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A very nice shareware DBMS. Has many nice features, and a very powerful program generator. Easy to learn and use.
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A very nice shareware DBMS. Has many nice features, and a very powerful program generator. Easy to learn and use.
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BWEDIT.HLP 3462 1394 deflated
BWFID.EXE 92910 40897 deflated
BWSCN.HLP 1648 712 deflated
Q-PRO4.TXT 6850 2491 deflated
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QNE.EXE 44416 29370 deflated
SAMPCUST.DAT 828 194 deflated
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SAMPCUST.HP1 1938 429 deflated
SAMPCUST.HP2 1938 401 deflated
SAMPCUST.HP3 1938 301 deflated
SAMPCUST.IDX 1536 213 deflated
SAMPCUST.QNE 8359 2725 deflated
SAMPENT.QNE 7485 2378 deflated
SAMPENT1.QNE 10942 2702 deflated
SAMPINS.BAT 190 136 deflated
SAMPINS.DAT 436 105 deflated
SAMPINS.FID 806 338 deflated
SAMPINS.QNE 7993 2611 deflated
SAMPINV.DAT 42 10 deflated
SAMPINV.FID 622 157 deflated
SAMPINV.IDX 512 122 deflated
SAMPLE.BAT 202 141 deflated
SAMPMAKE.QNE 3408 822 deflated
SAMPMENU.QNE 9068 2777 deflated
SAMPROD.DAT 180 57 deflated
SAMPROD.FID 503 126 deflated
SAMPROD.IDX 1536 201 deflated
SAMPROD.ITX 1024 172 deflated
SAMPROD.QNE 4590 1300 deflated
SAMPTRAN.DAT 360 86 deflated
SAMPTRAN.FID 1012 285 deflated
SAMPTRAN.IDX 1024 162 deflated

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Contents of the Q-PRO4.TXT file

Q - P R O 4 (Version 4.0)

Q-PRO 4 Used World Wide
Tens of thousands of professional applications engineers are using the
advanced features of Q-PRO 4, Version 4.0 to develop an incredible range of
applications. From bookkeeping to prison management -- from payroll to
check cashing -- from sales analysis to hospital operating room management,
Q-PRO 4 is their fourth generation language of choice for writing fast,
complete, industrial quality applications.

These seasoned professionals paid up to $795.00 for this outstanding
development tool and considered it a bargain!

However, we at QNE International have seen how other outstanding but lesser
known products achieved enormous recognition in the marketplace by going

Why Q-PRO 4 (Version 4.0 Is Better

You will develop applications faster than you ever believed possible. And
they will run faster than anything short of writing in C or assembler.
Here's why:

Paint Your Screen Type the screen the way you want it to look. Place the
data entry fields on the screen by putting the cursor
where you want them. Move them freely. Set up data
editing like numeric only, must fill, etc. All this
with no coding!

Q-PRO 4 Is Fast Q-PRO 4 is written in assembler so it is fast and
compact. It runs at very respectable speeds on floppy
disk PCs and will absolutely amaze you on a PC-XT! On
an AT or faster machine all you see is dust!

File Handling Q-PRO 4's state-of-the-art, multi key, blazingly fast
file handler engine (C tree from Faircom) provides
lightning access and update even on slow disks. And,
only one file for all indices -- plus, all indices are
updated when the file is updated. For true data
safety, there is a real data dictionary separate from
the data file.

The data files are pure ASCII so data is always fully

Q-PRO 4 (Version 4.0)
Page - 1

LANs and Multiuser Q-PRO 4 has full record and file lock and even the
function most languages forget, closing the spool file.
Q-PRO 4 really runs properly with no fussiness and no
bad habits on Novell Netware, 3Comm 3+, IBM PCNetwork,
and Software Link PC-MOS and all their compatibles.

Well Behaved Q-PRO 4 is reliable and portable because it uses only
legal DOS calls.

Generic MS-DOS Q-PRO 4 runs beautifully on non-IBM compatibles such as
TI, Fujitsu, and DEC!

Easy to Learn Q-PRO 4 uses simple, clear syntax. For example, to
move the screen fields to the disk the command is COPY
* TO 1. Example programs and a self teaching guide are

Modern Architecture Event driven Q-PRO 4 has a modern event driven language
architecture. It automatically senses an event such as
a field being filled and executes a procedure.

Over 110 Commands Q-PRO 4 has a complete command set for doing the most
exacting applications with a minimum of coding. It
uses readable but not verbose syntax. The procedural
organization produces inherently structured programs.

On Line Debugger Trace your program step by step as it runs. Look at
variables, change them in real time.

Import/Export Q-PRO 4 directly reads text and comma delimited files.
Conversion utilities import dBASE files and
import/export Lotus files.

Limits you can live with
file size 2 billion bytes
number of files open at one time 255
record size 64K bytes
number of active indices per file 9
number of fields on screen 1924
size of memory array 64K
size of dimensioned memory arrays 64K elements

Report Generator
A comprehensive, flexible report generator is included. You can use up to
six files at one time. A few of its features are: totals, subtotals,
unlimited control breaks, 255 accumulators, mathematics, editing, selective
output, full control of output format, and a non-procedural language. The
report is created on the screen in a WYSIWYG form with 300 columns of

Q-PRO 4 (Version 4.0)
Page - 2

horizontal scrolling.

Registered Users
Registered users get:

o 350 page printed manual in a three ring binder.
o Registered, serialized copy of Q-PRO 4, Version 4.0
o One year of telephone support at no charge. Real people with
experience with Q-PRO 4 are available to answer your questions and
speed up your learning.
o Q-Query, a query Language
Q-Query is a post relational query language that features: data
formatting, totals, subtotals, average, high, low, and summaries. It
is created on the screen in free form and queries may be saved for

Registration is only $95.00

Other Products Available
o translators to C
o distribution tools
o users group

There are versions of Q-PRO 4 available for UNIX, XENIX, Comodore Amiga,
and IBM RISC. Other ports are in process.

Q-PRO 4 (Version 4.0)
Page - 3

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