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Shopping made easier with this simple list-maker.
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Shopping made easier with this simple list-maker.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BAKERY 87 69 deflated
BEVERAGE 108 88 deflated
CANGOODS 483 267 deflated
DAIRYPRO 182 120 deflated
DRUGITEM 296 179 deflated
FLAVSPIC 136 106 deflated
FROZFOOD 170 125 deflated
GO.BAT 247 135 deflated
GROCERY.DOC 23518 6774 deflated
GROCERY.EXE 80902 44208 deflated
HOUSESUP 325 181 deflated
MEATS 271 157 deflated
MISCITEM 156 89 deflated
PAPERGOO 237 137 deflated
PROFRUIT 116 91 deflated
PROVEGAT 194 135 deflated
READ.ME 725 383 deflated
REGISTER.FRM 1552 520 deflated
SNACKDES 62 60 deflated
STAPLES 647 329 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

The Grocery Shopping List (c) Copyright 1987, William J. Barisa

This is a short file that gives provides setup intsructions for 'The Grocery
Shopping List'.

In order to get the documentation printed, type "GO" at the DOS prompt.

A copy of the registration form is included with the documentation. However,
if you want to print only the registration form at any time, at the DOS prompt

To start 'The Grocery Shopping List', type "GROCERY" at the DOS prompt.

Be sure to have copies made of the distribution files before running the

Please register your use of the program if you decide to keep it.

Thank you for trying 'The Grocery Shopping List'.

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