP program supplied on the
distribution diskette. You will have to place the backup copy in
drive A, execute SETUP and answer a few questions.

CAUTION: The SETUP program can be run more than one time. Please be
aware though that any changes that have been made to the
configuration (using program OTCONFIG) are removed during the setup
procedure. First time installers need not worry about this.

The SETUP Program

To run setup, first insert your backup copy of the distribution
diskette in drive A. Type the following command:

A:SETUP [enter]

Follow the prompts on the screen to install OnTime!.

Testing OnTime!

This section describes how to make sure the OnTime! installation
was performed correctly.

First you must turn your computer off and then on again. When the
computer is turned on, the OnTime! application is loaded into
memory automatically.

After that is done, hold down the ALT key and press the ENTER key
at the same time. If the OnTime! screen appears, then the
installation was performed correctly.

Press the Escape key when you are ready to exit OnTime!.

Using OnTime!

This section explains how to use the many features of OnTime!.
OnTime! is designed to be extremely user friendly. All of the
features are accessed by highlighting selections from a menu or by
pressing one of the function keys.

OnTime! keeps track of two kinds of events; appointments and

Appointments are events that have a known start time and usually
some idea of how long the event will last. Meetings are a good
example of appointments.

Appointments must be scheduled. You don't want to have two meetings
occurring at the same time.

Reminders are notes to yourself to remember something. Some
examples of reminders are:

"Call Sally at 3:00"
"Submit the Sales Report on Friday afternoon"
"Steve's birthday"

Separate screens are provided in OnTime! for each kind of event.
Since appointments need to be scheduled, a formatted, time oriented
screen is provided. The reminder screen is less structured; you
type in the time and a reminder message.

Starting OnTime!

OnTime! is a Memory Resident Program. Another name commonly used is
Terminate and Stay Resident program or TSR. What this means is that
OnTime! is loaded into memory each time you start your computer. It
stays there quietly minding your schedule for upcoming
appointments. Then when you need to look at or modify your
schedule, OnTime! pops on to the screen.

OnTime! is activated using a HOTKEY. The HOTKEY is set to Alternate
+ ENTER when the product is shipped (You must hold down the
Alternate key while pressing the ENTER key). After pressing
ALT+ENTER, the application you were running is suspended
temporarily and OnTime! pops on to the screen. To get back to your
application, just exit OnTime! using the Escape key.

You may already have a memory resident program that uses the
ALT+ENTER key combination. If you do, or if you just like another
combination better, the program OTCONFIG can be run to allow the
HOTKEY to be changed. See section "3.5 Setting the Hot Key" for
information on how to change the HOTKEY.

Getting Help

Many times you are using a system and get to a point where you just
don't know what to do next. You have forgotten a code or you don't
know what key to press next. Instead of getting the manual off the
shelf, wouldn't it be nice to simply hit a key and get
instantaneous help. With OnTime! you can do just that.

The OnTime! system has extensive, context sensitive help available.
Press the F1 key at any time and a window will pop on to the screen
and explain the operation you are attempting to perform.

The Appointment Screen

The Appointment Screen is displayed first when OnTime! is started.

The top line of the Appointment Screen contains the following
information (from left to right):

The name of the person who's schedule is displayed.

Todays date and the current time.

Line two of the screen contains several important indicators. On
the left, the word SECRETARY will appear if OnTime! was started in
secretary mode. Otherwise, the area will be blank. On the right
side of the screen, the word REMINDERS will appear if reminders are
present for the date shown. Since Reminders are displayed on a
different screen, this feature keeps you from having to swap
screens to see if there are any Reminders for this date.

The next line of the Appointment Screen contains an indicator of
whether the alarm clock is turned on or off. See section 2.5 Alarm
Clock for more information about how to turn the alarm on and off.

On this same line you may also see a Holiday or Vacation indicator.

The indicator may say Vacation if this is a vacation day. This is
shown so that you won't accidentally schedule appointments on
Vacations or Holidays. Section 3.4 "Defining Holidays and
Vacations" will help you to set up your vacation and holiday

The bottom line of the screen displays some of the most commonly
used function keys:

F1 activates the Help function

F2 displays a Weekly Summary of your schedule

F3 turns the Alarm Clock on and off

F4 displays a Calendar

F5 toggles between the Appointment display and the Reminder

ESC exits from OnTime! (or any function within OnTime!)

The rest of the screen is divided into areas representing 15 minute
appointment starting time intervals. All appointments for the date
shown are displayed in this area.

The appointments are displayed next to there starting time. The
first 15 characters of the appointment message are displayed to
indicate what the appointment is for. The length of the appointment
is indicated with pointers to the right of the message. Any
overlapping appointments are shown with there pointers blinking.

A Note Sign will be displayed for any appointments that have an
alarm set.


This should be enough to get you started using OnTime! The Professional
Reminder System.

Be sure to press the F1 key if you need help while in OnTime!.

Also, the ALT+Enter key combination activates OnTime!.

Remember !!!!! If you register your copy of OnTime! you will get:

- Perpetual license to use the product
- A full use copy of the system that eliminates all of the
restrictions found in the shareware version
- A professionally typeset, bound User Manual
- The latest version of the software

To register, send $39 to:

Computer Intelligence, Inc.
5209 Ripple Creek Drive
Tampa, Florida 33625

Please include the serial number from the copyright notice (shown each time
you start OnTime!). This helps me to know which distribution channels are
getting the product to you.

The author would appreciate any comments you have about OnTime!. He can be
reached at:

Data Exchange BBS
24 hrs.


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