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Compu-Chef - Easy to use recipe manager with many powerful tools.
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Compu-Chef – Easy to use recipe manager with many powerful tools.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Version 2.0 is the first update since the original release of ver 1.5
This version is meant to provide 4 new features, and fix some bugs.

New features: New field for the source of the recipe. This allows
you to use CC as a cross-reference for all of your

Index Cards. Almost any size index card can now be

Multiple recipe sets allows you to separate recipes
into different directories.

Now checks for duplicate recipe titles when importing.

Problems in ver 1.5: There was no way to change the serving size without
adjusting all of the ingredients. This is necessary
if you add a recipe, and then find that it made more
or less than you anticipated.

If you imported a recipe with 49 or more ingredients,
the edit & delete functions would not work. FIXED

If you imported a large file (over 150 recipes,) you
might have gotten an out of memory error. FIXED

Category & Ingredient maintenance had a problem
changing from upper to lower case, and vv. FIXED

Hillstepper & Micro System Design, Inc. have gone through some changes.
The best way to reach us is:

Micro System Design, Inc.
P.O. Box 14418.
Baton Rouge, LA 70898-4418

CompuServe : 70152,2461

The following is a list of files that you should have recieved on your disk.

README 1ST The file you are reading
INSTALL BAT Installation info
FINSTALL BAT Floppy installation batch file
HINSTALL BAT Hard Drive installation batch file
CATEGORY CCF Category Data File
INGRED CCF Ingredient Data File
MASTER CCF Misc info Data File
RECIPE CCF Recipe Data File
MASTER NEW Misc info Data File
C DAT Information file on Cooking terms
E DAT Information file on Equivalent Measurements
F DAT Information file on Food storage
N DAT Information file on Calories/Fat/Cholesterol
M DAT Information file for Miscellaneous user info
RECIPE DBT Recipe directions Data File
IXCARD CFG Index card defaults
COMPCHEF DOC On disk Documentation
CC EXE Compu-Chef Executable File
ORDER FRM Order form to REGISTER Compu-Chef !!!
SAMPLE TXT Sample format file for TEXT import of recipes

After running CC, the following files are created.

TEMPNTX NTX Temporary Index for shopping list
TEMP TMP Temporary Data File for shopping list
SHOP LST Generated Shopping list
SHOP MSC Miscellaneous Shopping List


You may simply copy all of the files onto a hard or floppy disk if
you are installing this for the first time. If you have a previous
version, or you just want to use the automatic installation, use
one of the following batch files. This will not replace any of
your existing recipes with the new ones. If you want to use the
new recipes, export them from this disk to another disk. Then
import them in with your existing recipes.

For HARD DRIVE use, type HINSTALL C: (if C is your hard drive).
For FLOP DRIVE use, type FINSTALL B: (if B is your floppy drive).

RUNNING Compu-Chef

From your CC directory or from your PROGRAM disk type :

CC for color monitors
CC M for monochrome


** If you plan to store hundreds & hundreds of recipes, the program
will run faster if you split the recipes up into different recipe
sets that CC now supports.

** When entering recipes like side dishes, and it would go well with
say chicken, add an ingredient -> 'serve with chicken'.
This way, if we want to know what would go well with chicken,
we do a find on 'serve with chicken' !

** When entering ingredients, always put the main ingredient name first.
If you are entering DICED ONIONS, enter it ONIONS - DICED. This
way CC can find all recipes with any kind of onions.

** If you notice that you have some ingredients in your ingredient list
that are very similar, and you would like make them the same. For
Use the utilities: Category Maintenance, and change the name of one
of the ingredients to the other. This will rename that ingredient
in the corresponding recipes also.

** When entering ingredients, if you hit enter in the empty field, a
handy pick-list of ingredients will appear. This list is helpful
to see how you entered a previos ingredient (eg EGGS or EGG) .


** Look at the Sample.Txt file if you wish to import recipe files
with no certain format. You can NOT just import any ASCII file
you happen to pull off a bulletin board and import it, it must be
formatted in the same way as the sample file is. Compu-Chef will
be able to import recipes from many other cooking programs auto-
matically, so send in the REGISTRATION, to get the latest version!

** You don't have to enter Tbsp, tsp, or cup for these 3 unit's of
measurement, you can enter T, t, and c respectively, and Compu-Chef
will automatically covert to Tbsp, tsp, or cup. This is for both
importing and while entering a recipe.

** You can clean out and delete your entire recipe file by typing:

CC CLEAN **WARNING** This will permanently delete all
recipe information - so be sure.


*** The following changes/fixes are in effect in VERSION 2.0 3/29/92


A field has been added to the recipe to allow entering the source
of the recipe. For example, the cookbook name and page number.
This allows Compu-Chef to be used as a recipe cross referencing

Now supports multiple recipe sets so you can keep different sets
of recipes in different directories.

Now prints recipes on almost any size index cards! Two different
formats are saved, and can be used at any time.

Now checks for duplicate recipe titles when importing.


There waw no way to change the serving size of a recipe without
re-calculating the ingredient quantities. - FIXED

If you imported a recipe with 49 or more ingredients, the edit &
delete functions would not work. - FIXED

If you imported a large file (over 150 recipes,) you might have
gotten an out of memory error. - FIXED

Category & Ingredient maintenance had a problem changing from upper
to lower case, and vv. FIXED

*** The following changes/fixes are in effect in VERSION 1.1 5/20/90





DELETING RECIPE's now removes corresponding category from list.

NUMBER of recipes is displayed on the opening screen.

The ENTER key can be used instead of the I/Ins keys to add

The FUNCTION KEYS can now be used for marking recipes.

EXPORT exports using the current find view. (Not in Docs)
SHOPPING list shops using the current find view (Not in Docs)
(In fact, any time you perform a function while FINDING a
recipe, that function will only affect the recipes in that are
in the find view.) (Not in Docs)


CATEGORY/INGREDIENT MAINTENANCE - All occurances of categs/ingreds were
not getting updated when changing or deleting categs/ingreds. - FIXED

CHANGE SERVING SIZE Y/N - Answering N still changed the serving size.

INGREDIENTS - weren't printing or exporting if you were currently
doing a find on a certain ingredient. - FIXED

*** The following changes/fixes are in effect in VERSION 1.5 6/20/90


Now you can delete a group of recipes from the utility menu. This
option will delete whatever recipes you are currently viewing. So
if you want to delete all of your recipes from the DESSERT category,
simply find your desert recipes and delete them from the utility menu.


Deleting the last category or ingredient from the utilties maintenance
option would cause a little burp in the pick list. - FIXED

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