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Very good & easy to use label making program.
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Very good & easy to use label making program.
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Contents of the LABELPRO.DOC file

v 1.0

LABEL PRO is a shareware product. This means that you can try
it for free, and if you like it you register it at a very
nominal fee, which will permit you to continue using it at any
time in the future with a clear conscience knowing you have
helped to provide some incentive to some struggling computer
enthusiasts to continue to improve their product and perhaps
develop others.

LABEL PRO version 1.0 is actually a teaser version of a more
comprehensive program (i.e., LABEL PRO version 2.0). Version
1.0 is designed to work with three (3) of the more popular file
folder/address labels currently in use in most office environ-
ments. Version 2.0 is designed to work with a much larger
variety of labels. Both versions permit the use of three very
common print sizes (print pitch, whatever you wish to call it).
These are STANDARD (i.e., PICA which is 10 characters per inch
[CPI]); CONDENSED (i.e., 17 CPI); and DOUBLE-WIDE (i.e., 5 CPI).

The three (3) types of labels used in LABEL PRO v1.0, the number
of type written lines allowed per label, and the total number of
type written characters allowed per line are as follows:

---------- ------------- --------------------------
10cpi 17cpi 5cpi

7/16" x 3-1/2" 2 33 57 17

15/16" x 3-1/2" 4 33 57 17

1-7/16" x 3-1/2" 8 33 57 17

The print sizes are created using the EPSON escape characters
for the EPSON FX series of printers. These are fairly common
to most printers. These print sizes have been tested using the
EPSON FX-286e, EPSON LQ-1050, and STAR Micronics NP-10 printers.
All worked without any errors. Version 2.0 of LABEL PRO will also
include the option to use the IBM Pro Printer escape sequences to
derive the print sizes. Anyway, if you have a printer which can
emulate an EPSON, these print sizes should work just fine.

Text placed on the labels can be justified left or centered. You
also have the option to center the lines on the label. If for
example you are placing only three lines of text on a label with
space for eight you can center the three lines on the label.
This means that line 1 would be placed on line 3, 2 at 4, and 3
at 5). Try it, you'll see what it does.

LABEL PRO will permit you to print labels one at a time (i.e.,
enter the data for a single label and the program prompts you to
print it. You can also create an ASCII file (i.e., plain text
file) using a simple text editor or your office word processing
software to print multiple labels in a continuous fashion. If
word processing software is used to create the file, you must

ensure the file does not contain any control characters which
are typically inserted into a text file when using word
processing software. You can avoid these control characters
by using the "non-document, noformat, or ASCII text entry" mode,
depending on the word processing program you are using. Some
word processors also permit you to print a formatted document
to disk as a ASCII text file, thereby removing all control


Direct Program Input:

Starting LABEL PRO is a simple process. Just ensure that you are
at the drive and directory where LABEL PRO is located. Type in
"LABELPRO". The program will load and you will see the opening
title screen and an instruction to "Press any key to continue".
You are then prompted to select a label size via a pop-up menu.
You have one of three choices. You can use the numbers 1, 2 or
3 or F1, F2, or F3 to make your selection. The next pop-up menu
prompts you to select a font size (i.e, 1-Normal, 2-Condensed,
or 3-Double Wide. Again, you can hit F1, F2, or F3 to make the
selection. You are then presented a screen and instructed to
"Input each text line below...". As you input the text to be
printed on each line, the program will audibly warn you when you
have input the maximum number of characters allowed for a given
line based on the print size selected. If you wish to enter two
lines of text with one or more blank lines between the text, enter
an "*" (i.e., asterisk) on each line you wish to leave blank.
This tells LABELPRO that you wish a blank line or lines to be
inserted. When you have finished entering the desired text, just
hit return to leave a blank line (only necessary when you have
not used the maximum number of lines of text allowed for the
selected label size) and the program will prompt you with the
question "Center text Y/N". After making a selection you are
prompted with "Center lines Y/N". After you make the selection,
the program replies with a sample of the output and asks the
question "[P]rint text or [A]bort. You can answer with a "P" or
"A". If you reply with a "P" the label will be printed. If you
reply with an "A", the program will return to the pop-up menu
prompting you to select a label size. Remember, that at either
of the pop-up menus you can select an "X" to EXIT the program.

