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Loan calculation program. Includes Basic source code.
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Loan calculation program. Includes Basic source code.
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Contents of the LOANS.DOC file

LOANS - a financial analyser, version 1.0

This program allows you to solve financial equations by answering menu
questions. The first screen is the main menu, and shows the various types of
financial transactions in cash flow diagrams. You simply pick the type of cash
flow you want, and answer the submenu questions. Any variable can be solved
for provided you know the other variables in the equation. If your cash flow
is not depicted in the diagrams, it is usually some variant such as making or
not making a last payment. An analysis can be sent to the printer which give a
monthly, quarterly, semianual, or anual listing, or just a one line summary
can be printed for comparisons. The IBM printer is assumed, with control code
15 to set for condensed print. If you have a different printer, change the
control codes in the Basic listing, and recompile using Quick Basic. To
convert to a Basica program, simply add the missing line numbers using a text
editor; line numbers are used as labels in the supplied listing.

Have fun, and let me know of any problems or ideas for improvement.
Bob Montgomery
132 Parsons Road
Longwood, Florida 32779
(305) 869-6481

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