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Menu-Master 5.52s - Food/Recipe/Menu/Shopping List System.
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Menu-Master 5.52s – Food/Recipe/Menu/Shopping List System.
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Contents of the README file

* *
* Quick-Start Instructions *
* *


Meal-Master is a menu-driven database system especially
created and tailored to manage recipes. With Meal-Master,
you can store, update, and print your recipes in a variety
of formats. But the real power of Meal-Master lies in its
search and utility functions!

You can search for recipes using any combination of Title,
Category, or Ingredient criteria. Imagine being able to
find all the recipes that can be made with a certain
ingredient! Plus, just change the number of servings a
recipe makes, and all the individual ingredient amounts will
be adjusted automatically!

To help in entire menu preparation, you can "mark" recipes
as you select them. Then activate the Shopping List
function: Meal-Master will find the ingredients for all the
marked recipes, total the quantities of like items, and
print a shopping list!

Other features allow you to print a recipe index by title or
category, "batch" print a set of recipes, or "extract"
recipes to a standard DOS file, so you can use it in a word
processor or upload it to a bulletin board system.
Extracted recipes can also be "imported" back into
Meal-Master without retyping - making recipe exchange with
friends that use Meal-Master a real snap!

Meal-Master not only replaces the dog-eared, disorganized
collection of index cards found in most kitchens, it
provides a valuable tool for meal selection and preparation!


Meal-Master should run on any IBM-PC, PC-XT, or close
compatible with at least 256k of memory. It will run on
floppy or hard disk systems, with either a color or
monochrome monitor.

Meal-Master page 2
Quick-Start Instructions


To start using Meal-Master, you need only the program file,
named MM.EXE. When you type "MM" and press return,
Meal-Master should begin running.

Meal-Master stores your recipes in three files: INDEX.MMF,
INGRED.MMF, and DIRECT.MMF. It uses a fourth file,
PARM.MMF, to store information such as what kind of forms
you are using on your printer. Starting with version 5.00,
there is also a fifth file, CATFILE.MMF, which is used to
store a list of valid recipe categories. If any of these
files are not found when Meal-Master starts, they are
created automatically. This makes Meal-Master very easy to
install: just copy the MM.EXE file to the diskette or hard
disk directory of your choice, type MM, and press return.
Meal-Master will ask you for the operating parameters it
needs to build the PARM.MMF file, then create a new recipe

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT NOTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have been using a previous version of
Meal-Master (or Meal-Meister), with a version number
less than 5.01, then your current working disk or
hard disk directory will contain two program files,
before attempting to use version 5.01 or higher of
Meal-Master. Alternately, create a new working disk
(or directory) and copy your database files (*.MMF)
to the new disk or directory, along with the new
program file.

Version 5.01 and higher of Meal-Master consists of
one program file, MM.EXE. If both the new (MM.EXE)
and old (MM.COM) files are present on the disk and
directory when you type "MM" and press return, the
new program will be ignored and the old program will
be run.

Also, for Meal-Master to run properly you must have
the file CONFIG.SYS in the root directory of the disk
you boot from, and it must contain a "FILES=xx"
statement, where "xx" is at least (11). If not, some
Meal-Master functions will not operate.

If you're in a hurry to see how some of Meal-Master's
advanced features work, you can try it out with the sample
recipe database provided. Make sure that the provided
are on the same disk and directory as the program files, and
start Meal-Master. Then try out the search, shopping list
and batch print options. You can keep these recipes and add
to them, or delete the files and start your own database.

Meal-Master page 3
Quick-Start Instructions


Meal-Master is completely menu driven and very easy to use.

Selecting 'A' from the main menu allows you to add new
recipes to the file. You will be prompted for the
title, categories (each recipe can reference up to five
categories), and number of servings. When asked for
categories, a window will be displayed containing all
the valid category names (If more than one page of
names exist, the PGUP and PGDN keys will move through
the categories; and category names can be changed,
added, or deleted from the Maintenance/Setup menu).

