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SalesTraq was designed to keep track of your buyers, sellers and prospects, as well as anything or anyone else. You can record their likes, needs, availability, and any other factor you may choose.
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SalesTraq was designed to keep track of your buyers, sellers and prospects, as well as anything or anyone else. You can record their likes, needs, availability, and any other factor you may choose.
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Contents of the TRAQ.DOC file


Intelligent Tracking of Clients and Prospects

Version 3.00

June, 1990

SalesTraq Software
3540 W. Sahara, Suite 323
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102
(702) 363-5750

Copyright (C) 1990 by Cliff Peterson. All rights reserved.


This version of SalesTraq is NOT public domain or free software, but
is being distributed as "shareware".

Non-registered users of this software are granted a limited license
to make an evaluation copy for trial use on a private, non-commercial
basis, for the express purpose of determining whether SalesTraq is
suitable for their needs. At the end of this trial period, you
should either register your copy or discontinue using SalesTraq.

What does all this really mean? If you use this program, then you
should pay for your copy. That way, we will be able to provide you
support and updates, and stay in business. In addition, registered
users receive additional report files, update notices, technical
support, and a version of the program that does not show the opening
and closing shareware registration screens, and does not require the
pressing of F10 to start and stop the program.

A SalesTraq registration entitles you to use the program on any and
all computers available to you, with the following restriction: If
other people have access to this program or may use it, then you
should purchase a site license. See the following section for
information about site licensing or quantity discounts.

All users are granted a limited license to copy SalesTraq only for
the trial use of others and subject to the above limitations. This
license does not include distribution or copying of this software

1. In connection with any other product or service.
2. For general use within a company or institution.
3. For any consideration or "disk fee".
4. For distribution in modified form. The complete documenta-
tion, including this license notice, must be included with any
distribution of SalesTraq.

Operators of electronic bulletin board systems (Sysops) are en-
couraged to pose SalesTraq for downloading by their users, as long as
the above conditions are met.

Ordering Information

A SalesTraq registration licenses you to use the product on a regular
basis. Registration includes notification of updates and telephone

Individual registration for SalesTraq is easy: The cost is $129, and
we will send you the latest version of SalesTraq with an full printed
and bound manual. Integrated into your registered system is a full
time management system to cover your appointments and meetings. For
complete details on time management, check out the tutorial section
in SalesTraq.

Corporate Site Licenses and Quantity Discounts

All corporate, business, government or other commercial users of
SalesTraq must be registered. We offer quantity discounts as well as
site licensing. We also provide licenses for inclusion of SalesTraq
within VAR packages.

Please call or write for more information.


Please direct all inquiries to:

SalesTraq Software
3540 W. Sahara, Suite 323
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102
(702) 363-5750

Order Form

Send order to:

SalesTraq Software
3540 W. Sahara, Suite 323
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 363-5750

_____ SalesTraq (Manual and 5.25" disk) $129.00

_____ SalesTraq (Manual and 3.5" disk) $129.00

NV residents add 6% sales tax $_________

Total $_________

Please specify disk size: ______ 5.25" or

______ 3.5"

All prices include postage and handling.
Quantity discounts are available - please call or write for details.

Payment may be made by check, money order or purchase order - in U.S.
funds only.






Thank you for your order! We appreciate your support.

You don't have to read the manual!

With the exception of an extensive tutorial section, everything in
this manual is available within SalesTraq. In fact, most of the
manual is directly extracted from the on-line HELP.


To start using SalesTraq:

First, your CONFIG.SYS should contain at least FILES=20. See your
PC-DOS or MS-DOS manual for further details.

1. Make a copy of the SalesTraq distribution diskette. Put the
original copy in a safe place. Put the copy of the diskette
in your A drive and enter the commands:

COPY A:*.*

Remove the diskette from drive A.

That's it!

2. When the installation is complete, SalesTraq is ready to use:
Just type


SalesTraq will normally sense whether your system has a color or
monochrome ("black and white") monitor and will adjust itself to
give you the most readable screen. Occasionally, however, a system
with a monochrome monitor and a graphics card will be misinter-
preted as a color system. If your display is hard to read, exit
SalesTraq by pressing "Q", then restart by typing


That will force SalesTraq to display monochrome screens.

A small SalesTraq file called "SAMPLES.MK1" has been included for
you to use. When you are ready to build your own file, be sure to
check out the "I/O - NEW" function.

When the main screen appears, just do what comes naturally! If you
have any doubts, press for help.

What SalesTraq will do for you

Thank you for your interest in SalesTraq! SalesTraq is a product of
more than 3,000 person-hours of software engineering. It is designed
to save you some of your most precious resource: time.

SalesTraq was designed to keep track of your buyers, sellers and
prospects, as well as anything or anyone else! You can record their
likes, needs, availability, and any other factor you may choose.

It allows you -- in seconds -- to cross-reference every aspect of
your business ... to write personal, business and promotional letters
... to keep a calendar of your appointments ...

...and much more!

SalesTraq will make labels, reports (YOU design), envelopes, Rolodex
cards, postcards, mail-merge letters, and more.

Experiment with the system. See how it "handles". Put a few names
and addresses into SalesTraq and try out all of the features. Don't
forget - it's your key to help, anywhere.

Use of Keys in SalesTraq

SalesTraq is built like a "control panel", allowing you to use the
system without the mountains of menus and boxes that can bewilder and
befuddle. The most-used functions are available with a single
keystroke, saving you time and effort.

A "control panel"? Yep. As you can see on the display, the main
"console", your opening display, shows the currently selected client
record, any remarks, and labels for the most used "pushbuttons".
These pushbuttons are activated by pressing their first letter, or by
moving the light bar over them with the arrow keys and pressing the

Some of these "pushbuttons", described online in the tutorial, take
you to other "control panels". How do you return? That's easy-
just press . In doubt about a command that you're in and you
want to return? Just press .

Many of the alternate control panels have different pushbuttons,
depending on their function. Always, the usable keys are shown on
the screen, and will bring you back to the main control panel.

Often, you'll find that helpful information is placed on the control
panel when you activate that function. This help serves as an on-
screen reminder of available functions.

If you're ever in doubt, press for help. It's available nearly
everywhere, and it automatically takes you to the proper spot in the
tutorial. From there, you may search for your answer throughout
these screens, and will return you to your last location when
you're done.

Can't find your calculator? Press any time.

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