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Text File Management System. Perform rapid searches on text file databases. Indexs, and compresses test files.
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Text File Management System. Perform rapid searches on text file databases. Indexs, and compresses test files.
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Contents of the README file

Welcome to the world of Racontex. Please see the enclosed file MANUAL for
instructions on how to load the system onto your computer. You may print the
manual by using the DOS commands PRINT MANUAL or COPY MANUAL PRN.

If this is an unlicensed demonstrator version you may use it for a maximum 30
day period for evaluation and you may distribute copies of it to others for
similar evaluation, but you must distribute it without modification and in the
form in which you received it. This means that if you downloaded it as an
archive file from a bulletin board you may distribute only that unmodified
archive. Unlicensed demonstrator versions will place a 30 second "commercial"
at the beginning of any search performed on documents prepared by them.

Licensed versions bear a code identifying the licensee, and it is a violation
of copyright to make and distribute copies other than as specified in the

Enough of the legal stuff. To see Racontex in action quickly, just copy all of
the files onto your hard drive and enter enter

and when it prompts you for a filename enter MANUAL

and it will load/index its own manual for you, producing a suite of files named

If you wish to keep this suite of files to experiment with enter


To see it operate on your own documents, just read the Quick Start section of
the manual - or if you have tried the experiment above let Racontex find QUICK
adjacent to START for you. You can do this by starting up Racontex with
RACONTEX MANUAL, giving it START as the "word to find" then pressing [F3] for
Word Proximity then [F1] for adjacent, giving it QUICK as the "word to find"
and pressing [F9] to display. The first occurrence is in the Table of
Contents, so press the right arrow for the next occurrence and away we go...

If you have old documents produced by an unlicensed demonstrator version you
may update the licence by loading the system as instructed in the manual and
using the UPDATE program supplied. This will replace the licence information
in those documents with that appropriate to this copy, and if this is a
licensed copy the commercial you saw at the beginning of searches of them will
go away. For example, if you have a suite of files for a searchable document
named FRED, you would enter UPDATE FRED (including drive and path information
if needed). Please note that UPDATE will refuse to work on files produced by a
licensed (i.e. non-demonstrator) copy of the system to avoid compromising the
copyright of those who use Racontex form to publish documents.

So you want to buy a licensed copy and avoid the commercials....

Racontex Pricing.

Special "registration" price:

Designed for persons running an unlicensed demonstrator version. $100 gives a
licence to run both the loading/indexing engine and the search engine on a
single computer.

Suggested retail pricing:

Loading/Indexing engine licenced to run on one computer with searching engine
licenced to run on three additional computers in a single organisation with no
resale of searchable documents:
$350.00 plus $25 for each additional computer either networked or individually
running the search engine within the organisation.


Wholesale reproduction licence, available to those wishing to reproduce the
instructions and disks for retail sales at the rates and on the conditions
above. Royalty equal to 40% of the above rates (minimum 10).

Wholesale purchase rates:
60% of the retail rate (minimum 5).

Licenses to use the system for the production of searchable documents for sale
(which would include licenses to distribute the search engine) may be


Mail with your payment to:

Edward Guy
1752 Duchess Avenue
West Vancouver
British Columbia


Address: ----------------------------------------------------




Please supply the Racontex System as below

Special "Registration" package for one computer only @ $100 [ ]

Retail Package-Load/index for one computer; Search for 3 others @ $350 [ ]

Retail Package - additional computers Search @ $25 each $
----- --------

Payment Enclosed

For other options please write supplying details of the package desired.

If you are registering after using a demonstration copy, please quote its number

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