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Professional filing system, stores any kind of information. Part 1 of 2.
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Professional filing system, stores any kind of information. Part 1 of 2.
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Contents of the PF-INT.TXT file

ProFile Professional Filing Version 1.2

The latest version of ProFile, version 1.3b, contains a number of
enhancements and bug fixes to Version 1.2.

The major enhancement in this version is support for record sizes of up
to 3,000 characters (from 1,500). Several minor problems were corrected
in the report writer as well.

The ProFile Professional Filing System is a sophisticated tool designed
to help you keep track of the people, customers and contacts that are
important to you. Any information can be filed and maintained.

ProFile allows you to file and retrieve information, create meaningful
reports, and print labels. And, it can share information with other
software programs, such as word processors or spreadsheets. It can
also help you prepare bulk mailings with its advanced bulk mail sort.

The program is designed so you can get started quickly and easily.
After you are comfortable with the system you may then expand to use
its more powerful features as you need them. No computer experience is
required and help is only a key-stroke away, any time you need it.

The program has received excellent reviews by Shareware Distributors and
users across the country.

New ProFile Manual

There is a complete, printed manual available to ProFile users. The manual
covers all of ProFile's features in detail and provides clear, concise
examples on the program's different functions. Over 200 pages, this bound
manual includes pictures, diagrams and a comprehensive index. A must for
any serious user, the manual, registration, and latest version of the
program are available for only $49.95 (for registered users the latest
manual and distribution disks are available for only $15).

Version History

Version 1.0a Internal version
Report menu enhancements
Added dBase conversion program
Corrected instruction for left margin in PRINTDOC.EXE

Version 1.0b Released December 5, 1987
Fixed report print to disk problem
Changed backup to allow backups on one-drive systems
Expanded sample applications

Verison 1.1 Internal Release
Added auto-erase for default fields
^D adds space at end of input prompt or field
New parameter passing on startup for overlay files and
initial directory

Verson 1.2 Released February 25,1988
Jump to next word in text editor

Added Header/Footer to Report plus keyword support

Enhanced column report function:
o Report structure easier to use
o Word wrap
o Numeric formatting
o Subtotal by multiple field
o 3 line column headings
o Print repeat data Y/N
o Default blank text function
o Variable column spacing
o Heading and data justification
o Enhanced report error reporting

Sort function expanded
o Descending/ascending sort by field
o Page and line breaks by field
o Improved error handling of missing data

Too many files open (error #243) fixed

Version 1.2d
Free-form Label now saves the label length as set by the user

Backup Function now appends an exclamation mark (!) to
the file extension. This prevents copying over existing,
active database files.

File too large error corrected in Form Layout.
Prevents users from creating databases with records
larger than 1500 chars.

Version 1.2g
Report Subtotal error with multiple totals fixed
Force Black and White mode added
Default database directory added

Version 1.3 Added support for multiple total, subtotal functions in Report

1.3b ProFile now supports record sizes up to 3000 characters

See PF-READ.ME (in file PF-DOC.ARC) for more information.

Download, with protocol, the following files:

PF13.ARC { ProFile program files and online help file }
PF-DOC.ARC { Documentation, sample databases (13), }
{ PF-READ.ME and dBase II/III+ conversion }

The files are in archive format and must be extracted before using. Each file
will extract to one disk. Label the first disk (from PF13.ARC) PROGRAM DISK
and label the second (from PF-DOC.ARC) DOCUMENTATION DISK.

Or, if you'd like to order the evaluation diskettes (2), send $10 to the
address listed below. For more information, send an EMail to User ID
#76464,303 (Lee Raesly). Your questions will be answered promptly.

Or write:

National Software Design
12505 Fostoria Way
Darnestown, MD 20878
Lee Raesly



o Unlimited number of database files

o Manage large databases with up to:
- 65,000 records per file.
- 3,000 characters per record
- 150 fields per database
- 100 lines for the database entry form

o Supports 9 field types
- Anything, alpha only, force uppercase, digits only, currency,
number, auto date, date, phone number, social security number

o Powerful search capabilities
- Alphabetic/numeric/date range searches
- "And", "or", partial, exact, and combination matches

o Index on any field
- View database in index order
- Find any record with index in less than 2 seconds

o Create help line for any field

o Powerful one-step global search and replace
- Replace information
- Add to beginning or end of field data
- Delete partial information
- Substitute partial data in a field

o Sorted reports or labels on up to ten fields

o Sort reports, labels, or mail-merge file in 3rd class bulk
mail order

o Print labels up to four across
- Print in 3rd class bulk mail order with dividers and summary
- Easy-to-use label creation with 15 predefined labels and an
"any-style" selection

o Reports up to 64 columns or 255 characters
- Customized column calculations (running balance, percentages,
spreadsheet formulas, etc.)
- Column summaries (total, average, count and subtotal,
subaverage, subcount)
- Invisible columns for intermediate calculations
- Perform scientific calculations (sine, cosine, square root,etc.)

o Preview reports on screen

o Create and save unlimited number of report formats for repeated use


o Optimized search and sort speeds

o Supports virtually all popular printer models

o Program files fit on one disk


o Free-form database design

o Change design easily without losing data

o Quick entry "ditto" key to copy information from previous form

o Pop-up and Lotus-style menus for easy use

o Over 150 screens of context-sensitive help


o Import/export ASCII data in comma-delimited, Standard Data Format,
or One-field-per-line format

o Convert dBase II/III/III+ files to ProFile format

o Create mailmerge file for most popular word processing programs

o Easily copy data between different ProFile databases

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