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This is a very good bibliography database system. Saves files in dBase format. Easy to install and use.
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This is a very good bibliography database system. Saves files in dBase format. Easy to install and use.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CHOOSE.COM 161 143 deflated
COLORCOL.MEM 852 214 deflated
COLORDEF.MEM 852 157 deflated
COLORGRY.MEM 852 170 deflated
COLORMON.MEM 851 151 deflated
COLORSET.MEM 852 214 deflated
CONVERT.DOC 1023 596 deflated
DEMO.D01 665 225 deflated
DEMO.DBF 5536 1174 deflated
DEMO.DBT 1726 688 deflated
DEMO.MEM 289 104 deflated
DEMO.N01 2048 433 deflated
DEMO.NDX 1024 274 deflated
ERROR.TXT 5888 1023 deflated
INSTALL.BAT 13254 3520 deflated
MASTER1S.DBI 558 232 deflated
MASTER2S.DBI 199 135 deflated
MASTER_M.DBI 198 77 deflated
MASTER_N.DBI 147 31 deflated
MEMDEFLT.MEM 159 53 deflated
MEMEXSET.MEM 329 122 deflated
MEMSETUP.001 159 53 deflated
MEMSETUP.002 159 43 deflated
MEMSETUP.003 159 50 deflated
MEMSETUP.004 159 43 deflated
MEMSETUP.MEM 159 62 deflated
MEMTRANS.MEM 1540 437 deflated
README 1478 831 deflated
README-2 1023 566 deflated
RSC.OVL 25440 10923 deflated
RSM.OVL 42928 19170 deflated
RSR.OVL 34112 15212 deflated
RSS.OVL 38416 17560 deflated
RSU.OVL 52224 21389 deflated
RSX.DOC 63126 21364 deflated
RSX.EXE 273568 128598 deflated
WEDIT.DOC 18425 4667 deflated
WEDIT.EXE 100416 41832 deflated

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Contents of the README file


Reference Managament System is a personal system for managing entry, search,
and report of bibliographic data. It is a self explanatory, menu driven system.
It provides full compatability with dBASE III & III+ (R) type files.

It requires a fully IBM compatiable system with at least 475kB of available
memory. Installation to a hard disk is recommended. It can run (more slowly)
from a high density floppy (760kb or greater), or from two 360kb floppy drives.

A manual (abridged from typeset version) is included as RSX.DOC. This can be
read on the disk or printed with DOS print command. New info is in README-2.

To install, set Drive A: to default, mount Distribution Disk #1, type INSTALL.
To examine, the best way is to run the program. There are DEMO database files
included and the default choices will carry you through most of the program.

The program is distributed in 'shareware' and licensed forms. Both are fully
operational as provided. An 'UNLICENSED' note is displayed until the license-
registration number is entered. Shareware users must obtain this number from
the author; details are in the manual and RSX.DOC file. New features may have
been added since this release, so checking (registering) can be worth-while.
Registered users are notified of changes and get a first update at no charge.
Thank you for considering Reference Management System.

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