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Powerbuilder 3.0 outline demo with source.
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Powerbuilder 3.0 outline demo with source.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Outline Control
by Mike Ball, Admiral Software


The Outliner included in this library is completely written in PowerBuilder.
It utilises some basic PowerBuilder features to produce a fairly complicated

The version here is not in the form of a User Object but would be easy to
convert. I have in fact, done this but this is the last version which I'm
happy to *show in public*, and due to public demand this is all I had time
to prepare for release.

The demo is fairly simple and uses data from a text file (OUTLINE.TXT),
rather than a database but again I've used a database as a source and it
works fine. A hidden datawindow control - dw_data, is populated from the
data source, and then this is transferred to the outliner control.

The outliner datawindow has five columns:

IdentifierSome sort of identifier for the particular row
text_stringThe actual text you want displayed
levelThe level of the item within the hierachy
ParentThe identifier of the item's parent
ExpandedIs it expanded to it's next level or not (Y/N)

Filters are constructed to show the relevant info when necessary.

A little known optional parameter to the SetRowFocusIndicator function
which allows you to set the X coordinate of the Indicator is also used to
move the pointer in and out with the levels.


Like I say, I've released this a bit early for my liking so apologies
for lack of comments, better documentation etc., but I hope that most
people will be able to understand what's going on. If you do not
understand or have any questions please send me a mail. My current
version has more features but we'll see what everyone thinks of this first!

Feel free to use it wherever, just make sure people know where it came from!

Mike Ball
Admiral Software
UK Distributor

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