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FPLAN is a flight planner intended for use in general aviation.
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FPLAN is a flight planner intended for use in general aviation.
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DOSBUILD.BAT 2437 903 deflated
EXAMPLE 812 493 deflated
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FP_LEX.C 14085 3613 deflated
FP_LEX.L 2437 1148 deflated
FP_TOK.H 551 191 deflated
FP_YACC.C 19782 5610 deflated
FP_YACC.Y 4485 1609 deflated
MAIN.C 8562 2633 deflated
MAKEFILE 6179 2236 deflated
MISC.C 1974 855 deflated
MYSTRING.H 1597 780 deflated
NEW.FEA 1568 809 deflated
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PADDB.1 850 377 deflated
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README 2169 1100 deflated
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Contents of the README file

FPLAN v.1.1 - Flight Plan program.

FPLAN is a flight planner intended for use in general
aviation. FPLAN reads a planfile consisting of departure and
destination airports, navigation aids, intermediate checkpoints, fuel
consumption rates, winds aloft, and produces a flight plan including
wind corrected heading, fuel consumption for each leg, vor fixes for
each checkpoint, etc. FPLAN uses NAV format databases for upward
compatibility with those widely distributed databases (see the file
WHERE_DBS for details on how to get them).

How is FPLAN different from NAV? Mainly, it will automatically
compute VOR cross fixes (radial and distance to/from fix) at each
waypoint along the flight and allow you to enter a waypoint as ``15
miles since the previous waypoint along the current heading''. These
features provide a kind of flight plan more useful in VFR / dead
reckoning flight, where frequent checkpoints are necessary.

This program is in the public domain. Permission to copy,
distribute, modify this program is hearby given as long as this header
remains. If you redistribute this program after modifying it, please
document your changes so that I do not take the blame (or credit) for
those changes. If you fix bugs or add features, please send me a
patch so that I can keep the `official' version up-to-date. Bug
reports are welcome and I'll make an attempt to fix those that are

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! I assume no responsibility for any
errors in this program, its databases or documentation. I will make an
effort to fix bugs, but if you crash and burn because, for example,
fuel estimates in this program were inaccurate, it's your own fault
for trusting somebody else's code! Remember, as Pilot in Command, it's
_your_ responsibility to do complete preflight planning. Use this
program as a flight planning aid, but verify its results before using

Virtue is its own punishment.

Steve Tynor

Yellow Jacket Flying Club
Georgia Tech Research Institute
Artificial Intelligence Branch
Georgia Institute of Technology
[email protected]

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