Using an ASCII Text File

Labels may be created using an ASCII text file containing all
the information to be printed on each label. There are only
a few things you have to remember when creating this file to
be successful. The first line of the file must contain the
number designation for the label size (i.e., "1" for 7/16";
"2" for 15/16"; and "3" for 1-7/16"; all labels are 3-1/2" wide),
and the number designation for the print size (i.e., "1" for
Normal; "2" for Condensed; and "3" for Double Wide). An
example of this would be "2 3" (i.e., 2 for the 15/16" X 3-1/2"

label and the 3 for Double Wide print). There must be a space
between the two number designations to enable LABEL PRO to
interpret what options you have selected. Once you have entered
the codes for the label and print size, and hit "Enter" you can
immediately begin typing your text information to be printed on
your labels. Remember however, you must limit the number of
characters in each line of text to the maximum allowed by the
print size selected (i.e., Standard is 33; Condensed is 57; and
Double Wide is 17). As indicated above, you can enter an "*"
(i.e., asterisk) to indicate your desire for a blank line to be
entered. Leaving a blank line after a line of text will tell
LABEL PRO to enter the next line or group of continuous lines of
text on the next label. Once you have created your text file
you can print your labels in the following manner. Enter
"LABELPRO (text file name)" and hit Return. Another way to say
this is to type the program name "Labelpro followed by a space
and then your text file name and then hit Return". The program
will then prompt you with the questions to "Center the Text Y/N"
and "Center the Lines Y/N" after which it will ask you to either
[P]rint or [A]bort the process.

When you first use LABEL PRO, you will find it simplistic and
very easy to use. But it gets the job done without a lot of
hand wrenching and doubt on the users part. It does not waste
your labels. You need only print one or two test labels to ensure
the labels are properly aligned with the print head. This was a
deliberate design feature. We figure if we make it easy to use,
there is a better chance you will register it and possibly move
up to LABEL PRO version 2.0.

At the beginning of this documentation, I mentioned that this
is a shareware product. You try it, if you like it, you register
it at a very reasonable fee. Just a meager $10.00. This $10.00
can be applied against the purchase of LABEL PRO version 2.0, which
includes a much larger selection of label size options. If after
using LABELPRO Version 1.0, you like what you see and register it,
you can request version 2.0 which will be sent to you to try on a
trial basis. If you like it, just remit $15.00 more dollars. If
after viewing version 1.0, you have any questions or suggestions,
you can contact myself (Dick Price) or my son (Mark Price) the
programmer at AC 301-792-2671 or leave a message on the "The
OUTPOST" BBS at AC 301-604-3781 (Net/Node 109/750) or address a
letter to:

Richard or Mark Price,
15037 Laurel Oaks Lane
Laurel, MD 20707

Remember that by registering your version of the program, you
are entitled to fixes which correct errors in the program, of
which there should be none because we do test our product and
to one update and notice of subsequent updates with information
relative to significant enhancements.

This software product may be freely distributed to any person,
group, or organization, on a trail basis, as long as it is
distributed in its original, unaltered form with all of its

files (i.e., LABELPRO.EXE and LABELPRO.DOC). All persons,
groups, or organizations who desire to continue using this
product after initially trying it and finding it to be an
acceptable, must register the use of the product and submit a
$10.00 registration fee in accordance with the registration
from included with this documentation.

Because this product has the potential for use on a wide variety
of computing systema running under IBM/DOS and MS/DOS and the
fact that the registrant is afforded the opportunity to test the
product with the target system, the authors disavow all respon-
sibility for any damages or liabilities resulting from its
possession or use. Should you encounter any difficulties in
using this product, you are encouraged to notify the authors
so corrective action can be effected in this release and any
subsequent releases. This product has been tested to the
extent possible and has successfully be run on a Leading Edge
Model D (8088) with a HERC monochrome graphics card; a Kaypro
286i Model A with a Everex EGA card; IBM PS/2 Model 60 with VGA
color graphics; and Kaypro Professional Turbo 8088 with an ATI
EGA Wonder graphics card.

Our motto is "Keep is Simple". Simplicity is the biggest
promoter of productivity. The more complex a software program
the less likely it will be used. If anyone out there has any
suggestions for the development of a useful piece of software
which would be applicable to wide variety of office environments,
please feel free to suggest. It could be monetarily beneficial
provided the idea has merit...........


To become a licensed user of Label Pro, please complete and return
this registration form with the applicable fee to:

Richard & Mark Price
15037 Laurel Oaks Lane
Laurel, MD 20707


Users Name: ___________________________________________________

Company: ___________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________



Voice Phone #: ( ) ___________ BBS Phone #: ( ) ____________

BBS Hours: _________________ BBS Software: _________________

Baud rates: _________________ Network Address: ______________

---------------- -------- -------- ---------

Label Pro v. 1.0 ................... $10.00 [ ] $_____.00
(+ big fixes, one version update,
and subsequent update notices)

Lable Pro v. 2.0 upgrade ........... $15.00 * [ ] $_____.00
(upon release)

Label Pro v. 2.0 ................... $25.00 [ ] $_____.00
(upon release)

Total Payment Enclosed ..................................$______.00

* Remember, if you wish to upgade to v. 2.0 it costs an additional
$15.00 for a total of $25.00.

S U G G E S T I O N S & C O M M E N T S


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