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Comprehesive Personal Information Organizer.
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Comprehesive Personal Information Organizer.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
KEY.EXE 237518 104750 deflated
KEYDATA.DBF 3883 845 deflated
KEYDATA.DBT 46655 10343 deflated
KEYMENUS.DOC 2206 468 deflated
KEYORDER.DOC 2281 780 deflated
KEYREFS.DBF 131 52 deflated
KEYSTART.DOC 4334 1590 deflated
KEYWORD.DBF 6230 850 deflated
KEY_COLO.MEM 18381 2963 deflated
KEY_MONO.MEM 18359 2646 deflated
KEY_PRN.MEM 232 73 deflated
KEY_REPT.MEM 408 169 deflated
LATCHKEY.DOC 156867 34646 deflated
READ.ME 1358 665 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Welcome to Latchkey!

Latchkey is a "personal information organizer" useful for just about
any task requiring organization of related chunks of information,
such as research, reference manuals, bibliographies, glossaries, etc.

Latchkey organizes information in the form of items, keys, notes, and
references. Because items and keys change roles - each item can be a
key to any other item and every key is an item in its own right - useful
connections and hierarchies are created "on the fly" while entering data.

To get started, read the documentation: KEYSTART.DOC describes how
to get Latchkey up and running FAST. KEYORDER.DOC describes how to
order and register Latchkey. KEYMENUS.DOC has a chart of Latchkey
menus. And LATCHKEY.DOC is the main Latchkey reference, with examples,
a tutorial, technical information, and more.

To print out any of the documentation, make sure your printer is on
line and at top of form, then type the following from the DOS prompt:
TYPE KEYSTART.DOC >PRN and press [enter]. (Substitute the name of the
Latchkey DOC file you want to print.) All DOC files are pre-formatted.

Have fun! And let me know what you do with Latchkey, and any
improvements you'd like to see!

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