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Modemer's database. Use to keep track of downloaded files and such.
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Modemer’s database. Use to keep track of downloaded files and such.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CSAMPLE 0 0 stored
CONVERT 0 0 stored
CONVTEST.C 572 348 deflated
CONVTEST.DEF 242 165 deflated
CONVTEST.EXE 21016 7965 deflated
CONVTEST.MAK 1472 631 deflated
CONVTEST.RC 2 2 stored
CONVTEST.RES 0 0 stored
MAKEFILE 1698 659 deflated
MFCONV.C 6373 2310 deflated
MFCONV.DEF 257 173 deflated
MFCONV.DLL 14659 7611 deflated
MFCONV.LIB 1536 66 deflated
README.TXT 1235 629 deflated
HEADERS 0 0 stored
MF.H 6650 2179 deflated
MF.LIB 2560 612 deflated
UDK 0 0 stored
CDLL.BAT 33 33 stored
MAKEFILE 1697 658 deflated
MFUDK.C 3072 1312 deflated
MFUDK.DEF 253 167 deflated
MFUDK.LIB 1536 65 deflated
INSTALL.TXT 1626 844 deflated
MF.DLL 29743 15860 deflated
MFDOC 0 0 stored
CHANGES.WRI 9856 4173 deflated
MF.WRI 105088 31426 deflated
REGISTER.WRI 5632 2397 deflated
TECHNOTE.WRI 12544 5258 deflated
VBSAMPLE 0 0 stored
BCARD.EXE 27429 9783 deflated
BCARDIND.FRM 1782 628 deflated
BCARDRED.FRM 2860 648 deflated
BCARDREF.FRM 3664 1004 deflated
BCARDS.BAS 2873 1235 deflated
BCARDS.FRM 41533 7912 deflated
BCARDS.FRX 0 0 stored
BCARDS.MAK 153 100 deflated
MF.BAS 5172 1582 deflated
MFUDK.DLL 12343 6237 deflated

Download File MF-DB102.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file

CONVERTER information

New users of MF:
You may disregard this converter. You won't need it.

The converter supplied will take an existing MF database (one with
a 'M1.00' if you try to 'TYPE' it) and convert it to M1.02 format.

The converter is supplied as a DLL and a sample C application with
the DLL code embeded in it.

You may use either or create something of your own.

MF will NOT support the old file format anymore. (If you are wondering
whether you have the old format -- type the database:
at the DOS prompt. If it says "M1.00" then you have the old format.
(More than likely, you have the old format...)


Using these programs:

The DLL:
You may call the DLL from C, VB, whatever with a filename (LPSTR)
of a database (no extension) to convert.
The converter will do its job and return.

The EXE:
Pass a command line parameter and the converter will convert the passed

Make your own:
You may copy this source in to your own application if you wish.


This utility is provided as is with no warranty what so ever.

You should back up ANY database before you convert it -- no
guarantees are provided.

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