Next, Meal-Master will display the ingredient screen.
To add an ingredient, press the "INSERT" key or the "I"
key. A new line will be inserted, and you will be
prompted first for the ingredient quantity, then the
unit of measure, and, finally, the ingredient name.

The quantity can be entered as either a common fraction
(i.e., 1/2) or as the decimal equivalent (i.e., 0.5),
but will be displayed in the format selected on the
Maintenance/Setup Screen (MM comes setup to display
common fractions; if you want to see decimal
equivalents, simply change the format option on the
Maintenance/Setup Screen). The quantity field will
also accept an "H", to allow a heading to be entered
for a group of ingredients.

Repeat the steps above for each ingredient you wish to
enter. After all ingredients have been entered, press
the "ESC" key to proceed to the direction entry screen.

Each line of recipe directions can be added just as
ingredients are added - simply press the "I" or
"Insert" keys to create a new line, enter the line of
text, then press return. When all directions have been
entered, press the "ESC" key again.

If you make a mistake and wish to delete an ingredient
or a line of direction text, use the up/down arrow keys
to position that line to the center of the display
window, then press the F10 key.

Selecting 'S' from the main menu takes you to the heart
of Meal-Master. Here you can specify search criteria
and have Meal-Master find the recipes that match. You

Meal-Master page 4
Quick-Start Instructions

can instruct Meal-Master to select only those recipes

a) Contain a certain word or phrase in their
b) Reference a certain category (ie, "Soups" or
"Main Dishes");
c) Use a specific ingredient;
d) Any combination of the above.

Once you have entered your search criteria, pressing
"S" will start the search. The number and title of
each recipe that qualifies will be listed. If you
start the search without entering any search criteria,
all recipes in the file will be listed. Note that a
search may be stopped at any time by pressing the ESC

Recipes found by the search function will be followed
by a prompt asking if your wish to List, Revise, or
Mark any of them.

If you type an "L", another prompt will ask if you want
the recipe listed on the screen or on your printer. If
you select the printer, the recipe will be printed
using the parameters specified in the
"Maintenance/Setup" section of the program ('M' from
the main menu; there you can specify what size and type
forms you are using for Recipe printouts and for
Listings, and specify special printer controls).

If you type 'R', you will receive the Revise menu.
From here, you can update the selected recipe title and
category list; add, delete or revise ingredients and
directions; or change the number of servings. When
changing the number of servings, Meal-Master will ask
if you want the ingredient quantities adjusted. If you
answer yes, Meal-Master will adjust all the ingredient
quantities in the same proportions as the serving size
change you have made!

You can also 'Remove' a recipe from the file. When you
use this option, the recipe is not really deleted, but
just marked as removed. The recipe can still be seen
in searches and can be 'Restored' until it is
permanently deleted by use of the "Delete Removed
Records" option on the Utilities menu.

If you type an 'M', a prompt will ask which recipe you
want to mark. Enter one of the displayed recipe
numbers and press return to mark that recipe. Once
some recipes are marked, you can use the 'Shopping
List' and 'Batch Print' features on the Utilities Menu.
These options only process marked recipes, allowing you

Meal-Master page 5
Quick-Start Instructions

to automatically print several selected recipes, or
produce a consolidated list of ingredients to use as a
shopping list!

*** MORE HELP ***

It is impossible to cover all the features of Meal-Master in
this short file, but the preceding instructions, with some
experimentation, should get you started using Meal-Master.
If you decide to keep and register Meal-Master, you will
receive a comprehensive user's manual with complete
descriptions of all Meal-Master's features. As a registered
user, you will also receive announcements and discounts on
future versions of Meal-Master.


Meal-Master is shareware. That means you get a chance to
"try-before-you-buy". If you like Meal-Master, and decide
after trying it to keep and use it, you should register.

To register, and receive the latest version of Meal-Master,
along with the complete user's manual, please send check or
money order for $35.00 (includes shipping/handling) to:

Episoft Systems
Suite #143
1321-N SE Everett Mall Way
Everett, WA 98204

(Residents of Washington state add 7.8% sales tax)

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