Dec 292017
Part 1 of a great cookbook.
File RECIPES1.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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Part 1 of a great cookbook.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
1.BAT 123 100 deflated
2.BAT 141 106 deflated
AWARD- 18304 3075 deflated
AWARD-1 15232 2745 deflated
AWARD.W 29056 5202 deflated
AWARD.W0 128 11 deflated
AWARD.WA 24064 7645 deflated
AWARD.WAV 256 5 deflated
AWARD.WNA 208 154 deflated
AWARD.WPO 896 187 deflated
AWARD.WVA 1536 175 deflated
BASRUN.EXE 31744 24069 deflated
BAT1.TXT 640 277 deflated
BAT2.TXT 638 384 deflated
CALVERTS.R 82304 12219 deflated
CALVERTS.R0 128 11 deflated
CALVERTS.RA 89344 13270 deflated
CALVERTS.RAV 256 5 deflated
CALVERTS.RNA 128 30 deflated
CALVERTS.RPO 1408 212 deflated
CALVERTS.RVA 1408 26 deflated
CBOOK.EXE 2176 1186 deflated

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Contents of the BAT1.TXT file

Leave the Program disk in drive A. If you have a second floppy disk
drive, then place a formatted disk in drive B. This utility program
will copy all required files automatically.

If you have only one floppy disk drive, you will have to swap disks.
Leave the Program disk in drive A until a message appears on the
screen instructing you to insert a disk for drive B. At this time,
insert the new data disk in drive A. When you are instructed to
insert the disk for drive A, put the Program disk in drive A.
Continue to swap disks as directed.

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