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This is an executive decision management program.
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This is an executive decision management program.
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We're pleased that you selected Decisions?/!Light as your decision
support system. Decisions?/!Light is the limited shareware version
of Decisions?/!Decisions, the most powerful and complete executive
decision support software available.

Everything you need to install and use Decisions?/!Light is included
in three files in addition to this one. If you've gotten this far,
you have those three files in the same directory as this.
Installation is extremely simple. First, create a directory called
DDL (Decisions?/!Decisions Light). Now, unzip the file called EXE.
ZIP into that directory.

Second, create a subdirectory UNDER the DDL directory called HLP
(strangely enough this will hold your HeLP files). Unzip the file
called HELP.ZIP and place its contents in this subdirectory. That's
all there is to it! You've just installed Decisions?/!Light. To
run the program go to the DDL directory and type DDL. You're up and
running! If you need help along the way, just press the [F1] key
for context sensitive help.

Now, those of you who feel you need an operator's manual may be
concerned because you don't see one here. Well, it's here, but it's
hiding. All of the files in your HLP subdirectory are the manual.
There are two reasons for this. First, Decisions?/!Light, like
Decisions?/!Decisions, uses a seven layer, hypertext, context
sensitive help system. Essentially, you have an on-line manual.
Just hit [F1] any time you get lost.

Second, if you really want a hard copy manual, you can print those
files. They're all straight ASCII. As you can see (and you haven't
even started the program yet) Decisions?/!Light is about as simple
to use as it gets.

There is one other file for you to unzip. It's called INFO.ZIP. We
realize that using decision support software may be new to you. You
may be curious as to exactly what such a program can do for you. So
we've included an electronic copy of a white paper called "The Seven
Step Decision Method and Computer Based Executive Decision Support
Tools" to help you get acclimated to the techniques involved in
making quality decisions. There is also another document which you
can use to print off an order form.

Decisions?/!Light is shareware and, if you like it, we'd like you to
register it for the low fee of $25. However, we know that some of
you will simply not be able to manage on a limited version and will
want the "real Thing": Decisions?/!Decisions. Thus, we've tried to
make it as easy as possible for you to register Decisions?/!Light
(and receive such important benefits as a real manual and notices of
upgrades, to name a few) or to order the whole shebang for $149.

Decisions?/!Decisions contains a number of additional features such
as printing several different reports and custom user configuration
among others.

One last thing........

Both Decisions?/!Light and Decisions?/!Decisions can use predefined
templates or models for specialized decision making. These models
allow you to create a template or pattern for your data and
weightings and apply the same factors and weights each time you run
the model. We have included 3 sample models with this program for
your use.

As time goe on, there will be many more models for making decisions
on a wide variety of topics. Some of these models will be business
or professional subjects, produced for us by experts in their fields
who are also Decisions?/!Decisions users. Many of those models will
be available as shareware, and a few of them will only be available
directly from us at Dalton Dialogic.

However, many of them will be "fun" models that have little or
nothing to do with business. Those will usually be available as
freeware on the same fine BBS that provide Decisions?/!Light. But
if you can't find a board that provides the models, call us at:

The Computer Insider
(313) 375-2926
1200-2400, 7 days, 24 hours

You'll also find a full tech support conference where you can
discuss your problems (if any) and creative ways to use your
program. For your convenience, The Insider supports QwikMail and
you can download a mail reader (SLMR20.ZIP) if you need one. That
way you can download mail and read/reply off line, saving your
telephone bill.

We at Dalton Dialogic have enjoyed designing Decisions?/!Decisions
and Decisions?/!Light and hope that it meets our objective of
helpping you make better quality decisions and increasing your self
confidence in your decision making ability.

-- Dalton Dialogic, Inc
102 Runnymeade Road
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M6S 2Y3
(416) 767-1291

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