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TVT is a database program to keep track of video collections of any size.
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TVT is a database program to keep track of video collections of any size.
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Contents of the LS_TVT11.DOC file

TVT 1.1 (Tony's Video Tresures version 1.1)

P.O. Box 19572
Baltimore, MD 21206

Programmed by:
Robert E. Latshaw, III
3407 Hamilton Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21214
Home: (410)254-5146
Pager: (410)832-3235

***************************** About TVT ***********************************

TVT is a database program to keep track of video collections of any
size. Yes, I know there are a few already out there but I think you'll find
this program much easier and yet well more powerful then the rest and here's
1. TVT has a special ON LOAN menu which lets you log movies in or out
to people you might lend them. TVT knows that now a days, you can
fit as many as 3 and 4 movies on one tape. So, for example, when
you loan out tape number 23 to Bob, TVT automatically updates all
the movie records that have that number to say: On Loan to: Bob.

2. TVT lets you "FLIP" through your records one by one OR you can
specify certain SEARCH CRITERIA to flip through those movies
that meet that certain criteria. For example, you can flip
through movies that only starred a certain actress or movies
that were only rated G or movies that were only comedy or all
the movies that are on loan, Etc..., Etc...

3. TVT lets you rate your movies on a scale of 1 to 10, so later
on, you can search for only the movies that YOU rated high.

4. TVT is so easy to use, you can even have your kids enter all of
your movies right from your old index cards.

****************************** Instructions *********************************


A This lets you add your next movie into the database. Just answer the

E This lets you edit the information about the movie that is
currently on the screen. It will simply ask you the same questions
as if you were entering a new movie. If you erase or loose a movie,
then use this feature to simply write a new movie over the old one.

O This takes you to the On Loan Menu which logs movies that are on loan.

P This will print all records that fit the search criteria.
(ONLY works with registered key!)

X Ends the program.

> or . Searches forward through records.

< or , Searches Backwards through records.

C This changes the subject of the Search Criteria.

F This lets you enter what you want to specifically look for under the
subject defined by SEARCH CRITERIA.

On Loan Menu:

L Use this when someone borrows a tape. It will ask who's borrowing
and what tape they borrowed. TVT automatically updates ALL of the
movie records that correspond to that tape.

R Use this when tapes are brought back.

X Takes you back to the Main Menu.

To Upgrade from 1.0 you must convert your old records from version 1.0 to
the new 1.1 format using 10_TO_11.EXE. Make sure 10_TO_11.EXE is in the same
directory as TVT.REC from version 1.0 when you run it!

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