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VMSYS PLUS will provide you with a wealth of reports and graphs outlining how your efficient your vehicles are performing.
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VMSYS PLUS will provide you with a wealth of reports and graphs outlining how your efficient your vehicles are performing.
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GAS.DT 1123 502 deflated
GAS.FRM 1922 121 deflated
GAS.NX0 993 282 deflated
MILES.DT 738 261 deflated
MILES.NX0 357 130 deflated
REPAIR.DT 1746 543 deflated
REPAIR.NX0 483 119 deflated
REPAIR.NX1 357 115 deflated
V.DOC 3230 1497 deflated
V.EXE 186962 83330 deflated
VBACKUP.BAT 665 354 deflated
VEHICLE.FRM 2352 116 deflated
VMETRIC.BAT 6 6 stored
VMSYS.DT 4059 1257 deflated
VMSYS.HDR 1405 396 deflated
VMSYS.HLP 42615 12622 deflated
VMSYS.NX0 441 103 deflated
VRESTORE.BAT 336 205 deflated

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Contents of the V.DOC file

Welcome to the VMSYS (vee' -em) PLUS shareware program. This program
will help you maintain your vehicle(s). This version will work with
MILES & GALLONS as well as KILOMETERS & LITERS. If you are running
DOS 3.x and above the program will also print currency using the style
and symbols set for the country.

To start using GALLONS and MILES, start the system with the following

C> v

To use the METRIC system, start with the following command from
the DOS prompt:

C> vmetric

All references to MILES will be changed to KILOMETERS and references to
GALLONS will be changed to LITERS. The program will change only the labels.
It will not actually convert any mileage data to kilometers and vice-versa.

All you need to do is keep track of the following items everytime you
fill up:

o Odometer reading at time of fillup
o Date of fillup
o Cost of fuel
o Number of gallons/liters purchased

VMSYS PLUS will provide you with a wealth of reports and graphs outlining how
your efficient your vehicles are performing. Rather than go into a long
and boring description of the system, why don't you simply start the system.
All of the data files (gas, repair, etc.) must be present in the current
directory for the system to start. After the banner is displayed press
ENTER, you will then be presented with a popup calendar. Simply press
ENTER to continue and view the sample data.

Included with these files are the forms GAS.FRM and VEHICLE.FRM. Both of
these forms should be printed and kept in your vehicle. Fill them in as
you enter new fillup information.

The system comes with sample data dated as of October 1989. You may view and
change the sample data. The sample data was entered in miles and gallons.
Delete the sample vehicle and add your own vehicles. Enter your own
information as you go along. You will find that you need to change the
date of the SYSTEM in the ALTER THE DATE MENU to the date of the fillup.
You MUST fill the tank everytime you purchase gas for accurate MPG readings.

This version is restricted to 2 (two) vehicles that may be maintained.
This should give you enough capacity to fully evaluate whether or not you
can actually use VMSYS PLUS to help you maintain your vehicle(s).

Plan on pressing the F1 key when first running the system. A help screen
will help you understand the system.

The price for the registered version is $40 (includes shipping within the
United States). You will receive a printed manual and an update disk which
contains a capacity for up to 4 vehicles. Call or write if you want prices
on larger capacities or are ordering from outside of the United States.

The registered version also includes a utility that will dump all information
to DBASE III format, thus allowing you to create your own customized reports
if you have access to DBASE III or a DBASE compatible program.

Call or write to:

E Trujillo Software
PO Box 3992
Albuquerque, NM 87190
(505) 881-3223 (information and orders)
(800) 628-2828 ext. 581 (orders only)

Sorry, this version is not compatible with previous versions of VMSYS PLUS.

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