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One of your better file catalogers...lots of options...
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One of your better file catalogers…lots of options…
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Contents of the README.1ST file

EasyCat v1.01
Released Janurary 4, 1989

Copyright (c) 1988,89 by Vernon E. Six, Jr. and EasyWare
Concepts. All Rights Reserved World Wide.

Easycat is without a doubt the most advanced,
state-of-the-art disk cataloguing system ever
can enter up to EIGHT full lines of comments for each file,
as well as a 43 character description field. FAST searches
and file locations....many report options. EasyCat is ideal
for the individual collector, BBS System Operators and
especially great for club librarians.

EasyCat stores the file information (description and
comments) on your hard drive and on each individual
diskette...making it possible to quickly add someone else's
diskettes--with full descriptions--to your collection.

EasyCat can generate a wide variety of reports including a
BBS File Listing for Sysops, reports can be generated by
either filename or volume label, duplicate file listing,

EasyCat is SUPERB!!! There is absolutely nothing in its


This release corrects a nasty bug found in version 1.00 that
prevented the "Catalog a diskette" function from working

There are no known bugs in this release.


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