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FBNCAT is a disk/diskette catalog manager. Easy to use.
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FBNCAT is a disk/diskette catalog manager. Easy to use.
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APC3$RUN.OVL 1952 1048 deflated
FBNCAT.DOC 41025 9547 deflated
FBNCAT.HLP 20974 5274 deflated
FBNCAT22.EXE 107001 51002 deflated
FBNSETUP.EXE 11993 7682 deflated
FBNTXT.LGO 2840 782 deflated
IBM$FAST.B&W 2431 1344 deflated
IBM$FAST.OVL 2448 1376 deflated
IBM$NORM.B&W 2527 1333 deflated
IBM$NORM.OVL 2544 1364 deflated
IBM$RUN.OVL 2448 1376 deflated
PRINTDOC.BAT 108 99 deflated
READ.ME 1491 621 deflated
SYS$ERR.DAT 3119 1242 deflated
SYS$HELP.DAT 3728 1253 deflated
SYS$MSG.DAT 12661 3715 deflated
TIPR$RUN.OVL 2144 1103 deflated
VIC9$RUN.OVL 3280 1166 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Welcome to FBNCAT Ver 2.2

This is the release of version 2.2 of FBNCAT. This program
was originally distributed under the name of "Dskcat". Due
to a naming conflict with a similar package marketed by Ford
Software this program has been renamed.

The Author may be contacted on Compuserv ID: 74746,250 or at
address below. Compuserv is the authors prefered method of

FBNCAT is Copyright 1989 Larry D. Miller and is the property
of the author and FBN Software. It may distributed only in
its original form. If you find this program useful please
contact the author as above or by writing :

Larry D. Miller
FBN Software
P.O. Box 160867
Cupertino,Ca 95016

This program is not in the public domain, it is being
distributed under Shareware. If you find this program of
value and intend to use it, please register your copy
($15.00 ). A registration form is included in the doc file.

Before starting FBNCAT be sure to run FBNSETUP to set up the
screen drivers for your system.

Thank you for your support,

Larry Miller

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