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TSR PhoneBook/Dialer that uses only 4k conventional Ram.
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TSR PhoneBook/Dialer that uses only 4k conventional Ram.
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Contents of the POPBASE.DOC file

Popbase Version 1.5
(c) Copyright Kenneth E. Conaway 1990 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Popbase is a TSR DataBase written in QuickBasic 4.5. I wrote Popbase
because I need a Phone Book Database that will Pop up when I need to
make a call.

PCtools(tm) Desktop will do this but it is very slow compared to
Popbase and in addition takes around 40k RAM while Popbase takes
only (believe it or not) around 4k RAM. The majority of resident
code for Popbase is swapped to EMS if you have any or disk if you

New Features for version 1.4 :

Will Dial phone numbers
Change the Default Drive & Directory

New Features for version 1.5 :

Optionally not be Resident
Change the Default Hot Key

To be added at a later date :

Optionally load without swapping
Log Calls
Much, Much More!

Popbase is user supported software. This means that if you find
PopBase of value, your gift of $10, or ANY amount, would be greatly
appreciated and will insure my ability to continue to improve and
enhance the capabilities of PopBase.

Please direct your Bug Reports, complaints, suggestions, etc. to:

Ken Conaway
1889 Timberlane Rd.
Milledgeville, GA 30161

**************** IMPORTANT *****************
********** READ THIS SECTION ***********
********** OR ELSE !!! ***********

PopBase now reads setup values from POPBAS.CFG and THIS IS required
to be in the same drive and directory as POPBAS15.EXE at start up.

Included in this archive file is a sample POPBAS.CFG


1> The first entry is, of course, the drive and directory in which
PopBase will locate data files and if you don't have EMS will
swap the majority of the program.

************* NOTE *************

You should make sure that the directory you will use does in fact exist.

2> The second entry in POPBAS.CFG should be the com port to which your
modem is connected. You should change this to COM1 or whatever you
use for your modem. If you don't have a modem, leave it alone.

3> The third entry is determines if Popbase will load in the TSR mode
or as a standard type program. Anything other than Y will make
PopBase load as a standard type program not in the TSR mode.

************* NOTE *************

Change N to Y if you want PopBase to be TSR

4> The forth entry is the Hot-Key

1 Press Alt-F10 to Pop Up
2 Press Alt-F9 to Pop Up
3 Press Alt-P to Pop Up


************* NOTE *************

POPBAS.CFG must be set up exactly in this order and must contain
four lines, you may change the contents but don't change the form
because there is not a great deal of error checking here.


************* NOTE *************

POPBAS.CFG must be located in the current directory when the program
is started. After startup it does not matter.

************* NOTE *************

Thank you for reading these instructions, this may save you a lot
of hassle and or rebooting.

I've tested this program on my 286 clone and the systems of my friends
and there have never been any problems but as with any program that writes
to a disk and is a TSR, please use at your own discretion.

Sorry for the disclaimer, but you do understand.

To run Popbase from the COMMAND line change to the directory that
contains POPBAS.CFG and POPBAS15.EXE then type:


If PopBase Loaded Properly you will see this message!

PopBase Now Loaded!
Press Alt-F10 to Activate

Press Alt-F10 to start PopBase and you'll see the main menu.

1 Add a Record
2 Dial a Record
3 Edit a Record
4 Delete a Record
5 Reindex DataBase
6 Quit

The main menu and any pick lists that you see are of the
bounce bar type. In other words you highlight the item
of your choice using your cursor keys then press enter.

When you choose quit you will see this message.

Enter to Pop Down, ESC to release Memory

If you want PopBase to remain resident just press enter, then
to Pop Up again Press Alt-F10.

If you want PopBase to unload, release memory and terminate
just press ESC to release Memory, then to Pop Up again
you must reload PopBase.

*** NOTE ***

If you have loaded another TSR after loading PopBase then
you won't be able to unload Popbase until you unload the
other TSR. Also, you can't unload if you didn't Pop Up

from the DOS prompt.

Notes -----

Copyright Kenneth E. Conaway (c)1990 All rights reserved.

PopBase is supplied for personal, private use. Feel free to
distribute Popbase given these restrictions:

o the program shall be supplied in its original, unmodified
form, which includes this documentation;

o no fee is charged;

o "commmercial" use without a license is prohibited;

o the program may not be included - or bundled - with other
goods or services. Exceptions may be granted upon written
request only. This also applies to clubs and distributors.

If you find PopBase of value, your gift of $10, or any amount, would
be greatly appreciated.

Please direct your Bug Reports, complaints, suggestions, etc., to:

Ken Conaway
1889 Timberlane Rd.
Milledgeville, GA 30161

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