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COINFILE 3.00 is a program and set of data and want files designed and written for keeping an accurate inventory of coin collections.
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COINFILE 3.00 is a program and set of data and want files designed and written for keeping an accurate inventory of coin collections.
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HALFKEN.WNT 424 98 deflated
INSTALLF.BAT 520 260 deflated
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Pleas note: In order to read this documentation and see all of the menus, the ANSI.SYS file must be set up in your CONFIG.SYS. This is also necessary to run the COIN program.
Installation of Version 3.00

Installation batch files have been provided to help you install
the program on either your hard drive (INSTALLH.BAT) or onto a two
drive floppy system (INSTALLF.BAT).

The hard drive used is C: and program files are put into \COIN30.
Data is put into \COIN30\DATA and want files are put into \COIN30\WANT.

The floppy installation requires 2 disks, one with the system
(DOS) already installed on it, the second a blank formatted disk. The
system/work disk will contain the programs in the main directory and
the want files in the \WANT subdirectory. It will be used in drive A:.
The DATA disk will be used from drive B: and will contain your coin
data in the \DATA subdirectory.

Since the SHAREWARE version is used to test out the program before
registering, the DATACNVT.EXE file has not been included. It is only
use to convert existing files in version 2.03 to version 3.00. The file
is not needed to store new data in version 3.00 nor to store data in
version 2.03.


The config.sys file on this disk contains what COINFILE needs to
run properly. If your system does not have a config.sys file you may
copy the one included into your main directory. Otherwise be sure that
the statements DEVICE=ANSI.SYS, FILES=20, and BUFFERS=20 are included
in your current CONFIG.SYS file. (the number 20 is arbitrary and can be

Which Version Should You Use ?

COINFILE Version 3.00 and COINFILE Version 2.03 are not the
same program nor is COINFILE 3.00 simply a new version of Version
2.03. While COINFILE 3.00 is based on the same ideas and philosophy
as the earlier program, not all users can or should "upgrade".
Both are included on the shareware diskette so that the user can
decide which runs best on his computer.

COINFILE 3.00 runs on IBM compatible computers with at least
256K of memory, 2 floppy disk drives, CGA color monitor, and an DOS
version 3.0 or above. A printer is highly recommended.

COINFILE 2.03 will run on any machine which is capable of
running MS-DOS. It does not need a color monitor and it is will
run under MS-DOS (or PC-DOS) 2.0 or higher. Since this is such a
general purpose program it will continue to be supported.

COINFILE 3.00 is a piece of user supported software. What is
meant by that is COINFILE 3.00 is available to anyone who wants to
use it at no cost. This method of distributing the software allows the
user to "try it out" before paying for it. It also encourages
users to share software with other users without fear of prosecution.
It assumes that the user is honest enough to pay for what he finds
useful, and dispose of what he does not.

Other things to note: All of the 2.03 "EXE" programs have been
combined into the one "COIN.EXE" program. The new ".BSV" files
are basic loadable color screens. These must be in the same
subdirectory as the coin program. The want files have been updated to
contain a few "error" coins. These should be copied to overwrite your
current want files if desired. Your old want files will work with the
new program. You may have customized them and not want to change.
Your version 2.03 data files will NOT run with version 3.00 without
being "converted". A conversion program is included in Version 3.00
registered copies.

If you find COINFILE 3.00 or 2.03 to be useful to you, you are
asked to send a contribution to its author:

John R. Duchek
Duchek Computer Services
P.O. Box 25006
St. Louis, MO 63125

COINFILE 2.03 is can be registered for $25.00. Upgrades from
COINFILE 2.03 to COINFILE 3.00 are $5.00.

By sending a contribution you become a registered user of
COINFILE. This enables me to send you information on updates of the
software as well as information on other programs. In addition your
contribution entitles you to the most current version of COINFILE
including all of the "want files". These want files (35 in all) can be
made by using the COINFILE 3.00 program although it is admittedly
more convenient to already have them on disk. 3 common want files
are included to allow you to get started inventorying your coin
collection while waiting for the new disk to come. You are free to
make copies of COINFILE 3.00 and to share them with others. You are not
permitted to sell COINFILE 3.00 nor can you include it with any
product you are distributing. You may not modify the programs in any

Registered users are supported by the following:

1. Any bugs found in the software will be corrected and a copy of
the corrected program will be sent to the finder of that bug.

2. I will correspond with users of the program to help
with any difficulties they have running the program. Calls to
discuss any problems are at the users expense. Suggestions
for program improvements are welcome.

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