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Great Office Vacation Tracker and Scheduler - Color, windows and more.
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Great Office Vacation Tracker and Scheduler – Color, windows and more.
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Contents of the VAC.DOC file

Written by Mark M McCurry
For Key Software.

Version 2.5

(c) 1989 Key Software


The Vacation Scheduler evolved when my boss asked me
if I knew of any programs he could use to track the
employee's vacations on his new PC. When I went searching
for such a program, I was shocked to find very few. There
were many scheduler type programs, but none geared toward
vacation tracking. The few I did find were either cumbersome
or down right boring.
Because the boss was new to computers, I wanted to write
a program that was very straight forward and tolerant.
The Key Vacation Scheduler is very easy to use.
Everything you need to know to run it is provided in the form
of help screens throughout the program. After entering the
names and vacation amounts for each name, everything is done
with point and shoot style menus. The scheduler is very colorful
and full of life, yet it works fine on monochrome systems.

The program stores the names you enter in employee roster
files. You can have up to twenty roster files, each can hold
eighteen names. An employee gets between one and six weeks of
vacation per year. A "week" is five working days. Although the
scheduler asks for the number of weeks, vacation days are
assigned one day at a time so that "weeks" can be broken up.

The scheduler can track two years worth of vacations for
each employee, this year and next. So there is no problem with
assigning days in January of the next year. In this way the
program just flows along from year to year, nothing has to be
set. On January first, all of "last years" entries are forgotten.
"Next year" becomes "this year" and you have a new "next year".
Leap years are accounted for.

The scheduler does not deal in the past, only the present
and the future. When a day goes by, it is locked out so no
changes can be made to it. This keeps you from accidently trying
to assign vacation on a day that has passed. It also keeps the
wise guys from deleting the vacation they took a couple of months
ago, and reassigning it for next week.

The program provides a quick view window which shows, month
by month, the total vacations scheduled for the current roster
file. Conflicts are easily spotted. The view window can view both

A printed report is also available for both years. It's not
real pretty, but the ability to print the report to a file is an
idea I've been considering. Then you could spruce up the printed
report with Ventura or Excel.

The next release will also have the ability to load a selected
set of roster files into the quick view window, so conflicts can
be checked for across roster files.

Have Fun...


VACATION SCHEDULER is the property of Mark McCurry
and Key Software. Use and distribution of the
executable VACATION SCHEDULER programs are controlled
by the following license terms:

1. A registered copy of VACATION SCHEDULER can be obtained
from KEY SOFTWARE for payment of a $20.00 fee.
Checks should be made payable to Mark McCurry. If you
consider keeping The Scheduler, Please register your
copy so my wife will learn to love me again.
Registered users will, of course, receive the next
release of the Scheduler at no charge.
Let me know what you'd like to see it do.

2. If you need some customization of the program, let me
know when you register. If the change is easy enough,
I'll just do it for you. If it requires substantial
work, we'll work something out. I charge a LOT less
for that sort of thing than Lotus does.

3. The holder of a free or registered copy of VACATION
SCHEDULER is authorized to make and distribute
copies of VACATION SCHEDULER provided the files on the
distribution disk are copied unchanged, the disk is
copied in its entirety, and no compensation is received.

4. Bulletin Board SYSOPS are authorized to make
VACATION SCHEDULER available on their boards provided
that all of the files from the distribution disk are
included unchanged.
Please notify KEY SOFTWARE, simply as a matter
of information, if you put a copy on your board.
We're curious.


Use of this program acknowledges this disclaimer of warranty:

"This program is supplied as is. Key Software disclaims
all warranties, expressed or implied, including, and without
limitation, the warranties of merchantability and of fitness of
this program for any purpose. Key Software assumes no
liability for damages direct or consequential, which may result
from the use of this program."

Mark M. McCurry, President
P.O. BOX 8323
Corpus Christi, Texas 78468

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