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The "Ultimate" Alarm Clock. Dials phone, Alarms, etc.
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The “Ultimate” Alarm Clock. Dials phone, Alarms, etc.
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Contents of the ULTIMATE.DOC file

The Ultimate Alarm Clock
(C) Copyright 1989

by James Decatur

Opening Menu:

1 - Alarm Time
Enter the time you want the alarm to go off. It must
be entered in 24 hour format (hh:mm:ss). If you make
a mistake in the format you will get an error and have
to re-enter in the correct format.
ie: 06:30:00 = 6:30am, 13:30:00 = 1:30pm

2 - Alarm Mode
Enter the type of alarm you want. R,B,C,P

R = RING If you have a hayes compatible modem your
computer will dial the phone number that
you specify. Your modem must understand
the following commands:
ATZ = Initialize modem
ATDP = Dial pulse
ATQ0 = Modem sends result codes
ATV1 = Modem sends codes as words
ATH0 = Hang up modem

B = BEEP Your computer's speaker will beep at alarm
alarm time.

C = COLORBAR Your computer will display color screens
at alarm time.

P = PROGRAM Your computer will run another program that
you specify and return.

3 - Alarm Length
Selects how long alarm sounds. Short,Med,Long,Extra Long
Short = 10 times, Med = 50 times, Long = 100 times
Extra Long = 5000 times. This has no effect in RING or

4 - Time to Snooze
Turns on snooze alarm. Alarm will go off every ten
minutes until you turn it off. This works in all modes.
If in PROGRAM mode the program that you select must
not run for longer than 10 minutes.

5 - COM Port
Select the com port that your modem is attached to. Supports
Com1 and Com2. Only needed in RING mode.

6 - Baud Rate
If you have a 300 baud modem select 300. If you have a 1200
baud modem select 1200. Only needed in RING mode.

7 - Phone #
Enter the phone # you want to dial. Formats:
only needed in RING mode.x-xxx-xxx-xxxx
NOTE: In my area to ring my phone back I dial my number
and hang up after the busy signal. (Bell of PA)
This may be different or not available in your

8 - Program to Run
Enter the progran you wish to run including the path. ie:
c:\basic\basica program.bas, a:\program.bat, program.exe
Only needed if PROGRAM mmode is selected.

C - Continue to Clock display

Q - Quit to DOS


Current Time: time of day
Alarm Time : time alarm is to go off
Snooze : on or off
Mode: Ring,Beep,Colorbar,Program
Number to Ring: # modem will dial
Program to run: Program to run at alarm time

Q - Quit to DOS
R - Restart...goes back to opening menu
B - Blanking...Blanks screen to stop burn in.

The Ultimate Alarm Clock is SHAREWARE

If you like this program please send $5.00 to
J. Decatur
P.O. Box 1021
Tobyhanna, PA 18466

Comments can be sent to GEnie address J.DECATUR


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