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Windows 3.1 database for the homebrew enthusiast. Includes a number of recipes and allows for the import of text files. Hops IBU calculator, filters database for specific types of recipes, etc.
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Windows 3.1 database for the homebrew enthusiast. Includes a number of recipes and allows for the import of text files. Hops IBU calculator, filters database for specific types of recipes, etc.
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Contents of the README.TXT file


SUDSW version 2.1
Copyright (C) 1993


Michael C. Taylor
1626 Main Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018
CompuServe 76625,2552

Effective immediately! SUDS version 2.1 (see file SUDS21.EXE)
and SUDSW version 2.1 (see file SUDW21.EXE) may be registered
ONLINE through Compu-Serve. The fee is automatically billed
to your Compuserve account!

To register either product, type GO SWREG and select option 1
to register software.

To register Windows SUDSW:
Select registration id number 668 (or search on keyword SUDSW).
Follow instructions.

In either case, your CompuServe account will automatically be
billed the current registration fee ($20 in either case).

NOTE - If you are upgrading or taking advantage of the $5 discount
for including a recipe you cannot use online registration and
should register by mail:

Michael C. Taylor
1626 Main Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018-1905

To get started, make sure that you have the following files from
your distribution disk (Please note, the SUDSW.WRI file is formatted
to be viewable with Windows Write - in the Accessories folder within
program manager!).

SUDSW.EXE - SUDSW program file
SUDSCVT.EXE - needed to convert 1.0 files to new version
BWCC.DLL - Needed to run SUDSW
SUDSW.HLP - On-line Help file for SUDSW
SUDSHST.DAT - SUDS Configuration data file
SUDSW.WRI - Documentation file for SUDSW
README.TXT - Short introduction to SUDSW release
REGISTER.TXT - SUDSW registration form
RECIPES.SXF - "Starter" set of recipes to import into

Users of versions prior to 1.1 MUST run SUDSCVT program prior to
running new release of SUDS. This will convert your SUDSLOG
DBF and DBT files to new file format. The current files will
be renamed to OLDLOG.DBF and OLDLOG.DBT. After successfully
converting files with SUDSCVT program, these files may be

NOTE - If you are using both DOS and Windows versions of SUDS,
release 2.1 of SUDSW works only in conjunction with release
2.0 or later of DOS SUDS. Earlier releases will not work properly
with this new version.

SUDSW is distributed under the shareware concept which allows you
to sample SUDSW for a 30 day period after which the registration
fee must be paid.

Currently registered users of SUDSW (meaning you've paid the
registration fee), may use the upgrade FREE of charge. No
upgrade fee is required. Drop me a note if you can so I can
update my user list to reflect the version you are using!

The current registration fee for SUDSW 2.1 is $20.

If you include a beer recipe of your own to be included in the
next release(s) of SUDSW you may register your copy for only $15.
This offer is valid until 12/31/93.
Your name will, of course, be included on your recipe!

As a bonus for registering, I will send you free of charge the
following utilities:

o SUDSCM - Add the ENTIRE Cat's Meow II file to your SUDS database
This will add 415 recipes of all styles!
o IBUCALC - Command line hop IBU calculator. Great for determining
desired hopping!
o CATMEO2 - The Internet Cat's Meow II file for use with SUDSCM

Please read at least the Introduction and Installation portions
of the documentation (SUDSW.WRI).

This package is not crippled or disabled in any way. As long as
honesty prevails, these measures will not be necessary. All I ask
is that you register the program if you continue to use it beyond
the 30 day trial period.

You are free to share copies of the complete SUDSW package with
anyone you choose. That's how shareware works! They, of course,
must also abide by the terms above.

Feel free to drop me any comments or suggestions on the program
via Compu-Serve, or by mail. I also frequent the WINE/BEER forum
on Compu-Serve and you may leave messages there as well.

Happy Brewing!

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