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Executive Address Book 2.0, Fits day-timer and dayrunner.

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Executive Address Book 2.0, Ver 2.04, 8/24/92.
Unscramble your address book. Formatted for
3 3/4" x 6 3/4" pocket secretaries to fit
Day-Timer, DayRunner, etc. organizers. Page
space maximized to keep books as thin as pos-
sible. Up to nine different sections in three
different styles. Five phone numbers: Office,
FAX, 800, Home, Other. Sections for U.S.,
Canadian, & Foreign. Maintains Rolodex, too.
American Digital Corporation. (703) 648-9480.

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Executive Address Book 2.0, Fits day-timer and dayrunner.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Executive Address Book 2.0, Ver 2.04, 8/24/92.
Unscramble your address book. Formatted for
3 3/4" x 6 3/4" pocket secretaries to fit
Day-Timer, DayRunner, etc. organizers. Page
space maximized to keep books as thin as pos-
sible. Up to nine different sections in three
different styles. Five phone numbers: Office,
FAX, 800, Home, Other. Sections for U.S.,
Canadian, & Foreign. Maintains Rolodex, too.
American Digital Corporation. (703) 648-9480.

Copyright 1990, 1991, 1992 American Digital Corporation
All Rights Reserved.
README.DOC. Suggested BBS name: EXADBK20.ZIP

Thank you for trying Executive Address Book. Your license
to use this unregistered version expires 30 days after
installation (although the program will continue to operate
normally). During your trial use we encourage you to explore
the program's many features and capabilities. The program
contains import routines so you may import current address book
files from "Address Book Plus," "My Advanced Mail List" and
"Day-Timer Address/Phone Directory." Access this utility from
"System Setup" on the Main Menu.


Print only pages that change. Maintain multiple sections in
compact formats for quick, easy reference. Print on perforated,
punched paper for direct insertion into pocket secretaries.

Executive Address Book Page 1

More addresses Barratt, Robert D. OFF (703) 825-2900
per page > Partner FAX (703) 657-8971
XYZ Venture Fund 800 (800) 365-2400
Five or more phone 7400 Leesburg Pike HOM (301) 465-3528
numbers > Vienna, VA 22182 OTH (703) 825-2952
Car Phone (301) 973-3309

Six line Brown, Michael OFF (703) 471-8793
addresses > President FAX (703) 471-6582
Brown Packing Co.
Headquaters Bldg.
27 Industrial Dr.
Herndon, VA 22071
Spouse: Mary
Comment lines Met Mike at country club annual
for notes > party. Knows many local people.

Beaursault Ltd. OFF 1-42 78 67 87
Foreign Country 32 Rue Des Franes FAX 1-42 78 67 89
codes > 75003 Paris COUNTRY CODE 33

One line restaurant Bistango Irving (714) 752-5222
listings > Kachina Laguna Beach (714) 497-5546
Ventana Big Sur (408) 667-2331

One line business Egghead Software (814) 535-6756
listings > Olympus Cameras (516) 364-3000
Software, ETC. Tysons (703) 821-2043
Comment for notes > Be sure to take discount card.



Executive Address Book is oriented toward the needs and
activities of busy professionals. Address book pages are printed
in the handy 3 3/4" x 6 3/4" size format to fit Day-Timer Senior
(K) and Day Runner and other organizers. Page space is maximized
to keep the address book as thin as possible. Up to nine dif-
ferent sections can be maintained making restaurants, lodgings,
business names, 800 reservations numbers, etc. easy to find. As
addresses are added or changed only the pages which change are
printed. Multiple books are easily maintained. Rotary-file
index cards are printed providing a quick, alphabetized desk

Executive Address Book pages may be printed on standard
paper or on preprinted, perforated 6 ring paper available from
Day-Timer in either dot matrix or laser formats (see the manual
for details). These preprinted sheets handily fit in pocket
secretaries or any 6 ring notebook cover commonly available from
stationary stores. You do not have to be a pocket secretary user
to get all the benefits of the program.

Address book sections may be organized into U.S., Canadian
and foreign for convenience. Five different telephone numbers
may be maintained: Office, FAX, 800, Home, and Other. Complex
addresses of up to six lines are handled as well as foreign
telephone numbers. This is a serious, professional program which
has been carefully refined so as to be as self-evident and easy
to use as possible.

