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Excellent sport management system for coaches of any sport.
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Excellent sport management system for coaches of any sport.
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Contents of the SPTSMGMT.DOC file

Documentation for Sports Management Package- Written by Sports League
Management Associates-June 1989 - Pat and Cathy Rankin, Proprietors.

1. Overview. This package was designed to serve as a template for
management of any sports team. It consists of three modules, the main
module, TeamMgrM, which contains information on team players that is
considered necessary for proper administration. Module TeamMgrC is to be
used by the manager or coach for maintaining running comments on the
performance of the various players on his team. Module TeamMgrD maintains
information on the league and team required for day to day administration.
A module or modules designed for maintaining statistical information on
the team and on the individual players will be available on or about the
first of September. The first module will be designed for use (with this
module) by the Softball or Baseball coach or manager. Users of this program
will be expected to remit the sum of $20.00, if used beyond a reasonable
trial period. Each of the specific sports statistics modules will be priced
at $20.00 also.

2. The menu of the main module (TeamMgrM.Exe) is as follows:

1 - dd Players to YOUR Team
2 - iew, Edit, Print a Record, Mark or Unmark a Record
3 -

rint a list of all players
4 - elete a Marked Record
5 - o Team Data Manager module
6 - o to Team Statistics Module
7 - hain to Comments module.
8 - uit to operating system.

Information to be entered by Menu Item #1 is shown below:

Player Name
Street address
City, State, and Zip code
Home Phone
Player's Age, Height, and Weight
Name to Call in emergency
EmergencyPhone Number
Positions Player Can Play
Date Joined Team
Date Passed Physical Exam
Restrictions on Physical Activity

Choice #1 prompts the coach or manager for entry of biographical infor-
mation on each of the players. Editing of entries is possible as entries
are made. Choice #2 permits viewing, editing, or printing of the biograph-
ical information entered in Menu Item #1. This option also permits marking
a record for deletion from the file. Also, a previously marked record can
be unmarked. Selection of Choice #4 will effect the deletion of a previously
marked record. Choice # 5 transfers program control to the the TeamMgrD.Exe
module. Choice #6 is not active until a specific sports module has been
installed. Choice #7 tranfers control to the TeamMgrC.Exe module. Choice
#8 returns the user to the operating system The print function is compat-
ible with any Epson or compatible printer. For other printers contact the
author after registering the program.

The Menu of the TeamMgrD.Exe module is as follows:

1 - nter Data on League operation "
2 - iew or Edit league data "
3 -

rint League information "
4 - o to Manager Comments Module"
5 - eturn to Main Program "

Information to be entered by Menu Item #1 is shown below:

League Name
Team Manager or Coach Name
Team Manager or Coach Phone
Asst Mamager or Asst Coach Name
Asst Manager or Asst Coach Phone
Sponsor Name
Sponsor Phone
League Executive Name
League Executive Phone
Sponsor Cash Contribution
Sponsor Supplied Equipment
Day Or Days Of Week Of Games
Number Of Games Scheduled
Season Start Date

The above Menu choices are self-explanatory and follow the same pattern
as for the first module, TeamMgrM.Exe.

The Menu for TeamMgrC. Exe is as follows:

1 - ake comments on a player "
2 - isplay and/or print manager's comments on a player "
3 - ist the manager's comments on all of the players"
4 - eturn to the Player Data module "
5 - hain to Team Data Manager module"
6 - o to Team Statistics Module"
7 - uit and return to Operating System "

Choice #1 permits the team manager or coach to log pertinent comments
on the various members of the team. It is especially useful in maintaining
a record of the growth and development of the players personal traits and
playing skills. Choice #2 displays previously entered comments and Choice #3
prints a list of all of the comments in the file.

3. Your comments and suggestion are urgently solicited. I want to make
these programs as useful as possible while still retaining the generality.

4. Additional sports products available from Sports League Management
Associates at address below:

Olympic88 -- Database of all Olympics Gold Medal Winners since 1896 with
all record times and distances.

BaskBlDB -- All pro and college basketball winners and records since

FootBlDB -- All pro and college football winners and records since

GolfHcap -- A golf handicap program for one to 100 golfers for PC

GolfSecy -- A program for golf league secretaries. Time and effort

Pat Rankin
Sports League Management Assoc
867 N Lamb Blvd #180
Las Vegas, NV, 89110

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