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Time Save III version 3.3. Personal Planner (Time Mnagement).
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Time Save III version 3.3. Personal Planner (Time Mnagement).
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Finally, here is the new release of TimeSaver Schedule Manager.
First, let me express our appreciation to all the people who have
called or written to comment about the program and to offer
suggestions about improving it. If your suggestion did not get
incorporated into this version, it certainly is not because I did
not consider them. This version and all of its new features and
improvments are a direct result to the feedback we received, and
that's what's kept me going this past year that I've been working
on Version III.

Also, let me especially thank the many individuals who have shown
their support by registering the program with MicroCon. It is
only through this kind of effort that good shareware software can
continue to exist at reasonable expense to us all, and I hope that
the response from this release will be as good. We have printed
a new illustrated 50 page manual which is included with the reg-
istered version. To cover the added cost of printing, the current
registration fee is $30.00 which we feel is appropriate in view of
the utility of the program. All those who have registered within
the last year may receive this manual, if desired, by submitting an
additional $5.00 fee.

Those who are familiar with earlier versions will be happy to see
that we have not changed the basic concept of the screen display
or the user interface, except that extensive use of pop-up windows
have been incorporated, thanks to Phil Mongelluzzo and his "Window
Boss" library. The Roman calendar format and the exclusive block
graphic representation were retained, as were the full-screen
pointer movement activities. The internal editor for the creation
and editing of "information" files was abandoned in favor of the
use of the your editor of choice, since it was felt that most
users do not desire to learn another editor or set of keystrokes.

This version is written completely in Microsoft 'C' Version 4. I
would have used Version 5, but the database library was not fully
compatible until recently. I did not see much added advantage of
switching to Version 5 at this late date. The load module is just
about half the size of the old version and, our tests indicate
that its about five times faster.

The new format is still dBase III compatible and so is the locator
or index file, so all you dBase fans can have a ball creating your
own reports and programs. The file structure is fully documented
in the doc file.

Some of the improvments that have been incorporated in this
version include:

1. 24 hour/day scheduling capability.

2. One-minute time increments manually, 5 and 30 minutes

automatic with pointers.

3. Overlapping appointments for those of you who have discovered
how to be in two places at once or do several different things

4. Complete task management system (to-do list) separate from
scheduling functions.

5. User assigned and color-coded special day tags.

6. Five different report formats with capability to route any to a
text file. Three are text only, two are graphically oriented.

7. All text readouts have times spelled out in conventional AM/PM

8. Capability for multiple calendars in same directory.

Again, thanks for the support and here's hoping you enjoy using
TimeSaver. Comments including criticism and suggestions are
always welcome (but not always incorporated).

Doug Crouch, MicroCon
401 Maryland Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21228

(301) 744-1519
Compuserve 72355,1611

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