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Creates monthly billing statements for small business operations.
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Creates monthly billing statements for small business operations.
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COPYRIGHT(c)1989 Page One

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* *
* by *
* 8
* Simple Software Company *
* P.O. Box 8184 *
* New Orleans, La. 70182 *
* (504) 288 - 6550 *
* Gary Raymond, President *
* *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

You are hereby granted a Limited License to use this product for 30 days. If
within that time you decide you wish to continue using STATEMENT GENERATOR,
you are required to Register the program with the author. The registration
fee is $10.00 per copy and entitles the purchases to updates and voice line
assistance (at your tole expense), monday thru friday, 11am to 5pm CST.

Simple Software is available on a fee basic to custom modify this program
or create new application software for any general or special business
needs. We write in almost any of the popular codes available today from


Statement Generator is a very simple application for those users who need
to produce a basic statement every month with repetitive billing. The program
was written to be used on IBM XT's and Clones using PC or MS-DOS 3.0 or
higher. It only requires a machine with one 360k floppy drive and 256k of
RAM. Any dot matrix printer will work such as an Epson FX 85 or Star XX-10.

Statement Generator will also produce standard Lables (one across) of the
3.5 X 15/16 X 1 variety. This feature along with statements designed for
#10 window envelopes can allow you to have it either way. By using the
"Notes" field for Phone numbers, Statement Generator will also serve as a
nice Roller Dex file retrevial system. Another plus feature is the use of
a random access database file compatable with Dbase3.

This program is reasonable intutive in nature for the average computer user.
A brief description of each selection on the Main Menu is provided below to
assist the novice data processor in the operation of the various utilities.
Record One has sample data to give you an example of a records content. You
may delete it using option #2 from the Main Menu later.

Page Two
Opening Screen and Main Menu

Account Statement and Label Generator 04/26/89 19:00:09

Main Menu

1. Enter NEW Account
2. Delete an Old Account
3. List Accounts to Screen or Printer
4. Print Statements
5. Print Labels
6. Modify an existing Account

Enter choice (1-7)

Copyright (c)1989 Simple Software New Orleans, La. (504) 288-6550

#1. Enter NEW Account will produce the following input screen:

Account Data Base Entry Menu

Entry Date 04/26/89 (will always begin with DOS
date to avoid repetition)
Company Name > (up to 25 characters)
Key Person > (up to 25 characters)
Street Number > (up to 25 characters)
City > (up to 25 characters)
State > (two letter ID,will auto to CAPS
Zip Code > (regular five digits)
Service Code > (2 letter identifier)
Monthly Charge 0.00 (repetitive Mo charge to $99999)
Special Notes > (fourty character field)

Record Number is: (Random Access RecNo >3

Page Three

The SERVICE CODE is a unique way to Index your accounts. Using a simple
code, starting with AA (as example), then AB, AC etc. you can identify
any accounts with similarities you wish to groupe together for output.
For example, suppose you rent radio equipment. AP could be AllPager
customers, AP AllPortables, AM All Mobils etc. The limit is only your
own creativity.

The SPECIAL NOTES field can be used in a number of ways. Private notes
about the pay habits of the account can be recorded here or, you can
record the customer phone number and use the database like a RolerDex.

The RECORD NUMBER tells you how many accounts you have recorded in your
database file (stategen.dbf). The usefulness here is very obvious.
On a standard 5.25 floppy there will be enough room (aside from the
operating system and program) to record and store over 1000 customer
files. Operating from a hard drive provides no practical limit.

#2. Delete an Old Account

This utility allows for removal of old records from your database.
The search alorgorythm is rather simple using a database filter.
It is not necessary to either remember correct spelling or use
the entire (exact) number of characters in the company name. Say
you wish to remove a record for the Litton Disposer Service. You
only need remember a few key letters (and they can be entered in
either lower or upper case letters) like "litt". Where this has
a lot of advantages, it will also pick up any accounts with "litt"
contained in the full spelling; such as "Little Book Store". There
is however an escape key. It helps to either be as unique as possible
(ton disposer) or close (Litton Dispos) if you want the record to
pop up on first display. There is also a fail safe routine in case
later you think you made a mistake as the record wont actually
be eliminated until you pack or confirm delete later.

3. List Accounts to Screen or Printer

This utility will give you the option of selectively dumping the
either the entire database to the printer or screen; or, selection
on the bases of the SERVICE CODE you designated each record.

4. Print Statements

Again using the SERVICE CODE you can either selectively print ALL
or just some of the database. You must first enter your company
logo data into the opening screen. This information will appear
at the top of your statement and usually contains your mailing address
for return payment. The statement is rather generic and basic. A sample
copy is included below the Print Statement Menu.
Page Four

Print Statement Menu

Type YOUR Company INFO as you would like it to appear on Statement

Company Name ( Your Company Title )

Company Address ( Your Company Addr )

City,State,Zip ( Your Company local )

Company Phone (Number or Advertisment)

This statement will print on standard 8.5X11 manafold paper (edge razor
cut) using any dot matrix printer. A nine pin head printer with a new
ribbon works fine but 24 pins or more does a more professional job.

Page Five
* My Company Name Here *
* 123 My Road *
* My Town, La. 70126 *
* Phone (504) 288 - 6550 *

Sample Company Incorporated
33 Smiley Blvd
Your Town, CA 88888

Statement Date 04/26/89
Activity Charges

Regular Monthly Rental/Service Fee's 99999.99

Sub Total ====> 99999.99
Amount Due ====> 99999.99
Code AB

* Thank you for your Prompt Payment *

Please Mail All Payments To Address Above !
Page Six


5. Print Labels

The Label Print utility uses standard 3.5X15/16X1 labels. These labels
are generally available at most supply stores including Radio Shack if
you are in a bind. The usual index option is available by selecting a
specific SERVICE CODE or X to print Labels for the entire database.

6. Modify an existing Account

This utility simply repeats the input screen of Main Menu selection
Number 1 but allows for Editing and recording changes, if any.

7. Return to System

As indicated, this selection will return you to the regular DOS prompt.

Thank You for trying Simple Software. Your comments and suggestions
are requested. I can be reached via Electronic Mail on EXECPC or
voice at (504) 288-6550. No collect calls please.

*** EOF ***

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