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'The Address Book Solution' is a TSR address list management system.
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‘The Address Book Solution’ is a TSR address list management system.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

(C) Copyright 1989, GSF Software & Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Page 1

'The Address Book Solution' is a memory resident (TSR) address list management
program for use with PC/MS-DOS. A few of its many features:

- dBASE file compatible - Quick Search (instantly locate info)
- Import/Export - Prints labels, index cards, etc.
- Mail Merge - Prints 'Pocket-Size' address book
- Select what info to output - Filter records when viewing, printing,
- Group by up to 30 categories or transferring information
- Unlimited number of records - Data may be stored on HD or Diskettes
- Sort on up to 9 fields - Copy address info to foreground app.
- Approximate Search - Output to printer or a DOS file

An 'Advanced' version of TABS is also available. The file TABSADVD.TXT
contains a partial listing of the features included in the Advanced version.

Registering 'The Address Book Solution' (TABS) by GSF Software & Solutions

'The Address Book Solution' (TABS) is distributed as Shareware. This program
may be freely copied (it it's entirety - ALL FILES ONLY, not individual files)
and shared to allow others to try TABS. The suggested evaluation period is 30
days. If you use TABS, it is expected that you will register your copy.
Registration pays for continued development of this and other software
products, and supports Shareware. You MAY NOT sell 'The Address Book Solution'
or give copies away with any commercial venture, service, publication or
product without written permission from GSF Software & Solutions.

The suggested registration fee for 'The Address Book Solution' program is
US $ 20.00, and covers use on one computer. Please refer to the License
Agreement for volume purchases and site licenses.

New York State residents should include appropriate sales tax. Mail the

Greg S. Fisher
GSF Software & Solutions
3380 Sheridan Drive, Suite 391
Amherst, NY 14226

Type the following at the DOS prompt to print the desired information.
Please be sure the printer is turned on and on-line before continuing.

Type: To Print:

TABSREGS The 2 page Registration/Order form.

TABSDOC The User's Manual (approximately 40 pages). This will
supersede information in the pre-printed manual.

TABSADVD A list of some of the features included in the
'Advanced' version of TABS (available Summer 1990).

PRNTRDME This read me file.

TABSLIST A list of all included files for use with TABS.

TABSTIPS A list of tips for using The Address Book Solution.

(C) Copyright 1989, GSF Software & Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Page 2


- The TABS_GSF.EXE self-extracting file for use on Bulletin Boards does not
require an installation routine.

- The installed files consume approximately 425000 bytes of disk space.
Therefore, a 5.25"-360K floppy may not be used as a destination disk for a
complete installation. Any larger capacity floppy diskette may be used,
although a hard disk drive is preferred. If you must run TABS from two 360K
floppy diskettes, refer to the additional instructions after the
installation steps below. The required files consume approximately 330000
bytes (plus the size of your data files).

- The Address Book Solution has NOT been tested on a network. Do NOT operate
TABS on a LAN, unless the PC is in a stand-alone mode.
GSF Software & Solutions will NOT be responsible for any damages caused by
operating TABS on a LAN.

To install The Address Book Solution:

1. Boot the system (if not already on).
2. Insert the installation diskette into the desired drive.
3. At the DOS prompt, type


substituting 'A' with the drive containing the installation diskette.
4. Press ENTER (or RETURN on some keyboards).
5. Enter the destination drive where TABS should be installed. This may
be any logical drive (A, B, C, D, E, F, etc.).
6. Enter the desired path/directory the files should be installed into.
If you are unsure of what to type here, press the ENTER key to accept
the default directory of \TABS.
7. Press the ENTER key.
8. Select YES next to 'Change Config.sys File'.
If installing to 360K diskettes, refer to '360K Diskette Installation'.
9. Select YES next to 'Install Entire System'.
10. After program installation, you may be prompted for the boot drive (the
drive the PC uses when starting up - usually C for a hard disk drive).
Respond by typing the letter representing the appropriate drive. Then
respond YES when prompted to reboot the system.

360K Diskette Installation

If you must use 5.25"-360K diskette drives for installation, do the
following instead of step 9 above:

A. Select NO next to 'Install Entire System'
B. Select YES next to 'Install Selected Files'
C. Select all files except TABSDOC.TXT for installation.
D. Finish the installation routine.
E. Insert another diskette.
F. Start the installation process again, and repeat A & B above.
G. Select ONLY the two files TABSDOC.TXT, and TABSDOC.BAT for
installation. These files contain the documentation for TABS,
and the batch file to print it.

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