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This program allows you to run a small Video Tape Lending library from your PC. It can support up to 1200 customers and 600 tapes.
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This program allows you to run a small Video Tape Lending library from your PC. It can support up to 1200 customers and 600 tapes.
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Contents of the VTLIB.DOC file

Video Tape Library Controller.

(c) I. A. Robertson - 1988.

The Software

This software has been written to allow you to run a small
Video Tape Lending library from your PC. It requires an IBM PC
or compatible with at least 384Kb memory and either two floppy
discs or one hard disk.

It can support up to 1200 customers and 600 tapes, the precise
number depending upon the configuration of your machine. (The
precise numbers will be displayed when you start up the

Four program files are supplied as well as this file. These

VTSETFD.EXE } Configured for twin floppy disc

VTSETHD.EXE } Configured for hard disc

To install on a twin floppy system, format two discs, and
install DOS on one of them. Label this disc VTLIB Startup, and
the other VTLIB Data. Copy VTSETFD.EXE and VTLIBFD.EXE onto
the VTLIB startup disc and place this disc in your 'A' drive.
Place the VTLIB data disc in your 'B' drive and run VTSETFD to
initialise the files.

To run the program, boot up the machine as normal, and place
the VTLIB startup disc in drive 'A' and the data disc in drive
'B', and, at an DOS 'A>' prompt, run the task VTLIBFD.

To install on a hard disc, create a directory 'VTLIB' using
the DOS 'MD' command, and copy the files VTSETHD.EXE and
VTLIBHD.EXE onto this directory. Select this directory using
the DOS 'CD' command and run the program VTSETHD to initialise
the data files. To run the program, select the directory
'VTLIB' using the DOS 'CD' command, and run the program

The program itself is menu driven - just follow the prompts
that it gives you.

Limited Licence to copy and use this software.

Although you may have obtained this software from a public
domain library or a bulletin board, you only have a limited
right to copy or use it.

The limitations are:-

1) The software remains the copyright of the author.

2) You may use the software for up to thirty days with no
payment. This is to allow you to 'try before you buy'.

3) After the thirty days, if you wish to continue to use the
software, you are expected to register your copy for a small
payment - this is a lot less than you would pay for similar
software commercially - see the section on registration for
details of how and where you may make this payment.

4) You may copy and distribute this software IN ITS ENTIRETY.

The same terms and conditions apply to any person who
subsequently gets a copy. You may make a small charge, not
exceeding ten pounds sterling, to cover the costs of copying
and media. This charge DOES NOT represent a registration fee,
nor does it entitle the subsequent user to any form of
support from the author.

5) Use of this software is entirely at your own risk - all the
author will guarantee is that if you break it, you can keep
both pieces.

The author will also not accept any liability for any
consequential loss sustained through usage of the software.

That said, all reasonable tests have been made on it, and, as
you can extensively try it yourself during the thirty days
'free trial' period, it is up to you to determine the
suitability or otherwise of this product to your needs.


Registration obtains the latest version of the software and
also support of your package by the author. This is the
recommended method for HARD DISK users, as it guarantees that
you have the latest (and best) version available.

If you want to register for support on a floppy disk based
system, please contact the author at the address below.

Limited Registration may also be made without support or
updating - if the version you have does what you want, this is
a way of keeping the concept of user supported software
running. (This is the recommended method for users of floppy
disc based systems.)

Costs are detailed on the registration form below. Payment may
also be made via Shareware Marketing who will also accept all
major credit cards as well as cash, cheques and Postal Orders.
Their address is:-

Shareware Marketing, 87 High St., Tonbridge, Kent.
(Tel. voice 0732 771344 bulletin board 0732 770539)
callers from abroad omit the leading zero....

This version is V1.18. and is suitable for either floppy disc
or hard disc based systems. Future developments are likely to
be restricted to hard disc systems only.

Version 2.01 will shortly be available for hard disc users.

This version will allow:-

1) Direct access to disc files - no more worries about loading
and saving of files as it is done totally automatically.

2) Support for up to 32000 clients and 32000 tapes. You will
otherwise only be limited by the free space on your disc.

3) Printed reports are also be included in this version

There will also be a 'commercial' version suitable for the
tape library 'wholesaler' available soon.


Name ____________________________________________

ddress ____________________________________________




Please register the following software:-

_____ copies of the Video Tape Library with
update and support included. @ 69 each _____

_____ copies of the Video Tape Library with
NO support @ 25 each _____

Total included _____

Cheque/PO no ___________________



and send to:-

I.A. Robertson, F.I.A.P.
12 Bude Close,

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