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USDept of Agriculture Data Base File.
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USDept of Agriculture Data Base File.
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Contents of the USDA.DOC file

Documentation for USDA Survey Nutrient Data Base, Release 4.

The Survey Nutrient Data Base is maintained especially for analysis of
nationwide dietary intake surveys. Release 4 was developed for the time
period 1987-88. Values for Release 4 were derived primarily from Release 7 of
the USDA Nutrient Data Base for Standard Reference. Nutrient values on eggs
and beef were derived from newer data in USDA's Nutrient Data Bank. Nutrient
values were added for nutrients not in the Standard Reference Data Base (e.g.
carotene), and complete nutrient profiles were added for missing food items.
If analytical data were not available, the added values were imputed from
other forms of the foods, or estimates were derived from data for similar

Food composition values in this data base are for 100-gram edible portions of
each food. Food items containing a general or nonspecific description, for
example "Beef, not further specified" have been assigned nutrient values for a
commonly eaten form of the food or for a composite of several forms. Values
for most items containing two or more ingredients were calculated from
ingredient data using representative recipes.

Recipes for home prepared foods containing salt as an ingredient have been
calculated both with and without the salt, and sodium values for both
calculations appear in this data set. For items not calculated from recipes
and for recipes where salt is not an ingredient, the two sodium values are
identical. Recipes containing fat as an ingredient were also calculated for
several different fats and oils. However, due to space limitations, only
those nutrient values, calculated using the specific fat listed in the recipe,
are included on this file. Values representing calculations based on other
fat ingredients are available on the database available from NTIS.

Brief descriptions of each food are provided in the data file. More detailed
descriptions and weights of selected portion sizes are contained in a separate
file--the "Manual of Food Codes for Individual Intake." The files used to
create this data base include a primary nutrient data set, a recipe file and a
file of nutrient retention factors. These files, along with detailed
information about the recipe calculation procedures, are also available for
public use.

Nutrient values associated with specific brand named products were supplied by
the companies in most cases. When not supplied by companies, values were
estimated. Estimates are based on product ingredient lists, or on values for
similar products.

Mention of commercial products in this data base and the accompanying manual
of food codes is solely for identification purposes and does not constitute
endorsement by the USDA over other products not mentioned. Mention of brand
names is necessary to report factually on available data. USDA neither
guarantees nor warrants the standard of the products, and the use of brand
names by USDA implies no approval of the products to the exclusion of others
which may also be suitable.

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