This unregistered program contains three demonstration
address sections:

1. Restaurants and Lodging
2. Rent-A-Cars and Airlines
3. U.S. Senators

Experiment with these sections. Then erase and enter your own
sections in the style and formats you desire. You may have up to
nine different sections.

The Executive Address Book program is self guiding during
installation as well as operation. Minimum computer requirement:
IBM PC or compatible, 512 RAM and DOS 2.2 or higher with hard disk.


The files you should have on this disk are:

README .DOC This file.

REGISTER.DOC Information you will need to register
and a registration form.


LICENSE .DOC The license agreement covering this

MANUAL_S.DOC The Executive Address Book manual.
(MANUAL_R.DOC if registered version.)

INVOICE .DOC An invoice, should you need it, to
secure payment from your employer.

ADVICE .DOC A predesigned FAX/mailing form
soliciting your suggestions for
additional features in the program.

PROBLEM .DOC A trouble report form should you
encounter a problem, like to ask a
question or simply wish to communicate
with the author.

ADBOOK .EXE This is a self extracting file. All
Executive Address Book program and
support files are contained herein.
This file will transform itself into
separate files upon execution. Be sure
to copy this file to your hard disk
before execution.

SN .MEM Serial and revision numbers.


In expanded form all the Executive Address Book files
require 800K to 1 meg of disk space depending on the size of
your address lists.

First, create a directory on your hard disk drive to hold
Executive Address Book. We suggest the name C:\EXBOOK. Copy all
the files from your original disk to this directory. To extract
the files for the working program, type ADBOOK.

Now, in your EXBOOK directory in addition to the above .DOC
files, you will have INSTALL.BAT, ERLEVEL.COM, SN.MEM and some
new .EXE files. The following procedure will allow you to
further expand and install the actual program and support files.

Type INSTALL to decompress the files. Choose 1. Install
with demonstration files if this is your initial installation.
Choose 2. Install without demonstration files if you are
installing an update to an existing copy of Executive Address
Book. Do not choose number 1. after you have operated the
program and have entered your own name and address data. If you
do so you may erase address book files you have entered and
replace them with demonstration files.


Note: If you are installing an update or are reinstalling
the program, begin by copying ADBOOK.EXE and SN.MEM from your
original disk to your working directory. Then type ADBOOK
followed by INSTALL. Answer all questions concerning overwriting
of existing programs with "Y". If you do not put the initial
compressed files ADBOOK.EXE and SN.MEM back on your working
directory, install will not properly reinstall or update the

After installation, start the program by typing EX from
the DOS prompt.


We encourage you to register your program so we may provide
you with the following additional benefits:

o Diskette containing the latest version of Executive
Address Book.

o A free utility will allow you to personalize your copy
of the printed address book and print a title page.

o A free utility which will allow you to password protect
your program and data. This utility prevents un-
authorized persons from viewing your data on the screen
or printing out a copy of your personal address book.

o The latest manual in electronic form.

o Notification of future enhancements as they are released.

o Technical support via FAX or telephone.

Site licenses and multiple package discounts are available.
Please see REGISTER.DOC for details.


American Digital strives to make its programs the most
functional and useful available to computer users. We are
interested in your comments. As you use the program, even if you
do not become a registered user, we would appreciate your
thoughts concerning features you liked or that you feel are
missing. We have enclosed a predesigned FAX/mailing form to make
it convenient for communicating with us. Let us know your
thoughts. Print out the file ADVICE.DOC.


We live in a busy world as we are sure you do. We are often
out of the office away from the phone. If you have questions or
problems, we want to respond as rapidly as possible. For
technical support, the most expeditious manner is to FAX us your
question. We will in turn FAX you a response as soon as we
receive it or call yoy if a simple FAX will not answer your
question. See PROBLEM.DOC for a convenient, ready made form.
You may contact us at:

FAX (703) 758-9673 . . . . 24 hours.
Phone (703) 648-9480 . . . 9 am. to 5 pm. Eastern time.

Thank you,
Allan Wulff, Author
American Digital Corporation
2211 Burgee Court, Suite 501
Reston, VA 22091 U.S.A.

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