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A fantastic personal/small business complete accounting package.
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A fantastic personal/small business complete accounting package.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

31 Mar 87

Welcome to CheckMate-GL! This is the initial release. Before you begin,
you will need to know a few things.

System requirements: IBM PC/XT/AT/jr or compatible
256K RAM
2 DSDD Disk Drives (or Hard Drive)
IBM DOS (or MS-DOS) 2.0 or above

Make sure that you have a CONFIG.SYS file on your boot disk and that you
have the following statement in the file:


CheckMate-GL will attempt to open several files simultaneously, and will
crash if you don't have a sufficient number of file handles declared. See
your DOS reference manual for more details on the CONFIG.SYS file.

You must INSTALL CheckMate-GL by using CMGLINST.COM and tell it where to
look for (or create) its data files. There will not be enough room on a
single DSDD 360K floppy disk for all the program files and the data. Run
CMGLINST and indicate where you want your program files to reside (usually
drive A) and where you want your data files to reside (usually drive B).
Insert a formatted disk for data in drive B and you are ready to begin.


CheckMate-GL is shareware, and is a copyrighted program. You may use
CheckMate-GL on a limited basis for evaluation only. If you wish to
use CheckMate-GL on a continuing basis you must register your copy with
Custom Technologies. In return you will receive a 90+ page illustrated
manual, a disk containing the latest version, and telephone support. You
will also be added to our mailing list for notifications of updates,
new products, and specials. If you do not register, then pass your copy
on to someone else or erase it.

To register, send $39.95 + 3.00 shipping to Custom Technologies, PO Box
10096, Panama City, FL 32404.

Enjoy CheckMate-GL!

Tim Bougan
Custom Technologies



To help you evaluate Checkmate-GL, we have included an abbreviated version
of the user's guide. It is contained in the file MANUAL.ARC.

The disk-based manual for CheckMate-GL is extensive (120K+) and is ARCed
so that it will fit on the disk. To unarc it, copy MANUAL.ARC to a blank
formatted disk and use a program such as ARC-E.COM or PKXARC.COM to unpack
it. These programs are available from numerous bulletin boards and user's
groups. For copyright reasons, we cannot include one directly with

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