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TV Episode Guide to your favorite TV series.
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TV Episode Guide to your favorite TV series.
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Contents of the TVGUIDE1.TXT file

reference you've been waiting for (and the
first of many, many, many!) This
electronic-book is the COMPLETE guide to your
favorite TV series. The episode names, the
plots and "whenever possible" the writers,
the directors and guest star information.
And a little bit of trivia thrown in to
satisfy everyone. Includes FREE update
options! Vol. I includes: The Beverly
Hillbillys, the Brady Bunch, the Joey Bishop
Show, Ensign O'Toole, Father Knows Best, F
Troop, the Goldbergs, the Great Gildersleeve,
House Calls, and the Life of Riley. Other
volumes include favorites for the 50s, 60s,
70s, 80s and up. Other (and future) editions
will include your past, present and future
favorite British and American (and other
foreign) shows. Shows covered are (and will
be) sci-fi, comedy, mystery, detective,
horror, and any other category you can think
of! Literally HUNDREDS of shows are covered
in several volumes! DON'T PASS THIS ONE
UP!!! All volumes work on IBM XT, AT, 386,
486 and compatibles, on monochrome, CGA, EGA
and VGA adapters, with DOS 2.1 or higher. No
special memory or graphics required!

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