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Naval Acronym & Abbreviation Database.
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Naval Acronym & Abbreviation Database.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

This program is for anyone who is awash in the sea of acronmyns
which afflicts the Naval business. The database includes more than
2800 acronyms and abbreviations to help you understand why it is not
a good thing to be OBE when the RDD for the RFP has come and gone.

NAVABB should run successfully on any IBM compatible PC which has at
least 512k memory and a hard disk or high density floppy, 720k, 1.2M or
1.44M drives.

NAVABB creates its own indices the first time it is ran.
This will take a minute or two. The total amount of disk space
required for the program, database, format and indices is: 697k.

Although, I hope the program will be helpful in its current form. The
sad truth is that's there far more abbreviations in use in the Navy
then are represented here. Worse yet, every office and branch has its
own special ones which they, or perhaps only those in their specific
area, use on a day to day basis. Rather than wait until I had every last
one tracked down, I have decided to put out NAVABB 1.00. If you have
dBase((c) Ashton-Tate) or a dBase clone you can add your own records
to the database to make it more useful to you and your co-workers. Do
not reindex the database though yourself. Delete the indices which the
program created for you when you first ran it and then run NAVABB again.
The program will automatically create new indices reflecting the changed
state of the database. Please do not distribute these revised databases
under the title of NAVABB.

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